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  1. Yeah, it's more fun when things gets broken. Are there any alternatives for this mod?
  2. Is there somewhere a list of features that should be expected after 1.1? I mean, 1.2, etc.
  3. Another reason for the part - you don't need Graphotron functionality all the time. And if you have a part, you have a choice to get or not to get data: i.e. you either put this part of a vessel or you don't. If you're partless, you are unable to not have this data and additional buttons in context menu - the only way to turn it off is to unistall the mod. Going part means more choice, more freedom, more flexibility.
  4. I still vote for a part. Sticking this part to a vessel would feel like making a research craft. Imagine people at NASA building X-15 plane, and then stuffing it with all kinds of electronics, sensors, self recorders, etc, to get the data they needed. You'll remove this kind of magic from the game if you go partless.
  5. External editors are fine when you know what you're doing. But when you are trying to learn things and type different commands from the manual you tend to work with console closely And yes, bigger size would be nice at that point.
  6. Yeah, I got to this myself too. Yesterday it occurred me that my flipping is very CoM dependant. Done some reading this morning and it looks like I was doing exactly the opposite of what would fix the problem.
  7. Been tring to fight rocket-flipping with shifting center of mass with pumping fuel from top to bottom tanks, but it looks like this option is no longer available. Was it turned off or am i missing something?
  8. Does using it give you science? If no, why move it so far in tech tree? IMO it should be something available pretty early.
  9. Is there easy way to remove the mod from the mod list in the top-right corner of the screen? I want the mod running, but I have no intention on clicking the icon and change any preferences. How can i remove it?
  10. Is the feature to scale the terminal window with font scaling accordingly anywhere in your todo list? Pleeeeeeease!