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  1. I'm getting stuttering and CurrencyConverter log spam in 18.3; reverting to 18.2 seems to have resolved it. Excerpt is below. [LOG 02:35:49.436] [CurrencyConverter for Outsourced R&D]: 0 Funds taken, yields 0 Science [LOG 02:35:49.437] [CurrencyConverter for Outsourced R&D]: 0 Funds taken, yields 0 Science [LOG 02:35:49.438] [CurrencyConverter for Outsourced R&D]: 0 Funds taken, yields 0 Science [LOG 02:35:49.438] [CurrencyConverter for Outsourced R&D]: 0 Funds taken, yields 0 Science [LOG 02:35:49.439] [CurrencyConverter for Outsourced R&D]: 0 Funds taken, yi
  2. Yes, proper flaps and slats! Thank you for your continued work on this fantastic mod.
  3. While it's true that BDB parts can functionally replace much of FASA, they just don't hit the same aesthetic notes for me. Consider me quite excited that someone is working on this still.
  4. Is there a (simple) way to disable the changes made when Near Future is detected?
  5. The last two updates have done wonders for performance. Excellent work.
  6. If the Soyuz booster shape is what you are after, yes. You can just make a cone shape and attach it as normal. It seems to get a bit finicky if attaching at places other than the four ninety degree points, but you can also get around this by changing the shape after attaching the tank. For solid boosters this is fairly straightforward; for liquids, you will probably want to make use of the rotate and offset tools to point the engines down rather than out.
  7. There seems to be a very small window in which the plate will actually attach--you have to move it ever so slightly lower. Even when it does attach, however, the floating nodes remain, though there seem to be no adverse effects.
  8. I have encountered no such problems playing RSS in career mode.
  9. I understand how it works, but do not need the extra complexity and GUI clutter. Is that a "no" to there being a way to disable it?
  10. The work you have done with this mod is fantastic. Is there a way to disable/remove the "soot" mechanic?
  11. Present, and a long-time fan of the parts, but lost some interest at the introduction of the pay-to-get-parts-sooner strategy.
  12. This seems like a good idea. Your work in maintaining the mod is appreciated, but likely missed by many, as it is currently buried here.
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