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  1. Thirded! (If that's a word?) It would be awesome if I could search for vessels by name. While SQUAD is at it, I'd really appreciate it if flags didn't count as flights. It's always mildly confusing that I have 38 flights, when only a dozen of those are active probes, stations, or manned vessels.
  2. Tracking Station? Go! Action Groups? Go! Launchpad Evacuated? Go! Dangit Bill and Bob! No, you're supposed to stay inside the vehicle! SQUAD, we are GO for launch. Waiting on your mark!
  3. Great, we finally got Jeb? Okay then... Discombobulator Combobulated? Go! Motivating Kerbals? Go! Capcom? Go!
  4. Flight control? Go! Range Control? Go! Elevators? Go! Kerbals? --wait, what!? Get me Jebediah! Over Intercom: Attention All personal! Locate Jebadiah Kerman! Okay, while we're waiting... Um, correct end pointed towards space? Go!
  5. Fuel? Go! Life Support? (Not applicable) Oxidizer? Go! Engines? Go! Navigation? Go! Staging? Go!
  6. Maxmaps has merely stated that those expected 0.90's release tomorrow will be sadly disappointed. Cue ignition sequence....
  7. KSP, the only game where every update feels like a countdown to a rocket launch, and for good reason.
  8. So you want to have kerbal within kerbal? Talk about metagaming. Just kidding though. Having a sort of "simulated launch" would be extremely helpful for career mode saves. It would let us test out some of the more pricey rocket designs without destroying our programs if something goes horribly wrong.
  9. Would such a limitation actually make KSP more fun? I think the rewards (when they aren't ridiculous) offered by a given contract already give players a good reason to keep their mission costs under control, at least on average. Plus the more efficient I am at fulfilling contracts, the more play money I get to have for my personal projects. Maybe the real problem is that near-Kerbin missions deadlines are extremely lax, allowing players to grab the money and ignore missions for a long time. Seriously, I should get only days to save a kerbal in orbit, a couple weeks for test contracts, and maybe 60 kerbal days to go to minmus and back.
  10. Alternatively, maybe you shouldn't be able to cash in flag planting more than once per biome. Now that all bodies are getting biomes, perhaps the mission objectives could include that detail. This lets players still plant more than one flag, but forces you to at least move to a different location on the moon or planet before trying to grab another chunk of change.
  11. My two favorite missions in stock are explore X, and about half of the testing parts missions. The former feel like the most complete contract missions, while the latter force me to get out of my design comfort zone to fulfill a zany objective. I'm less of a fan of testing contracts for old parts that cost more to carry out than I can get awarded for. Believe me, I try to bundle missions together whenever possible to save on launch money.
  12. Good point. Obviously, we don't know all the details. I was just curious about how people feel, knowing that this is on the way to stock KSP.
  13. I was just browsing the Kerbal Reddit and found the following link: Maxmaps confirms that Kerbals will soon be able to help pilot. How will this impact gameplay? What are the pros and cons of such a major change? Will this be playing out as a full autopilot, help landing or taking off, or just doing scheduled burns?
  14. Even without cargo bays, you have to admit the adaptors will be extremely useful for integrating space planes into launch vehicles. Heck, I'd love to use the new MKIII just as a command module for my more epic interplanetary missions.
  15. I wonder of any of Hugo's work survived this amazing revamp of the MKIII parts?
  16. Amazing work SQUAD! Seriously though, don't work yourselves to death! Especially you, Harvester. Congratuations on your marriage, Rowsdower. The MKIII parts are magnificent, and I can't tell you how nice it will be to have those beautiful adaptors. I'm very interested to see what perks or abilities are brought by pilots on missions. @Ted, you attached your separatrons up-side-down. For the update name, how about either "Kerbin's Heroes" or "Kerman's Heroes"? I'd bet you're planning on going with "Beta than Ever" Edition though. Maxmaps, are you using stock? Since when did Kerbin have clouds in stock?
  17. This is more of an issue with Sci-Fi space in general than something I specifically learned in kerbal. We agree that there is no real up or down in space. For people to walk through ships, there has to be some kind of artificial gravity technology, and it would have use the orientation of the ship as its frame of reference. In most shows, this same technology presumably cancels out crushing forces due to superluminal acceleration. So why would a 'tipping' vessel in space cause the people inside to crash around like they're on a capsizing boat?
  18. [To be read in Yoda's voice] "Hmm... It seems that Master Deadpangod3 has lost the Universe. How embarrassing! How embarrassing."
  19. Maybe this is why someone coined the term Aerospace Engineering--covers all the bases here.
  20. As awesome and beautiful as the cosmos is, it's hard to beat Earth. It has a tremendous number of climates, lush with life of all varieties, a breathable atmosphere, and just the right resources to help a species make its start into the Universe. It's the only one we have in this star-system, so lets try not to break it...
  21. According to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, astronauts are to be . This says to me that if astronauts meet aliens, they're our default ambassadors. If the aliens come to earth, I'd assume the UN Secretary General would be the least controversial choice to represent us. http://www.state.gov/www/global/arms/treaties/space1.html
  22. I cast my vote for axial tilt too. After all, new players need to learn this concept before going interplanetary. Plus, it would make it so that eclipses don't automatically happen twice every Munar month.
  23. If I understand the OP correctly, the problem is that a manned pod isn't draining energy when Time-warp is on. Assuming that your only toggled piece of equipment is the SAS, this is perfectly normal. When you time-warp a vessel, it's attitude gets locked. Since the manned ship isn't allowed to turn, SAS (and thus the ship as a whole) shouldn't drain energy at all. So nothing's wrong or buggy about this situation at all. Having done a fair amount of simulation work, I'd guess that the attitude locking is necessary to allow desktop computers to resolve physics with a minimum of fuss (after all, you really want to be at normal time to do maneuvers).
  24. Maybe I'm missing something, but those screenshots were from a couple weeks ago. There was such a strong response from the community that SQUAD back-peddled it's original barn plans. They haven't released any new details on what they're planning for start-up buildings now, other than the fact that Tier 1 buildings won't be ready in time for 0.90.0.
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