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  1. to put it simply and to explain why it's crashing just before starting is because some of your mod plugins are compiled for 1.3.0 and not 1.3.1. so they crash when just about to load the main menu. do what everyone is saying. update your mods 1 by 1
  2. getting the same problem but i'm launching the non steam version through steam via the "add non-steam game" option. thus i get the steam overlay in game without it officially being a "steam game" i'll look and see if open GL is enabled in the options when i get home.
  3. getting no friction or grip with my wheels causing my rovers and space planes to either flip over or just slide around the place and drift... is this a bug with my modded install or 1.3.1 in general? I've put my ksp log up anyway if you need anything else just ask. KSP log:
  4. :| alright i'm glad the models aren't lost though. had tons of fun making tachikomas
  5. dude just post them anyway. someone who really wants them and knows their stuff would happily look at them. it's a community, not a dictatorship (just uhm... put your name in comic sans on the wheels so you peeve off all those typers out there :D)
  6. uhm wait wait wait wait wait... i vaguely remember there being wheels for IR rework.... are they broken? or missing? EDIT: also for all of you who want the rework parts without waiting on the patch just retype "category = none" to "category = Utility" in the part.cfg files of all the rework robotic parts if everyone has already figured this out then yay I've learnt to use common sense
  7. could we perhaps sticky this maybe so it resolves most issues until a fix is in place?
  8. @KBM to be fair it should just work for the module manager config EDIT: NEVERMIND! i didn't the the parts didn't follow the MM config
  9. even through i haven't yet given the logs or update to the problem i'd like to thank you blowfish for your help ^-^ probably the most friendly mod-updater i've met EDIT: done it's on github. happy trolling through that mess.... (...sorry)
  10. will do... if i can figure out how to use github. also just saying i have a multitude of mods soooooooo maybe that's not such a good idea.... >.>
  11. sorry to be a pain in the retrograde here blowfish but my winglets don't appear to be...well... winglets. they don't have animations and when on runway don't move, or alierons don't move. will try reinstalling B9 and see if it works
  12. NEVERMIND! i think it's realchutes doing this hopefully they fix it soon
  13. *bump* Ditto the parachute tab isn't there so i was freaking out over not being able to see my parachutes at all
  14. Hi! okay so i'm just gonna admit I've been away from KSP for about 6 months but nothing has changed much since i was gone. so i thought 'why not mod my install and get to playing again?' so after i installed 63 mods of my liking, being careful to make sure it loads after every mod i install, i finish and think 'huh time to play' then relise i can't see any of the parachutes in the part list. i check utilities and checked everywhere else... then i checked the part list by tech number/level and lo and behold i can see the parachutes again. so i can see them in the "tech level" tab but not the "utilites" tab in the part list. why is this? is it a mod conflict? i'll get pictures up when i get home i'm currently on my phone
  15. Hello, can you please reupload the cfg. for lack´s stock extension and remote tech? the link i found is down.

    This would realy help me. thanks a lot