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  1. Are there any mods out there that add endcaps for the various sizes of tanks? Not nose cones, but something more along the lines the FL-A5 adapter but without the mounting surface.
  2. Anyone having any issues using this with the latest update, 1.2.2?
  3. What mod is that command pod from in your first picture?
  4. So a few days ago, I was playing KSP with a friend watching. He was mocking my SSTO abilities, or lack thereof. On one of my attempts at a powered landing after a suborbital flight, he laughed because I really only had a sliver of fuel and airbrakes left. As the ship came hurtling back to Kerbin, I decided to EVA the entire crew of three Kerbals around 10km from the ground. Imagine my surprise when only one died upon impact. If I recall correctly, they were doing in the neighborhood of 40-50 m/s. Anyone else experience anything like this? Is WAD in vanilla? While hilarious it seems a bit ridic
  5. When you attach wheels and feet to the LV25 Meerkat Landing Assist or Planetary Adapter parts, while deployed the feet and wheels deploy at different heights. This causes problems when trying to add sections to already existing bases where you've already ejected the wheels. Assuming it hasn't already been suggested somewhere in the many posts, any chance you could change it so they are the same height when deployed?
  6. Yes. It was originally an unmanned station/ship. Sent up two interface vehicles with three kerbels each, who moved around a lot in the station. Flew around the Kerbin sphere of influence for a long long time with it. Ran out of supplies on the return voyage. Separated the interface vehicles and returned them to Kerbin. That's the gist of it, but it was a lot more involved. As I couldn't reproduce it in simple tests, I'm assuming at this point it was somehow user error.
  7. I wondered if it was a difference in efficiency, thanks for the info...and I'll be looking forward to the update!
  8. Not sure if anyone else brought this up yet, but in the USI life support support parts, it looks like there's a mixup in the resources.The greenhouse turns Mulch, Fertilizer, and Electric Charge into Supplies, which makes sense. Kerbals eat supplies, make mulch, you use the Algae Farm to turn mulch and ore into fertilizer, and then the Greenhouse takes all three and turns it into supplies. Now, the smaller Greenhouse Container takes just Mulch and Electric Charge, and turns that into Supplies, eliminates the need for fertilizer by the looks of it, making it much easier to make supplies. I
  9. Well tell THEM that....hah. Let me stick someone into space and give it a test. Edit: Welp, during the test Jeb was returned for duty on reentry. Don't know what I did to accomplish that *not* happening last time. I'll pay more attention if it should happen again to exact details. Come to think of it, I brought back two sets of three kerbals after running out of supplies from that station. Only one set of three didn't return to duty. So chances are it was probably some nonsense I did that caused it.
  10. I don't have a save as I've already edited it to fix it, but it's probably easy to reproduce. It happened due to the fact that after they went "grouchy", I just used the probe core I had attached to the return vehicle to bring them back home. So they never returned to being normal prior to ship recovery, and became permatourists.
  11. Yeah, after some more digging I found someone pointing out Roster, and went down and changed them to their proper jobs. Didn't go into the Life support scenario file though, I'll have to double check that. So there's no way to fix in that in game?
  12. I have a problem. I brought back some unfed kerbals, and they've remained tourists ever since. Any way to undo this?
  13. I used to have a module manager cfg file a few versions ago that added fuel switching to all tanks. I can't seem to find it anymore on the forums or via google. The few links that looked promising are dead (KerbalStuff has been shutdown). Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  14. After an hour of testing, I tracked it down to the USI life support mod. I'm going to go bother Roverdude about it.
  15. Hey Roverdude, I've been experiencing an odd bug that I finally figured out is related to your LS mod. Here's what happened... Conducted a flyby of the moon, thought I had plenty of supplies, brought a 1.25 diam LS container for two kerbals. Don't recall seeing any warnings about low supplies. During the return Bill exited the craft to gather up the science before ejecting that part of the ship to land the crew capsule. Upon reentering the capsule, Bill can no longer EVA to get the other half of the SCIENCE! It was giving me a statement along the lines of "Tourists can't exit the veh
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