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  1. I built my first space station, in Duna Orbit: Jeb cried tears of joy that day.
  2. Here are some more: EDIT: Guess what I found? The spaceship function!!
  3. Made a sandbox. Built one-way epic laythe base. Did everything like a boss until landing part. My trajectory was incorrect and I had to use nuclear engines to get to land. Had to reload over 30 times before game decides to corrupt the save. Still on rage-quit mode today.
  4. It said in the first post and the topic title that the disaster left us with pre industrial technology. There would be no useable scraps left if that was true.
  5. Horrible quality footage of the trinity test in the start of the video apparently tells us its genuine.
  6. Since there is no gravityG-forces in space, the water flowing up the stem would not be pulled down. Bigger, juicer watermelons? Better than shmeat.
  7. There is no such thing as 0 gravity. Gravity is everywhere, as long as matter is present. It's just that we're in free-fall sideways ( also known as an orbit.), so there are no G-forces.
  8. Yes. There are tons of sustenance farmers in Asia and Africa, and they are probably going to be only survivors anyway. After ^^many generations^^, they could rediscover modern technology. EDIT: Also, people in the front posts, THIS IS PRE INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY. THERE ARE NO SCRAPS PEOPLE CAN REVERSE ENGINEER. NO ENGINES, ONLY TOOLS BEFORE THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION (18th century.)
  9. Its say we assume the martian appeared on earths surface. It didn't mention it getting here in a space craft or meteor, like in War of the Worlds. Loophole closed.
  10. I think the auto staging is based on how you place your parts, for example, if you place a parachute first, it puts that first.
  11. Its close enough. And besides, n-body physics would make me barely able to maintain an orbit.
  12. In my opinion, hybrids are the best. And I'm an intel fan, so I don't know any good priced ssds.
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