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  1. I made a little more progress on the cupola. If anyone wants to try it out, you can download it here. Let me know if anything feels wrong or missing about this IVA (or if you encounter any bugs). My goal is for this to be good enough to be included with MAS as a stock config file. I intend to make most of the panels look a bit better once I've got the positioning down.
  2. I've gone through and replaced most of them with the NASA gauges and the circular indicators, which both seem to work. Thank you for the advice! I want to make sure that the IVA can be used during ascent, as I imagine some people will use it like that. I am, however, in the process of re-configuring it so that those props have less prominence. Those were placeholders and have been removed. I've taken your advice and added the ARRT, and moved the RCS information and buttons closer to the X-PTR. The most recent version can be seen here. Also, how do I make the cabin lights dial functional?
  3. I always enjoyed doing stuff in first person with RPM, so I'm ecstatic to see a reworked version. I've noticed that not all of the stock IVA's have been made, so I decided to work on the cupola. This is what I've done so far. Notably, some of the MAS_IndicatorADVs's don't seem to be working, with no INITIALIZATION ERRORs in KSP.log. Any idea what's going on, or is it just known not to function?
  4. I really like the artstyle for this mod, and the 1.875 parts feel great to use! The only problems I've been having are with the radish decoupler, but it is still a great mod.
  5. Porkjet's habitat pack has an inflatable base that can be packed while deflated, although it says the volume is too big it still works.
  6. Edit: More pressingly, it seems to keep forgetting the planet setup, maybe related to crashes (or that joystick bug where it forgets the axis?), offering the dialog to enter a seed. Entering the original seed (111115 in my case) seems to work okay, so long as you remember that.
  7. This bug is happening to me too. I am running windows 7, and use a joystick. The settings keep getting changed back as others have stated.
  8. For the playlists: Can you add an option for each individual playlist to be able to interrupt other playlists or to not interrupt?
  9. This new prerelease is looking awesome! Some questions about the playlisting: 1) If there are two playlists that fit the current situation, which one is chosen? 2) Does 'playnext' point to a track or a playlist? 3) Do you plan on adding support for the current biome? Anyway, thanks for making this wonderful mod! Edit: Okay, bodyName does not seem to be working properly. Here is a link to the .cfg file I'm using. I tried to give each planet its own music, but it doesn't seem to respect the bodyName tag. Any suggestions?
  10. This new Kevin MacLeod piece would be just perfect for an eve landing.
  11. Yes. Sorting through the parts currently is a bit of a pain, and much worse if you've got mods like KW or B9. I can't recommend this be added enough.
  12. That is factored into the rails, so i'm pretty sure it does not count as a force in this case.
  13. I don't have anything to add to this other then that I misread the title as relativity, as in, the theory of relativity. The title of this thread doesn't tell what the thread is about, so that's a small thing that can be fixed. Just a minor thought.
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