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  1. Do you think this was the main impetus to release a sequel? I really can't imagine a bunch of execs making that kind of business decision based on a few people who are entitled to free DLC on KSP 1.
  2. I feel like this should be posted in over half the KSP 2 threads on this forum.
  3. I'm gonna have to Bop you on the head for that bad pun.
  4. Aerocapture at Kerbin makes the most sense from a dV standpoint and you don't really have to calculate it. Just aim for 30km and build an aerodynamically stable (usually a truncated cone of some sort) capsule with a heatshield. Anywhere else and I don't know the math to calculate an accurate aerobrake. Otherwise, if you have a moon with decent gravity, it's worth it to do a powered gravity assist. This is only really an option at Tylo and to a lesser extent Ike. Gilly is too small.
  5. There's always a chance KSP 2 could get cancelled, but it won't be because of this forum thread. IMHO the worst case is the community gets split between the two games and mod development is spread thin as a result. However, that still means that players have the option of playing whichever game they like better. That's a good silver lining. And besides, Squad is still going to work on KSP 1. I see very few downsides to the KSP 2 announcement. Just the reality that sometimes you get a sequel when you didn't ask for one, and sometimes you beg for a sequel and never get one. I've never been part of the former group, but I have been part of the latter and let me tell you it suuuuuucks.
  6. You're right, I was being hyperbolic. OP is afraid the game will not be a worthy successor unless they push the release date back, and that they have no idea how they want to implement multiplayer. I think drawing that conclusion is premature.
  7. When someone posts their prediction that KSP 2 will be a massive failure and they have very little factual info to back up that prediction, I'm skeptical. That's the point I've been trying to make since my first post. I don't care if that person is a career game dev or not, I'm not taking their word as gospel. The answer is "we don't know how good KSP 2 will be until we play it."
  8. I don't doubt that some people can make educated guesses. My point is that it's still just speculation. What makes me think your guess will probably not be very accurate is that *you aren't a member of that dev team*.
  9. How many of you have actually played KSP 1 multiplayer mods? My suspicion is that most of the opinions in this thread are not very informed. KSP multiplayer is fun (and buggy because it's a mod, and MP really needs to be hard-coded in the game IMHO). You share each other's triumphs and cooperatively design different phases of missions to be inter-operable. I play Luna Multiplayer with 2 friends right now. Here are some fun things we do: Person A designs and sends unmanned probe to Jool. Person B designs and sends an armada of communication relays to Jool as support. Person C designs and sends a fuel tanker for the probe to extend its mission. I would have liked to spectate during their flybys to get awesome views of their high-speed, low-altitude near collisions with Jool's moons, but there are bugs in Luna Multiplayer that prevented it. KSP 2 should solve that. Honestly, it's fun just to see what other people build, and increase their capabilities by flying some kind of support, or docking and refueling them and sending them on their way, and hearing their glee at how much delta-v they have thanks to you. Or flying someone else's satellite to Vall and announcing, "500 more science coming in thanks to your satellite!" over voice chat. It's basically virtual high-fives all night. Person A designs a booster and payload inspired by SpaceX, launches it. Person B takes control of the booster after it separates from the upper stage, attempts to land it back at KSC. Person A flies the upper stage to orbit. Same thing, as #1 except with a detachable spaceplane on a plane, just like Virgin Galactic. Re-enactment of Apollo 11 (we did this last July to commemorate its 50th anniversary). Person A is Neil Kerman, Person B is Michael Kerman (Command Module Pilot). I designed the LEM while he designed the CSM and Saturn V. Collaborative space station building. Person A delivers a habitat with mobile lab, Person B attaches a giant solar array and battery farm. Person C delivers personnel to the station. Griefers: Some of you are worried about griefers. Honestly, I think KSP and KSP 2 are not games I would even attempt to play with random strangers. For those of us who have trustworthy IRL friends who play KSP, multiplayer in KSP 2 is highly anticipated. Timewarp: In Luna Multiplayer, each player can timewarp forward independently of anyone else. When you do so, you basically get your own instance of the game. You can see others' orbits but you can't interact with their spacecraft unless you're in the same timeframe. There's a button that insta-time-warps you to another person's timeframe (but you can only go forward, not backwards in time), and that lets you do your interactive cooperative stuff, and then you go timewarp independently again when you go your separate ways. Launchpads: There's a "bubble" 100m in radius around the launchpad (and runway) where you have your own instance of the game. You can't see or interact with any other vessels until you are outside this bubble. This is so that a person sitting on the launchpad doesn't get another player's rocket spawned on top of him. That said, you are advised to time your launches so you don't exit the safety bubble at exactly the same moment! VAB: Luna Multiplayer doesn't let you both design a craft at the same time. Why would you, though? I don't see much value added here. You can send craft files to each-other using the mod in-game, though. This lets one person design a payload and send it to another player to design a launcher, for example. Or you just share craft and launch multiple instances of it with your friends (useful for relay satellite swarms). On how MP could affect the community: We already bicker about game balance. Is MechJeb cheating? Is the Mobile Processing Lab overpowered? Is part clipping cheating? Is air intake spam (air hogging) cheating? --- not sure I believe MP is going to make it any worse. KSP isn't a PvP game with classes that have to be balanced against each other. Even if there is some kind of adversarial mode in KSP 2 MP, everyone will have the exact same parts available to them.
  10. Even so, KSP 1 had coding problems to solve. KSP 2 will have those same problems. Even if you don't copy the code line for line, you can still copy the solution. I code at work and constantly borrow from my previous projects.
  11. I'm playing KSP 1 multiplayer right now (Luna Multiplayer mod) with two friends and it's great fun! Don't knock it 'till you've tried it. Everyone has a right to speculate, but what makes you think you can predict Star Theory's release schedule better than they can? You don't know how long they've been working on it, where they are today, or their roadmap. Nor do you know how much code they can borrow from KSP 1, nor how experienced their team is. One thing I do know is that release schedules get pushed back often, and sometimes the producer forces a release before the game is ready and it launches as a buggy mess or incomplete. Another thing that''s extremely common is the community being completely wrong with their predictions of the game.
  12. I had a manned rocket start to flip while under 10km altitude. LES abort saved the crew.
  13. Haha! Yeah, totally. I joined these forums in 2014 and have lived through, sheesh, I don't know HOW many "KSP IS DYING!" doom and gloom threads, and some even started as tangents inside other threads. I can be a sarcastic SOB sometimes, and I just couldn't help myself when I saw KSP 2 announced.
  14. I decided to vote "No" on this, ironically.
  15. Yes, basically what @iteranthypatic said. Specifically, life support means you can't stick a kerbal in a Mk1 command pod on a trip to Eeloo for 20 in-game years with no extra supplies, just a fuel tank and an engine, and expect him to live.
  16. Happy Birthday KSP! I'm still playin' and will right up until KSP 2. Then I'll be playing KSP 2
  17. These forums seem so deserted lately and the devs haven't released anything in like, weeks. WEEKS I tell you. With no new updates since forever and no other updates planned, I can't help but feel... like KSP is dying! Obviously kidding. I just found out KSP 2 was announced and I am beyond hyped.
  18. The worst thing in a positive way is how there's always a new challenge to overcome, so I never really feel like I have "finished" KSP. The worst thing in a more literal way is the lack of planetary axial tilt.
  19. I think this is the best answer. Even too much CO2 (air containing over 10% CO2) can cause convulsions and death in humans. Kerbals probably evolved to breathe a very specific mix of gases in the atmosphere.
  20. I dont' like using SRBs, so the Reliant and Kodiak fit perfectly as radial liquid-fuel+oxidizer boosters. With higher thrust than the Swivel, they give just a bit more power to get off the pad.
  21. Returning to Kerbin? No, I don't jettison it. The parachutes are enough to slow the craft. On other atmospheric bodies? Yes, I jettison it. I need to get it out of the way so my landing legs or rover wheels can contact the ground.
  22. I start with Hard settings and make the following additions: Enable Part Pressure Limits Enable Part G-Force Limits Enable Kerbal G-Force Limits Enable Require Signal for Control Enable Plasma Blackout I leave all the rest of the settings alone (stock Hard).
  23. Yeah, it's a pretty niche situation, avoided by putting antennas on every craft, and having a pilot on every manned craft (and a probe core anyway because why wouldn't you want KerbNet access?). If I forget antennas then it's a mission abort anyway.