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  1. Dunno about all others, i always have a lot of credits earned. This brings me to the idea - could you add costly rescue action, depending of how far has landed your spacecraft to KSC. I mean if player did "recover vessel" - this should cost credits. Or may be someone already did such mod?
  2. Great work, dude! But in addition to previous speakers plz could you add the opportunity to switch on/off appearance of cameras, appearing in active range
  3. it must be jettisonable too. like old soviet luna-9 did.
  4. as i know, N-1 was one of the family N-11n(middle rocket) and N-111 (light rocket, for SOYUZ spacecraft orbital missions). will it be added too?
  5. YUP. But we need instuctions for dummies. What this figures means, how to create own biomes etc.
  6. how many biomes may be on each celestical body? are there any limitation?
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