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  1. Can you post a new release that is built against 1.0.2 the current build works fine in 1.0.2 but it is kinda annoying having AVC yell at me each time it is loaded telling me it was built for .90
  2. Thanks, that is what I had to do to get it working. However I also still have the same problem at higher resolutions like you do, but at least I can run it at a lower one now.
  3. CKAN is pointed at the kerbalstuff release so it thinks RT is not compatible with .90 yet. Would you guys consider updating your NETKan file to point at your github releases so it can be updated by people other than starstrider? (If you have no idea what I am talking about would you be against me updating your NETKan file to point at your github release instead of kerbalstuff)
  4. I am trying to build from the source of remote tech, but when I open the solution I get a error saying
  5. I ended up doing you one better, I had been meaning to do it anyway lately so I re-installed windows as a clean install. It is working fine now.
  6. Here is a link to my DxDiag, however to answer your question directly I have a GeForce GTX 770.
  7. I am running agresive, as I said in my first post I have 12 GB of ram installed but I am using the x86 version because I have some mods that do not have 64 bit support. The entire GameData folder in my current "test" configuration is 921,386,353 bytes in size (218,960,143 bytes in size if I exclude the GameData\ActiveTextureManagement\textureCache folder). The only thing I can think of is this may be a side effect of the new multi-threading. If many large byte arrays are being created (Environment.ProcessorCount returns 8 for me) I may be running in to memory fragmentation issues. EDIT: But I am not sure that it is memory fragmentation either, the thing it fails on is DynamicHeapAllocator out of memory - Could not get memory for large allocationCould not allocate memory: System out of memory! Trying to allocate: 151388176B with 4 alignment. MemoryLabel: NewDelete Allocation happend at: Line:416 in Memory overview [ ALLOC_DEFAULT ] used: 394563854B | peak: 0B | reserved: 406504650B [ ALLOC_GFX ] used: 776046641B | peak: 0B | reserved: 796205272B [ ALLOC_CACHEOBJECTS ] used: 222792B | peak: 0B | reserved: 12582912B [ ALLOC_TYPETREE ] used: 0B | peak: 0B | reserved: 0B [ ALLOC_PROFILER ] used: 53928B | peak: 0B | reserved: 8388608B It appears to me trying to allocate a 150MB object and that is what it is failing on, I don't have any resources anywhere near 150MB in size uncompressed. P.S.: I am a C# desktop developer but I have no experience with the kind of unmanaged memory/GFX work you guys are doing in the source. I know I am out of my element, but the kind of technical answer you would give to a Jr. Developer co-worker of what is going wrong would really be appreciated. I honestly don't care that much if I can get it "fixed" I can live without AVP installed, I am more curious about why it is going wrong. If it helps at all here is a copy of the entire crash folder, including the mini-crash dump. I can re-run and get you a full dump or a IntiliTrace log if it helps you track it down at all.
  8. That is what I did, when I said I removed everything, I really did remove EVERYTHING, including the SQUAD folder and it still crashing with out of memory errors on load. Edit: Here is a copy of the logs again so people don't need to backtrack to my first post. output_log.txt error.log
  9. I am constantly getting out of memory errors when I attempt to load "Astronomer's Visual Pack - Interstellar". Trying to figure this out I have gone so far to even remove everything out of my game data folder except for ActiveTextureManagement (Release 4-2 Agressive x86), Astronomer's Visual Pack - Interstellar (with features 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 12 in BoulderCo\Clouds), and ModuleManager 2.5.3 and I am still getting out of memory errors while the game is loading. output_log.txt error.log
  10. Love the site, the only thing I would request is have a dropdown that has the various antennas default ranges pre-filled in. Still let us set a custom range but a pre-filled in range would be nice so I did not need to keep double checking the wiki for what numbers I need to plug in if I want to test the various omni range antennas.
  11. Has anyone else find it is a PITA to get in atmosphere contracts completed early game because you are going way to fast by the altitudes it expects you to be at? If so any advice on what to do to mitigate it?
  12. I also ran in to the same problem. Has anyone else tried this and got it to work? Googeling "canResetConnectedModules Interstellar" the quoted post is the only result returned.
  13. I have never used protractor, but if you go look at the 2nd post it shows how to add MecJeb to all command pods that do not currently have it. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand],!MODULE[MechJebCore]]:Final { MODULE { name = MechJebCore } } Just replace the MechJeb refrences to whatever needs to be added to add Protractor.
  14. You CFG file does not add the removable science to the magnatomitor, it would just be @PART[FNGCMS]:Final { @MODULE[ModuleScienceExperiment] { dataIsCollectable = True collectActionName = Take Data interactionRange = 1.2 } } Or you can do what I like to do and just add removable science to all modules that currently do not have any removal rule defined. @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleScienceExperiment]:HAS[!dataIsCollectable]]:Final { @MODULE[ModuleScienceExperiment] { dataIsCollectable = True collectActionName = Take Data interactionRange = 1.2 } }
  15. Could you show a example of how I could use the % operator to do that?
  16. Is it possible to "undelete" a setting that is being deleted by another configuration file? For example, In KSP Interstellar it has in science.cfg @PART[sensorAccelerometer] { !MODULE[ModuleScienceExperiment] { } MODULE { name = FNSeismicProbe experimentID = FNSeismicProbeExperiment rerunnable = true deployEventName = Collect Impact Data reviewEventName = Review Impact Data resetEventName = Reset Impact Data } } It deletes the stock ModuleScienceExperiment from the accelomitor and replaces it with it's own. I would like to bring the old stock measurements back, but keeping the new mesurments KSPI adds too. The two options I see are either modifying KSPI's science.cfg and deleting the "!MODULE[ModuleScienceExperiment]", or copy and paste the text from the accelerometer's part.cfg from Squad's folder and put it in a "@PART[sensorAccelerometer]:final" in my own configuration file. I would like it if I did not need to modify other mod's configuration files but that means I just have to keep the accelerometer up to date if Squad ever changed it (its easier to just delete the line from KSPI every time I update it). Is there any way to counteract that "!MODULE[ModuleScienceExperiment]" without modifying the science.cfg file or manually re-creating whatever the default settings where before they where deleted?
  17. I also would love it if there was a API for the spaceport. Even a minimal api that standardized reporting of current version numbers of the mods would be a large boon to mod manager developers. This would allow for easy notification of mod updates without having to scrape the site (costing less bandwidth to Squad). Please re-consider adding in an API that mod managers can query for mod information.
  18. I just never put 2 + 2 together that you don't need to take all those extra non-reuseable science experiments and the fact that the Mk 1-2 pod is the perfect pairing to use with the science lab.
  19. Three facts I already knew: 1. The Mk 1-2 Command Pod seats 3 people but only requires 1 person to operate. 2. The mobile processing lab requires two people to operate but can not control the ship. 3. You can remove science and put it in the command pod as long as you don't put to of the same research in it. This is what just clicked in my brain: Put one of each type of science on your ship with a Mk 1-2 command pod and a mobile processing lab with 1 in the pod and 2 in the lab. Launch doing a large out of Kerbin SOI mission moving the science back in to the command pod and cleaning out the experiments as you finish so you can re-use them. When returning to Kerbin move the two from the lab in to the pod and land. Profit from all the retrieved science. It never clicked in my head to combine the re-useability of experiments of the mobile processing lab and the removal of experiments in to the command pod. So long 8 Science Jr Lander, you have been replaced!
  20. I have a WarpPlugin.cfg, but the the entire file is only one line of text long writtenat = 4/13/2014 10:30:04 PM I will try re-installing the mod tonight.
  21. Tried it 3 times, still don't have any of the new tech showing up. I also checked the cfg file, I definitely have the actuators node NODE { name = node5_actuators techID = actuators pos = -1043,983.7364,-1 icon = GENERIC cost = 160 title = Actuators description = Perfecting the art of making things mobile, without the explicit use of explosives. Our engineers assure us, this is actually a good thing. anyParent = True hideIfEmpty = False parents = node4_advConstruction PARTS { name = GrapplingDevice } } Also I checked the original .cfg and the one you had me delete in a diff program, the files where identical. The title screen says I am definitely on 23.5 and I have the time accel bar from the KSC screen. I think I may have something wrong with my Sqad assets folder, I will try a full re-install of KSP tomorrow.
  22. I appear to be missing my 23.5 tech. I just started a new save up for 23.5. I am fairly sure I choose KSP Intersteller for my tech tree, however when I started the game it asked me to update the tech tree. I updated, closed KSP, then reopened the program and it asked me again 2 or 3 times. Eventually it stopped prompting me, I did notice some of the 23.5 changes, for example Orange tanks being unlocked in "Heavier rocketry", but none of the new tech appears to be showing up. I did not really notice it until I got to "Actuators" and it had no tech items in the folder Did I choose the wrong tech tree when I started? I used to have a 0.9.2 of Interstellar installed when I was on 23.0 but I deleted all folders except the Squad folder in my GameData folder when I updated everything to 23.5. I currently have the following other mods installed: Deadly Reentry 4.6 Toolbar 1.7.1 Enhanced Navball 1.2 Docking Port Alignment 3.01 TAC Fuel Balancer Kerbal Alarm Clock MechJeb (MechJeb's tech does show up in the tree)
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