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  1. Thank you so much for the Update, and great to see you still keeping touch with your mod. Hope you find a maintainer while you have to be mostly away again, and look forward to your more permanent return in the future
  2. Anyone got any of this working in x64 under windows?
  3. It is broken, cause the spaceport is now defunct, it leads to the curse mod page but the file isn't hosted there.
  4. A little post to ask if anyone has picked this up yet again with a view to updating, and if not, to register my disappointment that it has died.
  5. Any chance you might update the Demv Rover series? I prefer them to almost anything I can put together with random parts. Though rovers built with stock parts have their place, I find for general exploration that your series are far superior. Plus all the awesome features you put into them with this plug in. I have done a very rough job of converting them so I could use them in my career mode game in .23 but it is a barely passable job and I don't have the skills to do it properly. I also use the Mk2 and Mk4 with the optional Kethane tanks someone built for them and they are the best looking Kethane transports out there. Thanks for reading this if you do, and I hope you won't mind that I kinda hijacked the plugin thread to talk about the vehicles that use it.