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  1. I've got a pretty weird issue that I've got no explanation for. When I launch a vessel, the parts move or pile up and stop working, the same happens if I save and load the vessel in VAB. Some cargo bays work flawlessly, some work inconsistently or only some parts of the model while others don't work at all. I've tested with various mods cargo bays and I've no idea what's going on, even copy pasting and editing config files around hasn't proved very helpful. Here's an example, with cargo bays from top to bottom being: 0.625m cargo bay from Universal Storage 2, using USAnimateGeneric. 1.25m cargo bay from Ven Part Revamp, using ModuleAnimateGeneric. MK2 cargo bay from stock, using ModuleAnimateGeneric. In VAB: All set, no symmetry used anywhere. On launch: Right away, the middle cargo bay's items have moved, but only one side. They still move though. Everything else is fine. (Sometimes on launch, the top cargo bays items glitch out as well, so this seems to be inconsistent) On load in VAB: Top cargo bay items have merged into a pile that floats in a random position and they don't move with the bay. Middle bay still broken, while bottom is still perfect. Here's another example: I've tested a lot of parts and I've no idea what's wrong. Some Universal Storage 2 bays work fine, some Near Future work fine, others don't and all Rocket Emporium works just fine. Stock seems to work as well. Any ideas? Cause I'm lost.
  2. Got the same issue of Eve severely losing its density and being able to clearly see land and water on the planet. Duna has no clouds and looks odd and Jool is just busted. I know at least it's caused by the latest version of scatterer (0.0540) so going back to 0.0336 fixes everything, but with all the new updated scatterer features it'd be nice to get an update.
  3. The Magnetic Manipulator throws errors when trying to move the wrist at all and the Magno-Pad doesn't work at all, in general a lot of this seems broken, there go my dreams of an orbital construction drone.
  4. I absolutely love the mod but I miss some of the legacy parts (but refuse to use them), any plans to make new electromagnets and hooks? I've seen people ask in old posts but haven't found any answers. All I'd really want is some way to attach things so I can do skycranes again! Konstruction's magnets are broken as heck and stock grabbers are wonky as hell, so I'd love a proper alternative.
  5. Is there a way to prevent parts from being moved from Utility and Electrical to their own categories? I'd rather have duplicates in Utility and Electrical as well as their own category than the parts being removed from Utility and Electrical and put in their own category, if that makes sense.
  6. One of my fave mods by far when it comes to making probes. Any chance for a way to remove the checkered flag on the reentry sphere though?
  7. So uhh, what's with the DERP built-in parachute making the vessel spin in a circle in the air repeatedly? It seems kind of broken and useless unless I'm missing something. This is on a fresh install with no other mods so I'm not sure what's going on. Latest KSP version and mod version with a fresh install outside of Restock and dependencies for all mods. No FAR or anything that could be messing with things, the parachute just makes the vessel spin like crazy with or without SAS.
  8. Is it possible to group vessel types together under planets? So for example instead of Kerbin listing every single vessel orbiting it, it'd list all the vessel types that you can expand? I love the body sort mode but with 8 relays around every body it's not very usable..
  9. Holy crap woah, I did not expect my request to work, let alone have the update be perfect, thank you so much!
  10. Good christ I've spent over a month struggling with the "Build a glider" part, I'm terrible at airplanes, I've looked at tutorials and everything but having to launch with SRBs and needing it to be manned makes it so difficult for my brain. Any tips?
  11. Gotcha, will investigate. It's just the fairings and a single modded part that is having the issue so it's not a big deal but I'll try to sort it out. I assumed as much, using LightsOut to set the VAB to night made the icons even darker. It's alright if it's something you have to attempt to fix and don't want to deal with, far from a big issue, I was just wondering if there was some easy fix I could do myself for it. Thanks for the answers.
  12. It's alright, I appreciate the answers! Any chance for an update to allow changing antenna frequency? Worth a try asking! I'm thinking I'll have a relay network surrounding Kerbin that connects to all other networks and KSC, yeah. Seems the simplest solution and would hopefully look really nice too on top.
  13. I was wondering if there's a way to do this without switching to the vessel, from the Tracking Station constellations menu, but I assume not then. Would be extremely helpful to avoid precise satellite orbits from changing and messing up on load. Oh, that's a good idea. Won't work for further away networks but it's good enough for Mun and Minmus networks!
  14. Being able to directly open a list of all saved craft is the absolute ideal dream which would save a lot of time and trouble, but if that's not an option then I think the first option works well. You can create rockets you use for multiple purposes and save them to the list to build whenever you need them, plus it would work well with the reduction in build time as you build more and more of them. Plus if you save a launcher to the list, you can add it to the build queue from the list, click Edit and add a payload and you're done.
  15. I remember seeing a OKTO service bay around somewhere, but I can't find it in my current modded game. Any idea what mod could add it? I'm severely lacking in 0.625m parts for my mini probes.