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  1. 那我就先拿下第一贴了#滑稽 欢迎更多的人来这里讨论啊
  2. The problem is due to Tieba not supporting sub-forum, but the moderators group don't think the incoming new players is a problem. Don't scare your own pants off. btw Don't call me with that word here. That would make people who don't know the slang confused.
  3. Didn't they say the pre-release version will be out on March 16th? (BTW that probably means 17th in China)
  4. We actually have 3000 to 8000 active members in Tieba depending on the school term. Though most of them never post stuff lol.
  5. Just send the message, I believe the window is still open.
  6. Not sure whether it is prohibited, but since here is not Chinese branch after all, English will be a better choice.
  7. I'm wondering if it is possible to apply for this even if I wasn't active in forum during the last three years. I have been a moderator of Tieba for over three years tho. 想知道像我这种之前在forum不活跃的人能不能申请。 I'm a international college students in California. 我是加州中国留学生。
  8. Here I am. Not really active here tho.
  9. Asking for your ID of the "local forum". Just try to end some boring suspecting, you know. Awesome works
  10. Well, the settings of GN power system is so complex that sometimes you cannot give consideration to all of them.
  11. Come on, let's just admit that the anime director wasn't good at physics. LOL
  12. [More than two engines will result in Unsynchronized and all engine fail.] Are you kidding me? Did you forget about Alvatore? It has SEVEN!! BTW, I can't understand why the Gundams have to come to space by elevator as they can fly for hoursss with the TWR bigger than 1.
  13. 路过,看看ID,åºâ€Ã¨Â¯Â¥Ã§Å¸Â¥Ã©Â“我是è°Âå§?
  14. well, seems we are doing the same thing. I have advertised the "realistic KSP"(short for RKSP,lol) in one of the Chinese communities for months. My cores are: DeadlyReentryCont_v4.3 RealFuels_v4_3 RealismOverhaul_v3 RealSolarSystem_v5_5) EngineIgnitor-V3.2 FerramAerospaceResearch_v0.12.5.2 KerbalJointReinforcement_v2.1 TacLifeSupport_0.8.0.4 RemoteTech2_1.3.3 while my extras are: CrewManifest v0.5.6.2 UniverseReplacer v4.0 (Raredens Skybox rev4 ) RcsSounds V3.1 RealChute-v0.3.3.2 TacFuelBalancer_2.3.0.2 VOID-0-9-20 VisualEnhancements-6-7 ProcFairings_2.4.3 EnhancedNavBall [v1.2]
  15. seems that this mod must be used with MFD, or the game cannot go on. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/66198
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