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  1. Thanks for this, was looking for this for a while. Was wondering if it were possible to increase the UI size since playing on a flatscreen makes me squint at the text. +Rep
  2. Can someone exlpain to me what i'm doing wrong? Ive attached a docking washer (motored) onto a habitation, and on top of the washer there is a command pod that needs rotation. When in the VAB everything works as planned, but on the pad it doesnt really agree with what ive done. The washer doesnt rotate, sometimes will get disconnected. Am i trying something that is out of reach for the washer? when attached with nothing on top it seems to turn normally, so i know it's something i did wrong. Other then that, thx for the great mod!
  3. Does the bug only appear when Kerbin is scanned? So far ive only scanned Kerbin and Minmus. When deleting the data for Kerbin in the persistent file, reverting works properly again. But i'm eager to find out if the bug appears if you leave Kerbin unscanned.
  4. Past few days ive been sending a convoi to Duna, worth about 2 million kerbucks. Only to find out my Minmus station made like a banana and split No Kerbals alive to tell the tale, they havent even shown up MIA. They just vanished with only a docking port floating in space to remind me of things that are no more. So either i clean up my modlist and start over, or keep playing this mutated beast of a save. Hard career with just about all nodes + buildings unlocked. Space can be a scary place,
  5. Spent countless hours on it, if it werent for those meddling bugs it would be more like top 5. I'm still mourning the kerbals that were inhabiting my minmus orbital station, it just ... vanished in to thin air with only a docking port to show for.
  6. thanks, i play on my flatscreen tv, and even when increase the UI size my tooltips still stays tiny. So the combination of an obese cursor and anorexic tooltip was annoying. You guys rock! (if you could by any chance create a small modlet that resizes the tooltips together with the UI that would be awesome)
  7. I'll have to see what i can come up with in my career. I do use timewarp but even then, the speed is so slow it drives me nuts. (about 400m/s max) If i use a shuttle with a suborbital or orbital trajectory i'll have to go through that scan node when reentering else i'll never get that high again. Seems like a very difficult task so early on. I mean ive been to the mun/minmus, even set up a space station but cant manage to fly high and fast enough for a contract on my home planet.
  8. Hi Guys, as i was enjoying my 1.0 career ive stumbled upon the mission to do some temperature scans, above i think 18km halfway across the globe. So after unlocking my first jet engine and landing wheels i thought i was ready to go. Was just starting to have a lot of fun with planes in 0.90. But after noticing my flight would take me about 45m real time to complete, i just gave up after 15m. Is it still possible to use planes for missions like these halfway around the globe? I'll still build planes for fun, but functionality seems pretty much gone atm. The flying itself is no problem, love the new aerodynamics. Thanks for reading.
  9. Was looking for just such a thing! Thanks man, this makes me very happy
  10. Hello there modders! I have a small request to make... There was a mod i used for scrolling the part list, but with 0.90 it doesnt seem to work anymore (Partcatalog) Would it be possible for someone to write a small mod that doest just this and nothing more? Thanks!
  11. For me personally, i don't think i would have been so addicted to KSP if it werent for the mods. It's like KSP is a huge christmas tree, and the mods are all the lights and extra decoration. Specially now with the 0.24.1/0.24.2 patches and 64bit making its entree, it must be very annoying keeping everything up to date and eveyone informed about the situtaion. I really hope this love story can last, feels too good to be true sometimes. Many thanks to ALL the modders (and Squad) for giving me one of the best gaming experiences of MY LIFE This game is filling a whole i didnt even know existed.
  12. For me tweakscale stopped working as well, I started from scratch with tweakscale, worked, right up untill infernal robotics. After removing it, everything was back to normal. Don't know what i did wrong, but this worked for me Thanks for the fantastic mod btw !
  13. Ive noticed a bug when running HGR and Realchute; The game hangs on HGR/Utilities/inline chute, when both are installed. Doesnt hang withouth Realchutes or by removing the inline chutes from HGR Only tested in 32bit, 64bit is too drunk and needs to sober up, crashes crashes crashes Thanks for your effort, still my favorite pods
  14. Appearantly planets also like to photobomb, who knew!?
  15. Jebediah sent me a text yesterday asking me to let you know he's loving every minute in space sitting comfy in your lovely creation! Included: Pic of a very happy Jeb on the Mun. Thanks for the pods man, they're the best
  16. I'm sorry i think didnt explain correctly English not being native language does that sometimes. It's not the KerbPaint patterns that aren't cycling, it's the textures from stretchy tanks itself, the 'shaded' stripes (really don't know what to call em) When cycling through them with 'T' the striped pattern "hangs" and displays on all following stretchy patterns, such as the kosmos texture, This only happens with KerbPaint installed. It's like some striped overlay gets put on all other textures, seems like maybe it's only with the ferram textures, don't think blackheart's has any striped things in it. The Blackheart textures are Png, Ferram's are targa, don't think that matters but hey ^^
  17. I'm encountering a bug with Kerbal Paint and Stretchy tanks, when cycling through the textures, the patterns tend to not cycle with them, stripes where there shoulde be no stripes and such. This only happens when Kerbpaint is installed and the debug menu isnt really pointing anything out, Didnt find anything mentioned about it here or in the stretchy tanks thread. Would be awesome if you guys knew a fix for it Thanks for the great work btw
  18. Awesome mod that will probably never leave my GameData folder! 2 Biscuits for you today! Hazah!
  19. I'm really sorry for wasting your time, seems i had version 2.12, downloaded 19th of januari Didnt download directly from the forums probably and got an old link. Thanks for helping and elevating this game to new heights! Really appreciate what you're all doing (Mod-junkie)
  20. I've read that you were gonna add it, but i'm still getting the [Exception]: UnityException: Texture 'WarpPlugin/PlanetResourceData/kerbin_uranium' is not readable, the texture memory can not be accessed from scripts. You can make the texture readable in the Texture Import Settings. - Error Only when attaching the gamma ray spectrometer. It's not that much of an issue, but if i could fix it, would be nice. It's impossible to get any data of the debug menu with the spam This is what the KSPI cfg looks like: NORMAL_LIST { } OVERRIDES { }
  21. Hey there, i was hoping someone could maybe help me out here a little It's about the "Uranium textures" not loading for different planets, I've read somewhere here in the forums about a guy that had the same problem, had to make an exception to the texure compressor cfg. But i can't figure out how to actually do this, ive read the cfg included but am non the wiser. If someone would send me in the right direction, i'd be much obliged (beware, i did NOT figure it out by reading the cfg, so please keep it simple ) This is about the Interstellar mod btw .. And while i'm on the subject, is this mod the reason why rasterpropmonitor isnt showing anything on it's ... monitor