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  1. 3 hours ago, grosser_Salat said:

    Do we already have the mentioned rescaling option per single UI element?

    Yes. It is in the in-flight settings (not in the main menu settings). You can scale per major in-flight UI element.


    2 hours ago, Laguna said:

    Squad devs Arsonide, NathanKell and Claw have confirmed that some of the wheel/gear/leg (basically all the same thing now) issues are due to known bugs in the version of Unity 5 that KSP currently uses

    Yes. Additionally, it's turning out that there are some fundamental PhysX changes too, which has changed the way wheels work. So there's been quite a ripple effect of learning going on.


    2 hours ago, Kiro said:

    Were the crashes to desktop from the VAB addressed in any way in this patch?

    The editor code was refactored several times (in other words, restructured to make it faster and less garbage producing). I don't think there's been a smoking gun coming from the bug reports for VAB crashes. Without hard evidence of what's leading up to the crashes, it's rather difficult to say "yes, the crashes have been fixed." They are being addressed and not ignored.


    2 hours ago, Steel Dragon said:

    If this is true the only solution is for squad to fork over the cash for the updated game engine. Otherwise this game is totally broken

    We actually did look at updating to the newer version (a few steps ahead of where the engine is currently), but it'll take more than a week to properly update and test. Also, there's no guarantee that it'll fix all of the issues. Just that we know for sure there are wheel collider bugs that were addressed. We may find other issues during the update process.



    2 hours ago, Choice // SLOTH Airlines said:

    What? I am a store user, and i wanted 1.1.2.. So i used patcher, now my crafts are missing "Small gear" and suddenly the small landing gear is back to the one from 1.0.5, i thought Squad exterminated that gear!? Also in the readme file it says "Version: 1.0.5" and yeah.. Its a modded install, and i have updated modulemanager.. (also it now won't load.. It freezes on a b9 aerospace part)

    This sounds like some sort of corrupted download, or maybe the browser grabbed the wrong link, or some other unusual error (especially if the version says 1.0.5). Please try downloading again.


    36 minutes ago, Number R09 said:

    Talk about an unprofessional conflict of interest.. Maybe @SQUAD could do something about that.


    All users are allowed to express their opinions in a respectful way, regardless of status. Internal dialog is also important, and you are free to disagree with a moderator even though he/she is a moderator. Again, it's all about respectfulness. And if a moderator is abusing their authority, users are free to report them to other moderators. Be aware, however, that attacking people in baseless manner (moderator or not) is not acceptable.


    Regardless of all that, Squad is acutely aware of the frustration felt by all players no matter the circumstances of disagreement. In the instance of this thread, Squad is already aware of the frustration and discontent expressed by non-Steam users about the state of pre-release.

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