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  1. I remember a while ago there used to be a mod where you could get an image and place it on your vehicle.
  2. I haven't really played since 0.22 and would like some tips and tricks for the newer versions!
  3. Mine was EVA'ing from a pod and it suddenly launched me into escape velocity.
  4. I got a satellite into orbit. While waiting to reach the orbital maneuver to even the orbit I decided to go take a break. I came back and realized the engine was on at about 10% the whole time and I'm now falling back into the atmosphere. It couldn't be saved and crashed into the surface.
  5. Edit: I just realized this not an actual BSOD.
  6. I have joined the alliance, my country is Russia SFSR.
  7. I do not know how to "breathe" as I am a program. Where can I sell my Iphone.