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  1. I've recently stumbled upon this article about a machine called "testatika". It's supposedly a prepertural motion device. I know that's batshiz bananas but there's not a lot of information regarding it. Does it work? Most of the articles on it are from sites I don't really trust (most of the other articles are on the topic of Obama knowing about aliens so that's a total nope) but at the same time I can't find an article that says why it doesn't work. Help!
  2. I'd love to help on a Bulgarian language pack, to be honest. I do feel like that would be the better solution.
  3. We've had SSTOs. They launched from the Moon and docked in oribt.
  4. Congrats on realising how awesome this game is! Here's one of my mission profiles: I wanted to go to the Mun. Why? Just cause! It's so easy for me at this point and I wanted to get some screenshots. Also, my cousin was at my place at the day and I figured the Mun mission would be a quick and painless one. I was wrong. I make the lander, transfer stage and all that jazz and put a bloody great asparagus staging launch stage. I take off. When the outermost tanks ran out of fuel I ditched them, of course. Everything going to plan. But wait! This is KSP! It's not a successful mission if your outer fuel tanks don't crash into your middle one! So I'm 20 km above Kerbin, with two wobbly engines and a full middle tank of fuel. What do I do? Press Esc and revert to launch? Nope.jpg. I turn 45 degrees East and start burning and picking up horizontal velocity. But tutrakan4e, wasn't the central fuel tank full of fuel? I hear you ask. Yes, it was. What did I do? I started pumping fuel around the tanks while burning with super wobbly engines aiming for orbit. And I got in orbit with tons of fuel left. I pressed M. [Genericcousinname], you know how I told you we were going for the Moon? Well, change of plans. I set up a maneuver node and burned, timewarped, landed on the red planet and got in orbit. A bit too optimistic there. I can't get back. If only I had a transfer stage in orbit around Duna... Oh wait, I did. I launched an unmanned probe which consisted of RCS tanks and thrusters, a probe core and power. Also, it had 2 ARMs on the sides. I used it as a makeshift docking port. Why didn't I just pump the fuel to the lander and used the landing engine to go back to Kerbin? Who knows? What I did was use the transfer stage to burn me towards home, of course, wobbling like a... something wobbly, I don't know! This game is awesome.
  5. Hello everyone, I've read some of the first and some of the last pages (160 pages pls) and realised I should tune in. I can't supply you with any materials but I live in Bulgaria. I think the only way I'll be able to help you is by tracking the Cubesat. I don't think you have a lot of people in Eastern Europe that are going to be tracking, so that's a plus. It will also be incredibly exciting for me and I think (just think) I might get an A in physics class for participating. I'll be following your progress, if you ever actually do launch the thing, I'll be more than happy to help!
  6. (Thinking of Space X and the Antares Rocket failure) Third one's a charm!
  7. So this is what I've noticed: When I get back home in the evening I like to get my phone that is connected to my Wifi network and watch youtube videos in the kitchen. Nothing special. But what's really interesting is that when I turn the microwave on the phone loses connection and the video stops. As soon as the microwave has finished heating the food up the phone reconnects to the router and the video continues. I'm sure this is basic physics but it's really interesting and I've decided to share it with you guys.
  8. It's happened to me before, I feel like it spawned inside the SOI
  9. [someone in the chat] i wonder what they will eat now1
  10. Ah, so I was helpful. RIP something module, you were the first module I saw taking off and my first live explosion.
  11. Wait... Did he just say that the Printscreen I made is illegal?