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  1. just spent the last 3 days getting back into kerbal space program and modding and fixing bugs for 1.10.1 only to find out 1.11 drops literally yesterday ;-; i'll do what i usually do, wait a month for all the major bugs to get fixed (and mods to update) then get down to building stuff! hopefully this integrates well with KIS and KAS
  2. just curious but would it be possible to give the Restock model to the miniwheel with no adverse effects? (reading the Restock wiki currently and seeing some hints to let mods use the models)
  3. what would i need to whitelist to load up the stock texture and would that over-write the restock texture currently on the rover wheels?
  4. that would explain why i'm not seeing any parts that require squad textures.... i'll bring this up in restock+ but is there a way to load the squad textures and restock plus at the same time but have restock overwrite the stock textures after all other mods have copied from them? or am i making mountains out of moehills.
  5. it appears the miniwheel for the packrat is missing from my game? i dunno what's going on x-x
  6. hi, i too wish to either remove or edit the brightness of the stars in the skybox, it feels way too bright.
  7. ah thank you for puting up with my idiocy and thanks again for explaining things. hopefully this doesn't break my game xwx installing 100+ mods here we go!
  8. oh! which one does CKAN install? the stable or beta? and since some of the tweak-scale beta companion modlets are not on CKAN how would i go about installing them? just drag and drop into the gamedata folder?
  9. that's what i thought. huh. so the only issue would be that my current savegames/ saved crafts in the world will then be really unbalanced in weight/fuel capacity/storage because of the update?
  10. right! gotcha! but will your companion mods interfere with "all tweak"?
  11. hi! it's been a hot while since i've been on ksp in general and i just decided to use CKAN to install a bunch of mods instead of individually installing the mods one by one. i was jsut wondering what the difference is between this mod and "all tweak" : could you just clarify if something is amiss with this mod compared to your singular modlets
  12. EDIT2: updated modulemanager, updated toolbar controller and made sure all zerominiAVC was installed and only one dll was there and it fixed the issue (?) posting it here to hopefully help others with the same issue. sorry to add onto the ever increasing lanes of stupidity but i'm getting a issue where everytime i put boosters onto couplers they wibble like jello then just fall off like there's no connection... BUT the game focuses the camera between them and the main ship like their still attached somehow. dunno if anyone else has gotten this bug. and i don't know if it's caused by a different mod if you need anything from my side let me know i'd like to get to the bottom of this. i'll be running a few tests to make sure i'm not doing anything dumb. p.s. i have kerbal join re-enforcment continued installed but that does nothing. EDIT: yep for some reason the SRBS are like jello on their connections but everything else like fuel tanks and engines alone are fine. dunno what's going on.
  13. so essentially I'm just being a big dum dum. I drew the same conclusion yesterday after doing some tests with different propellers. kinda sad i can't get my prop SSTO to even lift off anymore. are their any other mods that add more propellers? apart from KAX, Firespitter.
  14. Hi! Right off the bat I'm going to say I'm running 1.9.1 so this may very well be my issue and why I'm having problems but carrying on! So! I'm having issues with the prop engines you get at the very early stages of the tech tree (spud, baron). the issue is that i'm getting up to a certain speed and they're then losing their thrust. it goes from a steady 17KN to almost 3KN. is this a bug or am i just missing something to do with effective running speed? or something?
  15. Hi! i seem to be having an issue with the RPM HUD you get in the stock fliers and was wondering if anyone has replaced them with the ASET ones? (the ASET HUD is so much better and cooler) unless someone can explain to me how to replace it myself but i'm a bit slow and feel uncomfortable messing around with IVAs x.x
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