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  1. Ach, I looked at that before I asked, and looked again but I cant see those numbers anywhere in the configs that would make sense. Could you possibly tell me which one(s) precisely to look at? I've found the initial configs list, I found fuel tanks cfg with the capacity of fuels but nothing with 'commerce', 'merchant', shop' etc. seems to have the values shown in the shop or in the fuel tanks for the goods and prices, unless I missed it each time (possible). Also thanks for the response, I await your update eagerly.
  2. Hi there. I really like this mod and would like to applaud you on your excellent application. I am still using ksp 1.3.1 because I'm really deeply into a career and don't see the need to upgrade. I have a modded game with too many mods to list - all of which I have working smoothly together; including yours. I'm using KK so forgive me if the question has already been asked somewhere or if my version of KK is too outdated to support an answer but anyway: When I fly somewhere, press CTRL+K and edit existing buildings or add new ones, everything I have previously bought returns to 'for sale' status when I save changes - except for the number of resident kerbals and whatever funds etc. were there, which return to their original number once I have gone back, bought the base and the associated building again. Am I missing something here or is this a limitation I must live with? For up to half a million each, some of those bases take a lot to keep opening again, you know? Question number two is: is there a way for me to specify a default value for the merchant buildings? Add a ratio of 3:1 buy/sell for all common resources in my game for example so I don't have to do it manually every time I build one) Number three, an unfortunate bug in any 'science' building, which shows a grey text box with some text wedged right into the top left corner and no buttons or readable data when clicked (I cannot retrieve the science, add workers etc.) ... this is the only info/text box this happens to. Did you know about this? Is there something I can do? Again, sorry for asking about an old version but this career is the best one yet and I'm sick of starting again all the time! For me, KK is not only enhancing but necessary. Adjusting these few things would make my game save perfect.
  3. You are welcome. Some of them are a bit Heavy (my collection definitely adds an element of creepy to the affair, plus some of the sounds are quite distorted) so of course you can remove any that you do not like.
  4. Hello, I made a bunch of new stuff for Chatterer including some male and female voices, ship background sounds, lots of computer beeps and sequences. I have overwritten the SSTV sounds with some more varied ones but have not touched any of the other default sounds; this simply adds more. All thanks go to Athlonic. *Waves at Athlonic* yes it's me again. DOWNLOAD
  5. BUMP. Finding it very irritating not being able to trim my plane properly without letting go of my controls. My current plane is great but twitchy and I REALLY NEED to be able to remap the somewhat silly alt + inputKey to any of the spare joy axes I have. Thanks Squad the game is coming along great.
  6. Ok, problem solved. I'm an idiot because I didn't read the mod description properly. I thought it was turning things on and off, when it's actually just telling me what drain I am currently experiencing and from where. Sorry man I feel such a fool.
  7. Hi there, I do hate to be a pain but I have this problem Everything says my batteries should be charging, only they aren't. I turned everything off and there are no modded parts that even use electric charge on this satellite. I see a KAS mission to give it more power, but why should this be necessary, this thing should be charging right? Also, while I'm at it, dragging your windows is buggy as hell, they can only be dragged a short way before they lose connection with the mouse. Also, changing the style of the windows does not save. That said, this mod has (up until this point) served me very well, this one is a puzzler though. I use Remote-tech which means that the antennae have been altered by that mod. Could this be the issue? Could it be a Tweakscale issue on the double-size inline batteries maybe?
  8. As I said, dragging it to the window moves it in the scene but when I release it in the inventory window it just releases into the air in the scene. It is not interacting with the inventory window in any way. Edit: I'm an idiot, I didn't realize you had to keep the G button held down. *facepalm* Edit 2: Can kerbals not use parachutes anymore then? It is red when I try to attach it. Sorry I've been out of the loop since like 0.24 so I am rusty. Very rusty.
  9. Forgive me if this has been asked and/or answered before. I cannot seem to put objects back into inventories. I read the manual from cover to cover. So I take an item from an inventory, attach with the spanner; but then how do I put it <back> into an inventory <storage and/or kerbal> . Dragging it just moves it in the scene. I am using the newest versions of this and KIS. I do not know at this moment why I would want or need to do this, but I am a stickler for making sure every aspect of a mission is under control before I leave the ground and this is bugging me so bad. Also, thank you so much for this mod.
  10. You'll need an audio program like Audacity / Goldwave etc. which can edit and convert wave forms from .wav to .ogg The program will let you edit the wave after recording in a multitude of ways. To record sounds that play on a Windows OS you need to activate the Stereo Mix recording device on your PC, by opening Sound (Control Panel \ Sound, or right click the speaker icon in the taskbar) Go to Recording, right click in empty space and Show Disabled Devices, Show Disconnected Devices. Stereo Mixer should appear*. Set it as the default device and then go to Volume Mixer (right click the speaker icon in the taskbar) and turn Stereo Mix volume to zero so that it accepts input but does not output (or you'll get an insane internal feedback loop as it captures and also plays itself exponentially and sends the result to your speakers). Now you can open your audio program, set the capture device as the Stereo Mix, press record and then play anything you want on your PC. The Stereo Mixer will capture the sound, and the audio program will write it. This is where you get to snip, merge, mutate and otherwise butcher whatever you recorded so that it sounds like kerbals in space, or indeed whatever you need it to be. It is a good idea to convert the waveforms to some other format because .wav files are the audio equivalent of bitmaps and can grow to be exceedingly large; though of course they are a lossless format and retain their full clarity. *If the Stereo Mixer does not appear after enabling view of all devices then as far as I know it is not available. Many modern sound devices do have this feature, though as an advanced feature it is disabled and disconnected by default. ** Not many people know of this trick. You're welcome ;-) I accept no responsibility for the misuse of this technique.
  11. Working on series of 'clean' capsule-to-capsule sounds and a revamp of the original svskerblish set today... watch this space. > > >
  12. I don't actually use the rover body *sorry*, it's too 'neat' and I prefer to build my bodies from parts that serve other functions. I tend to put the forks on IR arms and the fork-end wheels on adjustable rails so they can slide out under the load anyway, so the pivot is adjustable to the point where the payload actually increases stability. I only use them for moving containers around for the most part anyway - syphoning fuel, collecting waste products and so on which is all small-scale stuff. It's all part of the sandbox experience to me.
  13. When you say 'clean' what do you mean exactly? I'd like to make something from my set that you can incorporate permanently if you let me know what you need me to do. If you mean that you want them to be less like old radio and more crisp then that can be arranged
  14. hah, well yes there is that, but I have scaled most things so that they can be packaged away into compartments and extended by using IR so that they fit my favoured specifications, that way I always end up with a highly engineered and sleek machine in which everything is neatly folded away. It can be an enormous challenge to make everything function that way and is part of the fun for me. I don't tend to have a problem with the translation extents, they are simply a ratio the same as the mass and scale definitions except edited in the part.cfg and not the TweakScale.cfg (thanks Sirkut ;-) ) For most things I haven't had a problem, but I was looking everywhere for where the type 'hydraulic forks' was being defined and couldn't see it, even in the modern IR versions so I thought I'd ask. If it's as simple as a direct link to the original surface scale factors it won't be a problem any longer. It's not necessarily that they're big, in fact you can scale them down to 62.5cm as it is, but I have a habit of making one-kerbal utility vehicles and I often need a 30cm variant too.
  15. Make sure that the chatter clips are all in the right folders. Capsule chatter has to actually be in a Chatterer\Sounds\chatter\<directoryname>\capsule folder or it won't load. Hope you like the svskerblish, although an updated version is on its way, with Athlonic's permission of course; the aim of which is to integrate more seamlessly with the originals.
  16. Hi there, as with practically every other mod I've got my hands on, I've been trying to implement more flexibility by adding more TweakScale definitions (idk what it is with you guys, always making everything so damned huge so that I have to scale it down to fit on my vehicles and craft! ... anyway, I cannot find a definition anywhere for name = TweakScale type = Mk2HydraulicForks1 Where is the data for Mk2HydraulicForks1? You have no TweakScale.cfg in your folder so I don't see where to make additions. I appreciate you must be busy, but 2 mins of your time would be much appreciated if you can spare them. Thank you
  17. I believe that two background sounds is the maximum. Simply pick a sound that is appropriate to your vessel, and lay a different one over the top with a different volume setting for the second selection. These ambient sounds loop because it would make no sense for a ship to suddenly have a different base hum. For the beeps, you need to set them up manually. Go to the Beeps section of the chatterer GUI, and you can 'add' beeps. By changing the timer from 'no beep' to a certain time or time range (I choose random on various lengths so they don't loop that often) and by selecting a volume you can set up a variety of different beeps with different loop times and volumes. To change the actual beep being played for that particular setup, simply click the name of the beep in the window. I think the default one is 'beep33' or something. Add more beeps by clicking the 'add' button. I had over 30 different beeps being played at different volumes and intervals alongside the chatter. I did not disable beeps while the comms are active because it adds more to the randomness and it would not make sense for the instrument sounds in the background to stop simply because comms are active, but it is your choice. A quick way to set up beeps, is to set one up and then duplicate it. All you have to do then is shift one or two of the sliders and pick a new sound + repeat.
  18. Can anyone point me to the original file for science data values so that I can study it before deciding how I want to modify science returns?
  19. Don't they? Must just be me then, reading the part descriptions is part of the experience for me, but then I'm a little odd. Maybe you're right. I posted a screenshot from the Lego website... If they don't know what their own name means then we are discussing a phantom.
  20. If you put the text in the part saying not to do it, in a 'this is supposed to happen' way as suggested rather than a 'there is a flaw' sort of way, you'd never have to explain anything again. also this Translations from Latin to English as from english to many other languages are almost never exact, as 'I construct' can mean 'I created, I imagined, I prophesized, I have ruthlessly manipulated, I have built' - for example when somebody 'builds a company', they do not use bricks. Ergo the translation of aedifico, meaning to literally build by stacking objects differs from the translation of 'lego', meaning 'to put together a finished vision using appropriate methods'. What this means is that we are both correct, although my original assertion that the name comes from a Latin root is indeed incorrect.
  21. I would. If the problem cannot (or will not) be solved at any time in the future, you could certainly implement this, although attaching an octagonal strut or indeed any other part to an IR part would circumvent this wouldn't it? Unless you could search up the tree for any parent which is part of the IR tree. The easiest solution would be to write an addendum in all IR parts which simply says "Docking ports and klaws attached directly or indirectly put too much stress on the intricate structure of robotic parts and will break them. You have been warned" Problem solved right? note: I will have to try this with a KAS winch on the end of an IR arm and plug the hook into a radial coupler on something in 'docked' form, to see if the same thing happens. I did build such a device which unfolded from a Universal Storage bay on a recent craft but did not on any occasion connect it to anything as 'docked' (yet) Lego is Latin for 'I build', or 'I construct'. Wikipedia states that a portmanteau of a Danish term means to 'play well', which I did not know until now. The point is that the plural of 'Lego', as in pieces of Lego, or Lego bricks, Lego models, Lego houses etcetera, is 'Lego'
  22. Interesting, I've never had a node disappear under normal circumstances but I believe you if you say they do. It's not a major issue anyway since it can be easily repaired. The (seemingly random) fatal status ailment inflicted on the root object whereby it becomes its own child and permanently kills the entire ship design is something different I would say.
  23. Yes! I have recently started getting this issue as well. I go to either construction site to edit a previously-constructed craft, and the system thinks it has no root, so removing any item from the construction is fatal (including the original root object, which now acts like a child [mini-lol 'acts like a child' ]) because one cannot reattach it anywhere. Also, the craft is suddenly called 'Vessel Name', and the Exit, Save and Load buttons suddenly cease to function, meaning a hard reset of the program is the only solution. It strikes randomly and is a horrible bug because the craft in question can never be edited or used again. I am running a (32-bit 0.24.2) modded game with an exhaustive list of mods, but I hear people running vanilla are having a similar issue.
  24. Nice ship, but Lego means 'I build', and therefore has no plural form. (say : " Lego bricks" ;-) ) Also, I built a small vehicle with a claw on an articulated arm, and every time it dropped something it had picked up, the entire arm mechanism ceased to function. As sirkut says, he has told everyone not to do this, although speaking of intuitive design, every person who first gets hold of IR would try to do something like this, discover the issue, try to find out what was wrong and then discover that docking ports of any sort and IR don't mix, wouldn't they .
  25. I was actually in the process of trying a similar design using the octo-core version to see if the same thing happened, so I shall try this as well with the exact same ship and see if it happens again. Glad to be of service in ironing out wrinkles Speaking of attachment nodes, I occasionally get a glitch when adding or removing bays from the quad core part in which nodes disappear and only reappear by scrapping the core and grabbing a new one.