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  1. I'm alive and well, thank you! I have abandoned the project, the design is almost done but I realized there's very little chance of actually building it given my personal and financial situation. You should check Totalitor's youtube channel (I'm a subscriber) for your DIY liquid fueled rocketry needs :)
  2. Good morning to all Space Enthusiasts! I am the director of the CEFAB group in Brazil. Congratulations to the excellent work of liquid propulsion. I need a lot of help, in my project. Can someone help me?

    1. ap0r


      I'm in Argentina. Email me and I'll do whatever I can for you. [email protected]

  3. I think I really got when i designed a real rocket engine was able to rendezvous and dock. The universe became my playground then. Before that I was limited by single launch mass.
  4. No the rocket. Personal issues, which I'd rather not discuss in a public forum. I hope you can understand.
  5. Yes, the project is still very much alive! It's just that I have some very complicated real life responsabilities and issues that prevent me from having free time, taking my notes and blueprints and making them into a good quality article. Also i've ran into some legal trouble and I'm pretty broke, so there really is no money to continue the hardware build in these days. But rest assured, this will be completed if it takes me 20 years!
  6. Yeah sorry. My ISP is driving me crazy with microcuts
  7. Wageera Aerospace, the same people who brought you the Kearjet Bussines/Leisure Jet, have the pleasure of bringing you a new design: The N2 Personal Shuttle is a SSTO spaceplane, designed to carry 1 crew plus baggage to orbit or to a space station and back in a safe and economical fashion. It is an excellent spacecraft for pilots seeking the challenge of precision flying and the ultimate in speed, and for space programs in need of a cheap way to level up their pilots, and bring science and crew to space stations and back. This spacecraft can reach anywhere on Kerbin either via long-
  8. Working on 1.2, excellent for my miniature Space Shuttle. Thanks
  9. It doesn't help. There is a large amount of individual operations required, but most of them are performed during flight planning and consist of simple addition/substracion/multiplication/division, rule of three, etc. Once in the air the amount of math is little and you have an electronic or mechanical calculator to help you. Also most of the time absolute precision is not a crucial requeriment, so rules of thumb and approximations work fine.
  10. Thank you for choosing my project! It is taking WAY longer than expected, unfortunately real life issues have kept me away from the project these last months, but my motivation is still sky-high and can't wait to resume work in my liquid fuel engine!
  11. That was exactly my tought process during most of the design, I have a pretty low math skill so this was a real challenge, but I also learned a ton.
  12. That would be absolutely awesome. Right now the project is halted due to real life issues on my part, but rest assured I'm still highly motivated to finish it! I've learned a ton from what I've done so far, and am really looking forward to being able to continue the process. If you need 3D data, I can provide you with the CAD files.
  13. If anything else, it should work as a whistle! (Puns aside, yes, it is difficult to build in such a small scale)
  14. At that scale i'm guessing it makes no difference.
  15. The numbers still work out somewhat but it's difficult fabricating on such a small scale I'd say fire this one, see what it does, then build a bigger one (10 pounds is about the absolute minimum without having to involve precision machining and the hassle and expense that goes with it.
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