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  1. Is he smiling... ...or does he just have gas?
  2. While this is pretty off-topic for this thread... Yes, I also notice much slower loading and get micro-freezing on different menu pages.
  3. On steam, not on website... yet. Uploaded on website too now =) https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/download.php?od=166198
  4. Stream is just waiting on the call from the team that they are ready-to-go. Having fun in pre-release until then. =) https://www.twitch.tv/ksptv Stream just said "30 minutes left as they are still working on some stuff" just now. Not a hard timeline, just the last we've heard =)
  5. They should all go help those 2 dudes over making Osiris...
  6. Evil, you dangle such sweet treats in front of us like we're a bunch of cats. You totally forgot to put science parts for teh science on that Mk3 shuttle! If you look closely you can almost make out the form of Bill running out of the smoke. Can't wait!
  7. Can we at least get this guy some Bengay... or an ice-pack... or something? Maybe a few dozen energy drinks? .
  8. //<...sips Saturday-morning coffee...> It's getting quite cramped in this elevator! #HypeElevator? (Edit: Jeb is convening emergency meeting to discuss logic of elevator vs train for hype applications. Argument is elevators move vertically. Bill says logic: "questionable at best".)
  9. As another data point (if it helps), while experiencing the same issues, the only mods I have from the list above in my own game are DMagic and Joint reinforcement. Anyone else have a similar friend in their install? Though it looks like some are getting it on a vanilla install too =(
  10. For those looking for a KW Rocketry for v1.1 you can check out the community updated version here, it now comes packaged with the needed KW Rocketry files to work!
  11. Having the same exact issue here, with the same error message as listed above by others. Removed it from install and it all works again.
  12. Pre-release = Not enough testing to know if it's stable enough to be called a release. It may work without issues, but you may also run into a bug (or two) that you could then post back to the appropriate forum(s) to help said pre-releases turn into actual 1.1 releases. I've been running the pre-release on the current 1.1 version and the only issue (after just a couple hours) so far that I have seen is that the Deadly Re-entry "button" shows up on the title screen for the game and not just at the space center.