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  1. I can attest to the nose first method. I actually managed to land the Super 25 almost perfectly while barely touching the controls this way!
  2. Am I correct in assuming that Progress is also included in this revamp? I need me a cargo ship for my KSS!
  3. It seems to work for me if I go IVA and open the internal hatch. Then I can EVA just fine
  4. These IVA's and models are the greatest thing I've seen in a long time! I can not wait to fly them in game!
  5. This announcement literally made my weekend. I'll also miss the Super 25 and KSO Standard but I'm confident this new shuttle will serve any and all needs I will have in the future. This mod redefined IVA's for my alongside ASET and made me get super into running IVA only missions. Very excited for the future announcements! Can't wait to see what you do with the station parts!
  6. Oh, I know. I was playing the game of "Lets see how far the LEM will fly" for about a half hour one night.
  7. The only way I solved this was by removing the landing legs from the LEM, even with Kerbal Joint Reinforcement it would still spaghetti everywhere and explode. I just replaced the landers legs with stock ones for now and everything works just fine.
  8. The only solution is to wait until the modmaker updates the mod for 1.1.2. This mod is not currently supported in anything except 1.0.x as it says in the thread title.
  9. I do not believe that this mod is updated to be compatible with 1.1.2 as of yet. So, sadly, until it is it will not function in the latest version and will only work in 1.0.5
  10. I have gotten the parts and interiors to work (for the most part) in 1.1.2, however, landing gear DOES NOT work and will cause a horrific series of events if the wheels touch the ground.
  11. This mod is my all time favorite mod for building space stations currently. The docking ports alone only locking at 90 degree angles has helped my OCD when docking station or mothership parts an absolute dream since everything aligns properly. Well done and I can't wait to see what comes next!
  12. I seriously love this mod. During my experimenting I have been using the Lander with a docking port on the underside to land sections of the Planetary Base Systems mod onto Duna, drop them off, and return to orbit. It has made colony making 1000x easier.
  13. I must say again that I appreciate all the love and attention you put into this beauty to get it into 1.1.2. I honestly can't imagine all the time and effort that it's taken since I can barely make a cube or fuel tank in Blender. So please don't take my observations as complaining, the ships are totally flyable if I take a little extra thought and finesse (I'm generally lazy) and I'm more happy just to have them in my game again than anything else. So thank you so much!
  14. Mine is the opposite problem, I can fly in atmo fine, it's on orbit operations that have my nose pushing upward. I'm toying with dropping the CoM down to be more in line with the CoT for the rear engines in the config, I'll let you know how it turns out
  15. I'm having this same issue, during when trying to fly at a note the nose wants to keep raising up unless I use RCS to try and keep her steady on point
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