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  1. Thanks ever so much for keeping a working version up!
  2. Nope, did not work out. the pointy docking port i could take out of the other mod, i could open up its texture, rotate it, make it refer to a more self-contained folder. that worked....and then could not save the new texture's .DDS :/ also the model for the pointy docking port is not 100% symetrical, so it looked wrong rotared 45 degrees.
  3. @Rodger hmm it has a standard issue docking port, but i love the pointy shielding! and because it has a standard one i might be able to MAKE it ven-a-like CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!
  4. No offence taken man! dont worry!, i had concidered this, but seeing as there is only one shielded docking port in the game a second one would not look so strange to me. But yeah i see your note about the time/effort issue, but hey, thats why i asked nicely, and would ofcoarse accept a NO as an answer Im just hoping for a "sure why not" from our lord and saviour Ven because lets face it, animations, modeling, 99% of the code minus one line change are done, hell i could do the damn code if needed XD the only problem is the texture wrapping, i cant make that myself :'( wouldent know where to begin! but im guessing that is more a software/knowledge issue that a time/effort intensive issue. so We'll see as the kerbals motto probably is: nothing ventured nothing gained!
  5. notice the door's orientation? and beyond the more immersion breaking effect: your proposed sollution messes with docking indication when flying normal and IVA, messes with mechjebs force 0degrees orientation (i did think of this, tried it, did not like it. currently flying with an unshielded docking port, which works fine but looks infintely less badass, and strangely enough causes the forward facing wings (which you awsomely displayed, thanks XD) to heat up. not to exploding or anthing but somehow it seems to have an effect on the aerodynamics of the craft? idk.
  6. Yeah your sending me up the wrong tree man, hahaha XD. no need for texture replacer. i just need to figure out how to rotate the door propperly. -after some time- i have by now figured out the texture but simply put: there is a problem. Ven has been exidingly efficient(nice Ven, Nice!) and made the door out of 4x a quarter door (only the quarter door is drawn in a quarter circle) to save space and be a badass i guess the downside of this is: if you want to rotate the door i cant just edit the texture. it has to be "wrapped" around the model differently (because if i cheat and in photoshop made a whole door myself, rotate that, and split it into a quarter corner, the parts wont be symetrically flippable) in other words, back to begging Ven to make an X shaped shield alongside his + shaped one
  7. i know how to make a new config with a new name (and thus a part) i think i can figure out how to make a copy of the texture and MAYBE even how to edit it (the dds file docking port 2k?) but the texture is what i would call "flat packed", i would not have a clue what to rotate where,.. :/
  8. Dear ven, let me start off by saying im a long time user of your mod and a great fan! after testing out the mod in the latest version of ksp i have found it looks badass as always i did run into one bug though (probably because of some version of mod combo's on my end, dont worry about that one*) i did though walk into a usability issue. you see, im a great fan of flying IVA missions and designing SSTO/spaceplane like constructions. and i have recently taken to using the mk-1 inline cockpit for a few reasons: A: it doesnt look like a damn private jet cockpit but something that should go to space B: it has internals that realistically would allow the kerbal to crawl to a front mounted docking port (immersion! woo!) now i was happy seeing what you did with the docking ports (square doors! like the internals! more immersion! woo!) the only problem... the shielded docking port. my design lynchpin. well, you can see the problem below: the default shielded docking port parts in 3 ways, meaning i can deflect two of the shields "to the right and left shoulder" of the pilot, and one down. and because its a circle, it doesnt matter if i technicly use it upside down/slightly off center etc. but because your version is split in four, and the door is put in in such a way that the shields have to pop open up/down/left/right, the shield clipts into the protruding wings, and block the pilots view, making docking from IVA infinitely more difficuly. so a request, if you will: would it be possible to add an additional shielded docking port that handles in an X shape instead of a + shape? (yes, i know i can just rotate the part but then the door will be facing diagonal, and the internal mk1 inline door is straight. sorry, its an immersiona/IVA thing, and it would make things at least 20% more cool if they matched up!) id make the part myself but i dont know how to change textures in ksp, just config files.. :/ *when holding the mouse over a command pod the windows turn see-through, and i can see the part behind it
  9. damn, missed that docking port. well then he wins on the size and utility fronts, definitly. not on the FABULOUS/awsome front thoug cause it looks like a tennis shuttle
  10. I read "SSTO-like-vehicle" as "spaceplane". Is that right, @Thahat? correctemundo! Sorry for lack of clarity people. Spaceplane. Has wings. Works in both space and atmosphere. Doesnt drop a million stages. Can drop a functional plane, not rockets.
  11. actually, NOPE! for he does not have docking ports. though yes, it is small, and yes, it is verry impressive.
  12. Good day fellow kerbalnauts! i have for you all, a challenge! please design the smallest SSTO-like-vehicle you can that conforms to the following requirements (modded or unmodded): it needs to house one(1) kerbal (perferably inline cockpit, but any cockpit or seat is fine) it needs a docking port in line with the center of mass, preferably in the back* the upper or space stage is allowed to not have airbreathing engines, as long as it can re-enter/glide down, this refers back to requirement 2, you are allowd to have a detachable plane-bit in the back, as long as it could theoretically fly or glide down. it needs to look sleek and cool!, bonus points for style! bonus points for the following: the docking port is mounted so the kerbal can actually get there via the cockpit - designing a space-addon that can attach to the back/front to take the ship further out!
  13. [quote name='Beetlecat']I'd love to have the "old" Mk-1 cockpit live on in this version.[/QUOTE] seconded. i actually prefer the old one to the new pointy one. the new one's hatch is in an anoying spot for builders of SSTO's (especially smaller ones with wings all the way up to the nose)
  14. but thats the odd part, how can a navball texture destroy the rightmost MFCD that has been working well BEFORE i switched out the navball texture? EDIT: whatver madness posessed that rightmost MFCD, it has gone now, without me changing anything. looks like an unfortunate freak accident that fixed itsself. so the replacing hte dds file was a good fix!
  15. you sir, are a scholar and a gentleman and jeb is rejoicing in his new high tech ship because of you! many thanks! EDIT: it does cause some minor side effect, i have just noticed. depending on the camera angle the right "small" mfcd switches between all kinds of button assets and being a sort of inverted camera? really strange ..... does mean it has to do with that file though, so your right on the money with that part. - - - Updated - - - unsure about DX mode and normal res, cause too little ram left to try. (hurry up with that 64x unity 5 stuff squad!) but what i meant was standard RPM screens and cockpits, no problem, modified cockpit: all other bits work, but its just the navball that disapears even the markers ON the navball work, its hust the navball ground/sky thing thats gone. after trying the solution to the problem below you post i got the navball back, but the right "small" mfcd spazzez the hell out, so the problem seems to be related to GameData\ASET\ASET_Props\MFDs\ALCORPFD\, but the specifics currently escape me because the mfcd stuff is wizardry to me XD my best guess is that the normal rasterpropmonitor has a fix for opengl mode, but this part pack might not have? (i did read about an old version of rasterpropmonitor having issues with openGL so that might be it :/ ) EDIT2:the ASET mk 1-2 IVA is working perfectly though, but it doesnt have one of those tiny screens. so the replacing of works for NEARLY everythign ,but the tiny screen on m pics (the rightmost one).