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  1. I don't suppose we have some idea on what time of day they'll release Patch 1, do we? Asking for a friend. A desperate, space-maddened friend who has been warring with bugs just to get to Minmus and back... ;p

  2. Quote

    We are trying very hard to hold ourselves to the standard of "the game should get better with every update," and that means that we take this sort of bug very seriously. This means that when such a bug arises, production and engineering go over these issues with a fine-tooth comb and figure out what broke, and then additional fixes are applied to the build until it's in a good state.

    So you're saying is that the goal is that "Things will only get better?" :D  The debugging and optimization process of KSP2 (a game about debugging and optimizing spacecraft) feels so meta (albeit with much higher stakes). Godspeed Private Division. Thank you for taking the time to respond to an anxious community.

  3. Nate, it gives me great hope to see you and the other developers  working so hard to make the dream real. Even in the real aerospace industry, revising our initial engineering is just a part of life.

  4. My PC may go up in flames in a most Kerbal fashion (I don't have the Clydesdale booster GPU that this game requires), but the attempt will be worth it to give KSP2 a shot on  Friday when I take off from work at lunchtime! I'm trying to set up a moon race with other rocket engineers in my department (with scoring based on things like vehicle mass, and in-game time to a landing).

  5. My only recommendation to everyone is "Patience, for it is time for the Jedi to code as well."  

    Look, obviously the localization effort to taking up a lot of the KSP dev resources.  SQUAD has learned over the years that giving information on features in work, if they aren't certain to deliver, stirs up ire in the community. Remember GP2, "Shmelta-V", multiplayer, and Porkjet's rocket revamp?  They were all good ideas but never came to fruition for various reasons.

    I speculate that they are working on a big complex feature with lots of different avenues.  But it's still early in the development phase, and they are still trying out new ideas.  Not every facet they are looking at now will make it to the final product, so it's premature for them to announce it to the community.  Depending on which ideas work for the update, and which don't, they may significantly modify their early expectations.

    I believe in SQUAD, and I know that they are even more passionate about this game than I am.  I give them the benefit of the doubt, and trust that we will hear more in the future when it is ready.

  6. It's a shame you're not an American Citizen, because I could put a good word in for you in the Human Space Program. ;-)

    Seriously though Felipe, your game reawakened my childhood dream to become a rocket scientist when I was persueing my chemical engineering degree and graduate school.

    Thanks to the inspiration you gave me, I got the courage to try and keep trying to get into the aerospace industry. Now so am a real rocket scientist, working to answer NASA's questions as I work on the launch vehicle meant to take humans to Mars! Thank you for letting me get the chance to dream, and for teaching me more about rocket science than I ever hoped to learn on my own.

    May your future endeavors be just as inspiring and successful.

  7. One thing I haven't seen discussed yet about the weighted contract system is the fact that everybody starts on Kerbin. Due to the way career start, almost everybody starts the early game with a lot of missions around Kerbin's SOI.

    Doesn't this mean that contracts will tend to be weighted towards Kerbin?  Squad should definitely give the player the option of choosing one or two destinations to focus on.

  8. I'm proud of you guys at SQUAD, for not letting schedule pressure harm the quality of your product. I run into the same situation in my work, and I'm glad you made the right choice.

    Also, if you are still planning a major graphics/audio overhaul (as was implied by Maxmaps), I'd [I]highly[/I] recommend doing that [I]before[/I] making the console releases. No sense in releasing an inferior product to the non-desktop/laptop audience.
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