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  1. Yeah ive had the same question. Was it removed for some reason?
  2. Hey, is it just me or was the Kuznetsov removed from the mod?
  3. This is exactly the problem i was having before that i was trying to explain. It seems the hitboxes are messed up
  4. Another thing is that whenever i get close to the render distance of some statics, wich i suspect are the ones without this hitbox problem, my FPS goes down the drain, and i mean 60-to-5 FPS drain.
  5. Thanks, i didn't knew that, now i feel like an idiot, shame i need to wait for this bug to dissapear. Another question: Is the all in one Kerbinside complete? with the job updates, kerbal kampus and everything? because i installed a standalone updated version of KK, then kerbinside, then the addons that were updated after the all in one package.
  6. Ive got a strange bug in wich some statics seems to have their hitboxes above their model. Its not like the exact hitbox is placed above the model, its like parts of the model itself will have the hitboxes placed above them, others do not. This happens mostly on runways exclusive to Kerbin side, but everything looks normal. I have terrain detail set to the highest. Changing topics for a suggestion: Being able to refuel without needing another aircraft, InfiniDice was able to run a script that made a runway support a big fuel tank that works with the static model to be able to refuel aircrafts that lands there, this way you dont need to quit playing, and reload and launch the same aircraft on another runway.
  7. I dont usually post but i just want to leave this as a warning: The app consumes WAY too much CPU out of my computer
  8. you cant blame them. Everyone does exactly that. Checking out the last few pages might or might not actually tell you anything and it looks like it would be the latter seeing how this thread is over 200 pages long. The reason why people dont know if B9 is getting updated is because people have their own reasons to just check the actual OP page.
  9. i cant find the screen to open ATC comms after closing it (playing on sandbox gamemode). I suggest to add RPM JSI (MFD) support for the ATC and the NGS. If possible, please do extend the range of the NGS.
  10. sometimes somehow 2 suns appear in space. Might not be the mod itself tho, as i was playing with ATM and 1/8 the texture quality
  11. Can you make changes to the HUD section? using it at night is pretty painful, at least the mark one cockpit. The green is too solid and the symbols have too much black outline, it nearly made it impossible to fly IVA-only at night.
  12. Gotcha, does the all in one pack lacks anything that i can download besides the standalone kerbal konstructs?
  13. Yes. The post you quoted yourself to mentioned a special edition/reboot of kerbinside. My TL;DR question was "When is this gonna happen?" not because i am impatient, but because with a handful of mods KSP is already touching x32 bit ram limit, and i would not like to install a mod if you are gonna make a big update, say, the next week.
  14. So, i have been away from the mod a while because i heard you say that you were planning this big relase that would add features and fix some problems. Is this update still on the way? or is it gonna take so long i should just be happy with myself in the present version?