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  1. I always felt that there is a lack of information about other planets in KSP... i own KSP for almost 4 year now, and still i went interplanetary only ones or twice on Duna... the lack of infomation (in the game) about other planetoid and the lack of time to experiment myself always restrained me to get further then Minmus. I mean, create and testing stuff in Kerbin SOI is fair... but the second u leave that bubble u have years of travel, and any error cause millions of losses in your founds account and more important, kerbals lifes. At least for me, there is just not enough technical documentation on how to face new planets other then the 3 ones that i'm used to... i can tell if a ship can reach LKO do stuff at Mun and come back in one piece by simply looking at it, but outside Kerbin SOI i have no clue. You can call me lazy, but what i want to say is: i always wanted in this game a building in KSC where i can go, select a planet and have a good documentation of it's enviroment, composition, lore, stuff i must be aware of, border of the atmosphere, it's density and composition, maybe in a clear heigh/density graph, and anomalies discovered, day lenght, revolution lenght, a detailed surface and ore map once i scanned it, and many other information like that. All the info may not be available from the start... probably u'll have to send missions to them and run experiments to unlock the relative info, but ones you acquire that, you have the clear documentation at KSC, at your disposal for accurate planning. That's why a ground telescope. It collect all the knowledge from the Kerbol system. And no, the tracking station does not do that. The tracking station gives u general info of the planet you're looking at but it's function is to keep track of missions, ship and object in space, not to analyze planets. Even if i don't agree about the idea of a building generating science i really like the OP suggestion. Sending probe around the system will then have a concrete meaning, beside collect a bunch of common science points...
  2. HO!.... ho... ok i feel stupid now... Thanks DStaal ^^
  3. Hi! I was messing around with CKAN today, trying to set up my new mod install, since i didn't play KSP in a while. I sadly found that some of the mod topic of some of my favourite mods (like Near Future Technology and Mechjeb 2 for example) are missing. Anyone know what happen to them? can i still hope to see them again? or there are broken the link on CKAN and i'm an idiot and can't track any of them down in the forum?
  4. All cool ideas! If i could add something, a "Balance tanks" button is also needed
  5. Cool! how many tons it lift? did you think to add landing legs for improved cargo loading stability and lifting power?
  6. That will also help! But both solutions don't exclude each other! ^^
  7. I was thinking at how difficult it is to find the proper craft file to load in the VAB/SPH... As the game progress, you end up with lots and lots of craft files, either valids craft and numerous prototypes, and i always find the load craft GUI really difficult to navigate... It's a just a list displayer, small, and the thumbnails are tiny, it always confuse me... Yes, keep your craft in order with good names help a lot, but you'll eventually end up with 50 or more files, all mixed together without any criterion. I think that the load craft GUI will make good use of a custom folders system! Grouping craft file into folders will help a lot organize a big number of craft files... Even if you simply create folders for tie a craft to his prototypes you spend a lot less time searching for them. Then you can group the folder into other folders by mission or craft purpose, and so on, generating and organized tree of craft files! I think this is needed really badly. Also, i would love to see a Player folder to save my most used crafts... any time i need some of my most used crafts, i need to go to the folder outgame at one of my other career or sandbox save and copy them into my new save or keep the whole mass of files into the stock craft folder, creating an even bigger mess... it's a really bad system to manage and share files... A player save folder will help a lot!
  8. Well no... i mean, i thought that this will be a cool addition, but didn't thought at that exploit... yeah, that's a problem... But as we have upgradable buildings, we can still say that you have to build both runway and launchpad at 3rd level before the actual "fuel depot" can take place... having no weight limit nullifies the meaning of this exploit, didn't it?
  9. Hi! I'm suggesting some kind of structure at KSC for refuel any kind of vehicle in flight. It could be like a general building size fuel tank, or other minor object like the tanks and the tower near the launchpad, specialized for any type of fuel... The idea is to go there with your empty vehicle, dock with the tank building (it could be done by touching the building in some specific point like a pipe, a valve or maybe interacting via right click when near), buy the fuel u need at the proper cost, fill the vehicle with that fuel, undock and then fly away with the vehicle full, all without recover the vehicle. What do you think?
  10. A sas ring will be useful, but i think that little fins will still be a necessity to go straight, or at least will help a lot on their own... That was working on an incomplete game. Aerodinamic isn't science fiction, it's something that rockets HAVE to take into account. I think that you shoudn't grab and hold yourself into the past, that lander isn't aerodinamic at all... you should find a workarond like any player do, as adaptation and learning from mistakes is the core of this game. You want to change the game into something that fits you, but i think you just stubborn on this thing and you're refusing that the game is changed to a point that your habits aren't just enough to accomplish what you need. Time to restart from scratch i say...
  11. Hey guys! Thanks for the answers! i tryied with the wing-radiator and a less Falcon Punch approach, and this time i get to orbit unharmed! SOLVED!
  12. Hi guys! I have a little problem with heat diffusion along my last craft... The boosters works well and are capable to get my payload of around 40t to orbit, but halfway the burn of my interstage, the decopuler that hold the payload overheat and explode... I launch my rocket with 3 TwinBoar boosters with 1 orange tank on top of each (they also have parachute and probe for reenter) the external feeding the internal. 2 of them detach at 45° during gravity turn and works fine, the third middle one fed by the other 2 should bring the whole thing to orbit easily but, the decoupler keep overheating at this point. The heat propagate from the TwinBoar, through the orange tank, then the probe core and then to the decopuler... The Twin Boar is maybe an overkill for an interstage, but i use it often as i like really much the sound of it ^^. So... what should i do to keep the heat away from that decopuler?
  13. This is really cool! and good looking! Looks soo hi-tech ^^ have REP! U should tweak it so the Atlas ones detached can maybe fly alone and get back to runway, maybe cutting half the engine out so save fuel in some "reentry mode". That will make this design amazing
  14. Sadly, i can't replicate it easily... it seems to happen random, even with crafts that worked fine with the autopilot the first time, and then at the second time i launched it, it go orribly wrong... What make me crazy is that the moment that start to happen, even if i close and reload the game, it keep happen with the same craft, then suddently, after couple other launches of other crafts, when i get back to it, it works fine again... I'm really confused about this... i don't have a clue of what can make this happen, so it's difficult for me provide you some detailed information about what cause the issue... Also, i'm playing stock with only life quality mod... so no strange part are used, only the MJ module is a non-stock-one... For the strange ascent attitude, that was a test that i did in the moment the issue hit me harder, i was trying to understand if the attitude i was using was actually the cause... Well, it wasn't... It isn't an actual ascent profile that i use often, except for extreme payloads, where i need to jettison low level boosters in a symmetric way before start turning. I'll keep an eye on tho... the first time it will happen again, i'll make some screens and i'll test more... EDIT This is another example of what happen... My rocket burned all the way up to 22500 and is still at 389m/s, pinned at half throttle... My experience tells me that this is not correct... that rocket should go at full throttle just past 12000m... And after burning half my lower stage countering gravity at 50% throttle, i'm still there waiting for the rocket to start pick up speed...