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  1. This is a damn good and impressive. Will make Soviet Nuclear Subs out of this.
  2. Hello there! Thank you CoffeeSE for the great mod. It's a pity that you, probably, don't have time to keep it up to KSP versions. So, I've made a little changes to .cfg files of prop. engines to work fine on 1.0.4. Here they are. Kn-12 should perform like the real one - with optimal speed ~850km/h (~240m/s) and optimal altitude about 8-9km. C28 can get you to ~750-860km/h (~210-240m/s) and it is optimal to use till 5-6km altitude. Engines now feels a little bit overpowered due to my laziness. If someone will change thrust and Isp values using this files or find something strange, please tell me. P.S. Coffee, please, don't sue me.
  3. Snjo, a huge thank you for wonderful mod. I've got a little idea for you: is it possible to make procedural coaxial rotors (NK-12) and heli. blades (like on Ka-50/Ka-52)?
  4. Well, my perfectionism doesn't allow me to show something "undone" and "not quiet done" yet. So it will take a while, probably. In addition, I'm trying to set up Coffee Industries Pack to work with 1.0.4 for my own use and make for SXT's prop. engines for three and four blade engines. For these operations I'm, actually, using KAX as a set up instruction. P.S. Please, authors, don't sue me.
  5. Thank you for wonderful mod pack, I love it. Got very interesting prop. engines behaviour, including NK-12: first, the temperature, which I fixed by correcting the .cfg file; second, thrust and altitude dependencies. Engines just tend to turn off after ~5km above. I know, that many prop. engines begin to starve for oxygen on altitudes approximately higher than 5-6km. However, there are many devices that reduce oxygen starvation of engine and, actually, NK-12 was create to work optimally on altitudes ~7km higher. So, I'm trying to fix and balance it for my own use. And, last one: the prop. blur have a very low res. and it is very dark - so, I fixed it too.
  6. As far as I can see, you inspired by the soviet project called "Spiral"? If you need any help, I can translate this and this for you. This articles has a tonns of information about the project and about test flight. Cheers.
  7. As far, as I can see, you inspired by the Soviet project called "Spiral"? If you really need help, I'm able to translate thishttp:// and thishttp:// for you with pleasure. That articles has a tons of information about the project on russian.