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  1. At least Goodspeed Aerospace Parts for one, from which TweakScale originated I believe. The current status is that it works with 0.90 but you have to use a patch to deal with the mild texture rearrangement of 0.25 KSP; I just modified my copy of that patch as suggested by Kolago to deal with this issue with modern TweakScale support and KSP started loading again. (I just posted over in that thread Kolago's fix for the problem.) I'm still testing the results before starting up my new career game.
  2. Note that at least with recent versions of TweakScale (mine was using v.1.52.1 when I tried this and saw the problem) I saw errors and loading stopped in the goodspeedGoldFuelBall with complaints about TweakScale.GoodspeedTweakScale that matched the error messages documented in Kolago's TweakScale note. The fix outlined in that same post fixed the problem for me: I just inserted it in the beginning of the Goodspeed.25Patch.cfg file.
  3. Also installing via CKAN I was getting a similar stop to loading and looking found a similar error with a reference to missing RESOURCE FSCoolant. I found the installed Firespitter\Resources directory was missing a file Firespitter.cfg that I found in https://raw.githubusercontent.com/snjo/Firespitter/master/For%20release/Firespitter/Resources/Firespitter.cfg Once I put that file in place startup completed normally again, and the parts and plugin CKAN installed now work.
  4. @wreckreation: Love the idea; there is a slight typo, easily fixed in two of the docking ports: should be: (Otherwise these two parts look like the standard lights in VAB and don't work.)
  5. @ferram4: I completely understand, and would just like to add my thanks for your hard work on this and your other mods. Having seen the furor now raging around the general topic of win64 (which I had not appreciated prior to my request) I would not have made my request in that light. Due to the rather large number of mods I rely on opting to discontinue win64 support, I will most likely return to win32 playing until stability enables more widespread use again.
  6. If possible, could you add an override setting to allow testing with win64? I had been using the previous version quite successfully and stably with my 24.2 png-converted win64 game (see this post) and would miss the stability this mod offers.
  7. Results replicated. Long version: I was getting occasional crashes in Sandbox mode running 64bit, but was tolerating it well enough while vetting the list of mods I was planning on using for a new 24.2 Career mode game. Once I had a stable, tested list of mod versions, I started a new Career mode game and *crash* *crash* *crash*: it would crash changing scenes very often and unpredictably; I only occasionally got a chance to play a mission. So, I tried the method outlined in this thread: made a backup of my 24.2 environment and converted all the non-png graphics to png using XnView. Miracle! I'm still waiting for my first crash to happen, and have been playing for days. TaskManager shows memory usage of 2.6Gb RAM. My current Mod list: Directory Module Version 000_Toolbar Toolbar 1.7.6 [24.1] ActionGroupManager Action Group Manager [t24] AdaptiveDockingNode AdapativeDockingNode dll 1.5 AviationLights Aviation Lights 3.6 [24.2] blizzy Achievements 1.6.3 [24.2] BoatPartsR[345] Boat Parts R4.55+14dlls? [24.2] BoJaN QuantumStruts Continued Initial/1.1 [24] CrewManifest Crew Manifest [24] Diazo/RCSLandAid RCS Landing Aid 1.2a [24.2] Diazo/TWR1 Vertical Velocity 1.13 [24.2] EditorExtensions Editor Extensions 1.3 [24] Engineer Kerbal Engineer Redux [24.2] ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads Extraplanetary Launchpads 4.2.3 [24.2] Firespitter Firespitter 6.3.5 (Sept. 1) [24.2d] Fusebox Fusebox 1.0a [24.2] GingerCorp Ginger Corp Station Hubs 1.1 [24] Goodspeed Goodspeed Aerospace Parts 2014-04-1B [24] HabitatPack Inflatable Habitats V0.4 (Apr 23) + cfg [?] HooliganLabs Hooligan Labs SQUID 1.5.1 [24.2] Hooligan Labs Airship 2.6.0 [24.2] Hooligan Labs Airship Model Rework July 30 [24.X] Hooligan Labs Ballast 1.3.0 [24] JSI Sensible Pumps 1.1 [24] KAS Kerbal Attachment System 0.4.8 [24.2] KerbalJointReinforcement Kerbal Joint Reinforcement 2.4.3 [24.2] Kerbaltek Hyper Edit^ [t24] Kethane Kethane 0.8.8+.1 [24.2] KipEng Universal Docking Port Set 0.9.4 Low Profile Hubs 1.04 Klockheed_Martian base KM2.1.2 Asteroid +KMA2.1 Smart Parts +KMSP2.1.1 [24.1] Special Parts +KMSp2.1.2 kOS kOS Scriptable AutoPilot 0.14 [24.2] KSPX KSPX 0.2.7 MagicSmokeIndustries Infernal Robotics 0.19a [24.2] ZodiusInfuser:Structural/Robotics IR Rework – Structural PrS05 IR Rework – Robotic PrR11 IR Rework – Struts Prs01 IR Rework – Utilities PrU01 IR Rework – Athlete PrA01 ToadicusTools ZodiusInfuser:Struts, in Prs01 TweakableEverything ZodiusInfuser:Struts 1.1.5259.20661, in Prs01 MechJeb2 MechJeb Autopilot 2- [24.2] ModStatistics ModStatistics 1.0.3 [24] (opt out) ModularFuelTanks ModularFuelTanks 5.1.1/KSPAPI [24.2] ModuleManager Module Manager 2.3.5 [24.2] NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicator NavBall Docking Alignment Indicator V4 [24] nothke_DROMOMAN DROMOMAN Build 2-2013-06+PATCH ProceduralFairings Procedural Fairings 3.0.9/KSPAPI [24.2] ProceduralParts Procedural Parts 0.9.18/KSPAPI* [24.2] RealChute Real Chutes 1.2.4 [24.x] SCANsat SCANsat 7.0rc4 [24.x] SelectRoot Select Root July18 [24] SpaceplanePlus SpacePlanePlus 1.3 [24] StageRecovery StageRecovery 1.5.0 [24.2] Targetron Targetron 1.4.1 (patch) [t14] ThunderAerospace TAC Fuel Balancer [24.2] TAC Part Lister + patch [24p] TAC Self Destruct [t24] TriggerTech Alternate Resource Panel [24] Kerbal Alarm Clock [24] TweakScale TweakScale 1.43/KSPAPI [24.2] UmbraSpaceIndustries Deployable Airbags 0.4.0 [24.2] US_Core Universal Storage (Core)[24.2] ResourceConverter ResourceConverter 1.2 [24.2] US_KAS Universal Storage (KAS) [24.2]
  8. I'm looking for thread http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/71030-Quantum-Struts-Continued-(2014-07-24)-24/ : I find plenty of references to it in current threads, but the link itself just gives an error and I've found no new one. Moving it to another section would not have done that, right? (The link should keep working even if moved, if I understand it, but I thought I'd check here.) Thanks.
  9. Note to those having issues with InfernalRobotics 0.11 not seeming to work with Toolbar: Note that if you have DROMOMAN installed, it has its own copy of the InfernalRobotics.dll, and that was the root cause of my problems. I renamed that copy to .dllorig and the symptoms went away. (My symptoms were: IR Window in VAB Editor, but no IR Window in Launch/Flight, and no IR Icon in Toolbar in either place; that sounds like the typical symptoms reported here.)