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  1. Good christ I've spent over a month struggling with the "Build a glider" part, I'm terrible at airplanes, I've looked at tutorials and everything but having to launch with SRBs and needing it to be manned makes it so difficult for my brain. Any tips?
  2. Gotcha, will investigate. It's just the fairings and a single modded part that is having the issue so it's not a big deal but I'll try to sort it out. I assumed as much, using LightsOut to set the VAB to night made the icons even darker. It's alright if it's something you have to attempt to fix and don't want to deal with, far from a big issue, I was just wondering if there was some easy fix I could do myself for it. Thanks for the answers.
  3. Raccoon

    [1.6.1] CommNet Constellation v1.3.1 [27 Jan 2019]

    It's alright, I appreciate the answers! Any chance for an update to allow changing antenna frequency? Worth a try asking! I'm thinking I'll have a relay network surrounding Kerbin that connects to all other networks and KSC, yeah. Seems the simplest solution and would hopefully look really nice too on top.
  4. Raccoon

    [1.6.1] CommNet Constellation v1.3.1 [27 Jan 2019]

    I was wondering if there's a way to do this without switching to the vessel, from the Tracking Station constellations menu, but I assume not then. Would be extremely helpful to avoid precise satellite orbits from changing and messing up on load. Oh, that's a good idea. Won't work for further away networks but it's good enough for Mun and Minmus networks!
  5. Being able to directly open a list of all saved craft is the absolute ideal dream which would save a lot of time and trouble, but if that's not an option then I think the first option works well. You can create rockets you use for multiple purposes and save them to the list to build whenever you need them, plus it would work well with the reduction in build time as you build more and more of them. Plus if you save a launcher to the list, you can add it to the build queue from the list, click Edit and add a payload and you're done.
  6. Raccoon

    0.625m service bay

    I remember seeing a OKTO service bay around somewhere, but I can't find it in my current modded game. Any idea what mod could add it? I'm severely lacking in 0.625m parts for my mini probes.
  7. Fair enough! The new parts look incredible and the seams are a small price to pay for me.
  8. I thought DX11 wasn't supported and caused various funky issues and missing VAB/SPH part shaders and stuff? Seems to be the case still, unless I'm missing something?
  9. A few questions. Running DX11 with TU fixes the blue icons in VAB/SPH, but not all of them (such as stock and MH fairings). Anything I can do about that? And secondly, the fixed parts are MUCH darker in the list than normal, making it extremely difficult to tell parts apart, is there nothing to be done about that?
  10. Yeah I know about this method but it's extremely limited to just being able to add them if one is already in the build queue. Of course I still use it a ton but I'd muuuuuch prefer actually being able to directly add vessels from a list!
  11. Is there going to be an update to take advantage of the brand new Scatterer features? An example of which can be found in the Beyond Home planet pack which uses them extremely well and looks fantastic.
  12. Raccoon

    [1.6.1] CommNet Constellation v1.3.1 [27 Jan 2019]

    A few questions! Can you set specific antennas to specific frequencies from the tracking station? I can see there's the radio buttons to select and deselect them but there's no way to change their frequency from the menu other than master frequency which isn't helpful. Would be extremely useful since switching to my satellites to do it manually screws up their perfect orbits achieved using StationKeeping. Second question, as I'm quite a noob at this, if I set my Mun and Minmus networks to their respective frequencies and make them only talk to their members, how do I connect them back to KSC? I assume that I have to allow them to communicate with a second frequency to do that, thus the above question, but maybe I'm doing something stupid and not realising it. Setting them to allow talking to the Public constellation makes them just scream at every vessel in range and that's not what I'm looking for, so I'm assuming I need direct antennas set to 0 or whatever my Kerbin network is, then the relay antennas to whatever the Mun/Minmus network is?
  13. Another fantastic mod adopted, thanks for all the work! Any chance for an addition of being able to directly add vessels to the build queue from the KCT menu instead of having to go into VAB/SPH and add them? A real bother when the VAB takes 20 seconds to load in.
  14. Raccoon

    [1.6.x] Monthly Budgets 4.9 (10/02/2019)

    Playing with Probes Before Crew which includes a new progression type Contract Pack but it's still giving out massive fund rewards and tiny reputation rewards which is a shame. Any idea how to fix or adjust it? It's mainly the inner rewards that fail to get adjusted, rewards that you get for completing steps that is. I assume that's why it doesn't work?
  15. Alright, good to know! Yeah it'd definitely be fun for relays and maybe stations having failures you need to deal with so you can perform repair and maintenance missions, plus it doesn't make much sense for your very first relay sat being able to survive for decades without any issues. With KIS it'd be great fun performing repair missions to relays and stations.