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  1. alright thatnks, kinda figured. i'm racking my brain trying to remember how i got realchute values into other parachute mods.
  2. i posted this in realchute too but... was there ever a MM patch to put RealChute into the parachutes of novapunch? i swear i could put RC chutes into NP but now after coming back and reinstalling on CKAN they poofed.
  3. sorry for being stupid, also love the mod to bits. accidentally put on the april fools joke on my friends save and watched him try to debug parachutes going mach 4 for no reason and laughing my ass off. but i used to be able to configure novapunches and other parachutes the same way but recently only stock and RC parachutes seem to be editable. i'm wondering if im missing a MM patch or if CKAN doesn't come packaged with that
  4. turns out it was the skybox itself. for some reason it was just too populated for what i wanted. >.< sorry for the inconvience
  5. okay did a fresh install of AVP and all it's dependencies from CKAN and the same issue arises dunno what's over-writing the skybox but it's definitely AVP EDIT: i uhhh... i'm so sorry... TUFX had no profile loaded... so i loaded the default AVP and it made the skybox darker... but not fully dark like ive seen in screenies. gonna mess around with TUFX sorry for the stupidity EDIT 2: is there a way to restore the old skybox? probably just need to delete the skybox folder in AVP EDIT 3: okay after messing around with multiple settings and such yeah the only thing i dislike about AVP is the skybox... gonna try remove it. just wih there was a simple button to do so EDIT4: yep removed the skybox and now am a happy kerbol. so what was going on was for some reason the skybox is super bright in the tracking station compared to flight mode/space travel. i don't understand why this happens but i fixed it. also removing the AVP/skybox folder restores the older less star striden skybox. (p.s. can i download different skyboxes? and where?)
  6. moved from AVPs thread getting a werid "stary space" thing going on in my skybox... dunno what's causing it or why. any help is appreciated EDIT: fixed it by removing AVPs skybox it implemented.
  7. it's on by default and i set it up to be 25% but still nothing.... i have the default config loaded so i could try reinstalling that and selecting options. (am using CKAN cuz i used to do all this stuff manually but ffffflove that)
  8. i have that. i was infact missing TUFX so i installed it and am now rebooting the game to see if it fixes it. unless i've accidentally downloaded the incorrect version of the mod? i have lisasT version.
  9. dumb question for the third time today! woot! how do i get rid of the extremely stary space.... i keep seeing alot of completely dark space screen shots but on my end it looks like i'm looking through a kaleidoscope with how many stars are being shown in the main menu and the Tracking station. p.s. i'm new to the visual overhaul side of things so i probably screwed something up. https://imgur.com/a/awXdpZO
  10. last i will say of this but i'm just surprised your able to choose mid game. thought the way ksp loaded things meant you can't change mid session without needing to re-boot the entire game so it ignores one of the IVAs
  11. OH SHI I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THERE WAS A MOD FOR IT# welp thank you! i just wanted to test MAS without needing to constantly uninstall and re-install the two mods since rpm is VERY cranky when it gets installed and uninstalled
  12. question: is there a way to say make different IVAS togglable from inside the VAB? so you can load both RPM MAS and RPM ASET IVAS but then choose in the VAB/ SPH which one to use? if that is impossible for any reason i can understand due to how ksp loads things. but i also wanted to know if i load this and rpm which one gets loaded? or is it a roll of the dice? am an idiot there was reviva in your first post. sorry for the stupid question.
  13. first off i'm terribly sorry for being really stupid but here's my question: i have the ASET IVAs and see there are custom action buttons... i saw a few years ago how to set them up in the ship description to make them show up with what you typed in the description (so action 1 would be like... idk... ignite farts or something to engage the engine.) i'm just wondering if any of you lovely kerbol engineers would be able to either point me in the direction or tell me really simply how to do it. thanks in advance and again sorry for my loss of memory/stupidity. EDIT: found it. in the description field of your craft you put in "AG1 = Ignite farts" ag1 being action group button 1 and the rest is what is displayed if there is a field for it.
  14. the nodes for the pitch stabilizer for the OTAV don't line up with the OTAV body. dunno if this is my problem or the mods. EDIT: also seems like the winglets do nothing. saw a few posts up that we may need to use some rcs and was a bit disappointed but can't be helped. thanks for all your massive supporting you are doing LGG and i hope the mods your maintaining aren't causing you to go too mad. EDIT2: posted by overkill13: this seems to have fixed the winglets control issue to the point i could coast with the OTAV somewhat.... although pitching up is way too hard even with SAS sorry i should note this is 1.12.3
  15. just spent the last 3 days getting back into kerbal space program and modding and fixing bugs for 1.10.1 only to find out 1.11 drops literally yesterday ;-; i'll do what i usually do, wait a month for all the major bugs to get fixed (and mods to update) then get down to building stuff! hopefully this integrates well with KIS and KAS
  16. just curious but would it be possible to give the Restock model to the miniwheel with no adverse effects? (reading the Restock wiki currently and seeing some hints to let mods use the models)
  17. what would i need to whitelist to load up the stock texture and would that over-write the restock texture currently on the rover wheels?
  18. that would explain why i'm not seeing any parts that require squad textures.... i'll bring this up in restock+ but is there a way to load the squad textures and restock plus at the same time but have restock overwrite the stock textures after all other mods have copied from them? or am i making mountains out of moehills.
  19. it appears the miniwheel for the packrat is missing from my game? i dunno what's going on x-x
  20. hi, i too wish to either remove or edit the brightness of the stars in the skybox, it feels way too bright.
  21. ah thank you for puting up with my idiocy and thanks again for explaining things. hopefully this doesn't break my game xwx installing 100+ mods here we go!
  22. oh! which one does CKAN install? the stable or beta? and since some of the tweak-scale beta companion modlets are not on CKAN how would i go about installing them? just drag and drop into the gamedata folder?
  23. that's what i thought. huh. so the only issue would be that my current savegames/ saved crafts in the world will then be really unbalanced in weight/fuel capacity/storage because of the update?
  24. right! gotcha! but will your companion mods interfere with "all tweak"?
  25. hi! it's been a hot while since i've been on ksp in general and i just decided to use CKAN to install a bunch of mods instead of individually installing the mods one by one. i was jsut wondering what the difference is between this mod and "all tweak" : could you just clarify if something is amiss with this mod compared to your singular modlets
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