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  1. i downloaded this and i put it into my SPH folder but when i went to load it in game nothing happened. i clicked the load button a bunch and still nothing. any idea why this is happening?
  2. the wings included in this dont have lift ratings in my game. any way to fix this?
  3. to answer the first one. make sure the fuel lines are going from the center tank to the outer tanks. to answer the second i would need to see how it's breaking apart, the third is because it is on a slight incline.
  4. can you give links to the mods you used?
  5. when i try to put landing gear on the bottom it is off center and causes the plane to veer off of the runway and explode
  6. what mod changes the exhaust on the jet engines? and can i get a link to it please?
  7. what mod give the jet engines the glowing exhaust cone?
  8. what mod is the little cluster thing in the second screenshot from?