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  1. Laythe STS finished! Despite the response to my Duna missions with this shuttle It's in good company so far in the STS Challenge V5. It even felt a bit small for the Laythe mission. Just barely enough cargo space for the base, just barely enough fuel to make it home, not quite enough room to put more jets (or nukes)... But what came closest to mission failure was the Kerbin return, there wasn't enough fuel to do anything but aerobrake. It took about 10 attempts, eventually figured out that opening the cargo bay allowed it to enter stably pointed radial out and increased the drag just enough to capture without burning up. Like on the Duna missions, the huge lift provided by all the wing panels allowed it to bank towards KSC in the upper atmosphere for a pinpoint landing.
  2. @MiffedStarfish Really sorry I haven't looked at this in over a week. But in the persist you posted, the Shout is undamaged and it seems like it could be the same one I sent to you. However it seems there are issues with the Aqua class destroyer that will probably prevent me from winning the battle, I don't think the Goblin and Imp have enough weapons left to kill all of your ships. I concede defeat.
  3. @jonny Congratulations, you have completed the Jool 5 Challenge on Level 1! Your plane was lightweight and cheap, earning you the top spot in both low cost and low mass! It was also very part count efficient for a Jool 5 mission. I thought the nuke on the nose was a unique choice, and I liked the yaw maneuver leaving Kerbin. You were pretty close to Level 2, but that Tylo lander would probably have to be much bigger to carry 2 Kerbals. @Xyphos Congratulations, you have completed the Jool 5 Challenge on Level 1! There is no official reward for hard mode, but your piloting was certainly expert-level. I can see how your decisions both in the design and the execution were focused on safety - maneuvers, parachute landing and vertical takeoff on Laythe, high delta-v on Tylo, excess battery capacity on the ion lander - to ensure confidence despite the lack of quicksaves. If you ever do the challenge again, you misread the refueling rule. You are allowed unlimited refueling from your own ship, and the refueling mission is a separate launch from Kerbin meant to allow you to rescue a ship that has run out! Very informative video as well, thank you for the captions that explained all the complex maneuvers. Sorry for the delay in judging these.
  4. Cool challenge! However, not many people are going to attempt it with the parts restricted to 0.90, that's a very old version of KSP. It would prohibit necessary parts like a relay antenna for the orbiter, fairings for literally any replica launch vehicle, and a heat shield for the landing probe...
  5. Here's a prototype electric propeller plane that can fit in a Mk3 cargo bay so it can be taken to Duna. The propeller is re-attatchable using junior docking ports, while it is spinning full speed the centripetal force keeps them far enough away that they don't magnetize. It also has folding wings. The funny looking landing gear, in theory, allows it to drive back into the cargo bay to be taken home or transported to other parts of Duna. It does have some problems though, the wing often re-docks slightly off center and spinning up the propeller knocks the plane over without a launch clamp to hold it.
  6. What do you mean? I think I'm waiting for your turn in our battle, and @ShadowGoat can still set up if he wants to. Or choose different number/tonnage/location I don't care.
  7. @Kerolyov Congratulations, you have completed the Jool 5 Challenge on Level 1! I liked the separate drive unit and fuel section, it was an innovative and efficient choice. Your video was great, one of the best I've seen in striking a balance between being exciting to watch and informative to judge.
  8. you don't have to include all of the tiny burns. Especially if the resource window is open it will be easy to see fuel differences.
  9. This challenge inspired me to make an N1 as a sort of companion to my Saturn V from the Apollo Style Redux challenge. The unique shape of the N1 ended up making it 446 parts, over twice the part count of the Saturn V, but I'm happy how well it looks. How well it flies, well let's just say it has over 70 open nodes that make a giant amount of drag. The ascent profile almost looks like it's from before KSP 1.0. I also have a Soyuz that's on KerbalX, but it was not used for this challenge. I did start with that Soyuz spacecraft to make the LOK. N1 will be on KerbalX soon! I've completed 6-L and 8-L. Both are in the album below. Scoring: Accurate Launch Vehicles +15, Accurate Spacecraft +10, Efficiency is Key +5, Survivability +5, Hardcore +40, Spacewalking +5, Missions +40 = 120 points
  10. You can cut out planning maneuvers, as long as you have some footage of executing them. Also if it's clear where you're going, such as during a long timewarp or on an easy landing on Bop, Pol, or Vall, the middle of that can be cut out. But any time fuel is tight, piloting is difficult, or the sequence of actions is confusing should obviously stay in your video.
  11. Hmm, you're right, it does work. I've used that trick with the old broken albums but I didn't think to try it with the new broken albums, because there's nothing visible to click on.
  12. Is there any way that broken albums can be restored, without individual attention from a mod? I have two examples, this is a recent post with an album that does not appear at all and this is a much older one that still appears broken in the "old" way where it would appear as a black box. I've been using the Jool 5 Challenge thread as a time capsule to see if old albums are handled differently. Between these two there was a while when albums were known to not work on the forums and people posted links instead of embedding.
  13. Yes, submissions in 1.2 are still welcome. There weren't many gameplay-altering changes from 1.2 to 1.3 so you'll be on an even footing with everyone. Wow, that's unfortunate and looks even worse than past times Imgur has broken on the forums, you used to be able to use the "inspect element" thing to find the url of broken albums. In the thread you linked, @Red Iron Crown was able to edit posts manually to get the images back, but understandably everyone will be asking for this. I think it's affected the last 5 or so pages of the Jool 5 thread, AKA about everyone who submitted in 1.3.
  14. Yes, that's okay.
  15. Goblin makes a counterattack against one of the Eos, firing its I-beam rockets. The second hit knocks off some bottom armor, exposing the root part. The next 2 shots do no visible damage, but the fifth one splits the ship. Some bug caused the parts of the ship to lose their orbital velocity after the hit, so they are falling to Eeloo now. You can use the set orbit cheat to put them back in orbit because it was a bug. Goblin still has one I-beam and its guided missile remaining. Also looking at Whisper, the remaining engine can't get fuel from the tanks for some reason, so it is officially dead. Otherwise I would have salvaged the guided missiles. - turn1vsMiffed.sfs?dl=0