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  1. where can I change the stiffness of the nodes? Wings on the nodes lifts upward
  2. RPM doesn't work on ksp 0.25. Cockpit Spaceplane don't have monitors ^(
  3. Thank's. You planned biggest fuselage plane? For example Antonov-12, Antonov-22 or Lockheed C-130?
  4. I have save. Landing was not quite right. The crew was rescued. Thank's I have the latest version of the plugin. I'll wait for the update Thank's.
  5. If someone KSPAPIExtensions.dll updated tweakscale? why it is impossible to lay out the archive here?
  6. where can i download a version of the ramp? An-225 I can't find.
  7. rebuilt assembly. Everything as it should. Thank you.
  8. Where can I find pre-release LLL? I saw the opening garage.
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