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  1. Deep space exploration vessels also has a part that works the same as the Magic Smoke part...
  2. Interstellar has solar sails, and this will help you navigate them.
  3. I'm pretty sure Real Effects did, i doubt if it still works though
  4. Thats fair enough, i was just thinking something a bit more aerodynamic would work a bit better when strapped underneath a wing. I guess i could play around with procedural parts for an alternative... Awesome, thanks heaps! i'll let you know of my results...
  5. That kinetic penetrator is awesome!!! although i don't really like that round monopropellant tank, i think it would look much better if it was a cylinder the same diameter as the penetrator. Can we get a download link?
  6. Raidernick made some, but never released them. When i asked him about a release date back in November 2014 he said they were a low priority for him, now that the thread is locked i doubt they will ever be released. But you could always send him a PM.... pics here and here, his response here
  7. Im not sure if it plots it on horizontal distance, but Telemachus would be your best bet. RasterPropMonitor also has an altitude graph, but that is definitely plotted against time.
  8. The LazTek SpaceX mod has them, and so does the Kerbonov Kn-2 mod
  9. Fengist is referring to D12 Aerotech not sure if it works on 1.0 though
  10. This space tug has retractable small nuclear engines that might interest you...
  11. It can't be done while the craft is inactive - eventually the orientation will drift. the closest you can get to what you want is to use the RemoteTech computer. Select the your target in map view, then in the computer press the TGT button, followed by GRD +. This will orient your craft to prograde in relation to the target. When the craft becomes inactive this orientation will drift, but when it becomes active again it will automatically orient back to target prograde. ulitimately it doesn't matter, as the dish orientation isn't used to establish a connection. you could orient the craft to target retrograde - pointing it away from the target - and it will still connect. But to make it more realistic, i always keep my main dish orientated towards the target when the craft is idle. It's a shame the old RT1 animated dishes that tracked targets (like solar panels tracking the sun) aren't included anymore :'(
  12. Absolutely gorgeous, i can't wait. That blueish colour on the sides won't match any stock parts or mod packs though... solid grey/metal would look better. Would you consider releasing a version that has integrated realchutes like the docking nodes here, or would that be too far from the realism/scope of the project?