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  1. I think mods should pin all the dev responses here. Some people are worried about EGS. A dev has already said it's releasing on steam for 59.99$. My hope is that the devs don't overwork themselves and have a good time.
  2. Hello. Keep in mind I am using PartTools etc, KSP shaders, all that. If I use the shader that uses a specular alpha channel for the diffuse, it looks terrible. If I use the specular as a seperate channel entirely (mapped), it looks pretty much how I'd want it to. Is there any reason for this? Working with source engine, this was never an issue. I feel like it's a problem with the shader itself and not the textures I'm using. Here's an image reference. Here's the textures. Let me know if you need any more info. Any help would be grand. Cheers.
  3. Having a lot of issues with the texture settings in Unity. Anyone who knows their fair share of finessing textures to look good in engine should send me a discord DM to Some_stranger#5241. Cheers. I'm also in the /r/KerbalSpaceProgram discord as @Some_stranger
  4. They aren't dependent at the same time, if that's what you're thinking. It'd be one or the other. I'd like to structure it more in-tune with Kerbalism, given that it's more in-depth and more what I'd like to do. Even then, if TAC LS isn't updated in the coming days/weeks/months, then I guess the problem sorts itself out.
  5. Are there any existing rigs for the Kerbins? I know there is a difference between the male and female ones, and that the models themselves are bound by EULA. I'm not too concerned with the models however, as the rigs are all I really need. I guess I could finesse a rig that might work, but it'd be best if they are out there somewhere, hidden between my searches.
  6. For gameplay reasons, I'd like to refrain from a nutritional system. I did however, think that it would be interesting to have two types of food: Packaged and organic. Packaged foods would last forever and weigh less. Organic foods would come from space cultivation and weigh more, and wouldn't last very long. I'm not sure how I would do this, so mostly the idea is on the backburner and probably won't be implemented. As for medical, I don't think I have the ability to do something like that. If there is something like this already in Kerbalism, then maybe. I can't stress enou
  7. In the coming days the roadmap should be fleshed out in a way to help everyone understand exactly what I'm doing here. Nonetheless I'll try to explain it: I'm making an add-on for Life-Support mods: This means that mods like, say, Kerbalism will work with my add-on, but without it my add-on will not work and maybe break your game. Kerbalism as a base has food and drinks and storage for them. My add-on may add new ways of storing food, and creating it. DeepFreeze is a mod that adds cryo-pods. My add-on would possibly add it's own. The goal of this add-on is simple: Create a
  8. EDIT as of 4/12/2020: I have abandoned this project. It was an interesting idea, but at the time I did not have the capability to put things into place like I wanted. Sorry to all those who were looking forward to it. In the future, I'll post things once I have something to show for. There is a non-zero chance I will revive this project. Although unlikely.
  9. If only it were that easy. Having it on or off doesn't matter. This one also flamed out with the intake open or closed. However, you don't see the auto_loc error when it's open so for debugging purposes I leave it closed.
  10. Can't even seem to leave the runway. It seems that no matter what I do, it just puffs out. Immediately. Here's my save game info for the vessel. What it looks like in-game. Console is spammed with "Warning: [StageInfo]: Simulation Time Exceeded!". Mod list begins at line 2239 from my pastebin link. Cheers to whoever can figure out the issue, would like to aerobrake on Eve with a Rapier soon.
  11. Ah I was wondering why I couldn't attach my ore tanks to the ferry. Looking forward to this fix, cheers.
  12. Nope. I have experience modeling for Unity over a year ago, but all my recent things have been made for Source Engine. I think KSP should be easier to work with, fingers crossed though. I'm excited honestly, Source has some of the worst materials to work with. Unity is an exponential improvement.
  13. Dan Blocker? I'm pretty sure his name is Dirk, and I made him because I was really into Brooklyn 99 at one point.
  14. Thanks boss. Here's something I made a bit ago to show my things.
  15. Hey there @FreeThinker. I posted something on your other thread, but I'll post here too. I'd love to improve some of your models and textures, animations even. Please DM me on discord: Some_stranger#5241. Cheers.
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