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  1. Download link updated! i have upload this mod to curse and update the link in #1 or go to this site to download: http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/221180-chinese-long-march-3b-mod-v1-0 so please download this mod if you are still interesting in Chinese rocket. thanks
  2. if you mean the launch tower in the screenshot p3asant post ,that isn't my work.so i mean there was a light tower in my mod,you can attch lights and wheels on it .
  3. just inside this mod,The tower was made by me. when i finish all the parts of the rocket,when i want to take a pic for this mod,i think if there was light tower will be a better view.so,it was there finally :)and i decide pack it into this mod as a gift. hope you will like it
  4. KSP is a great game,having the ability let us create all the mod we want,that is the point.people need all kind of rockets in the world even something that never exist. So,take it easy.After all,It is a computer game what we like.there's nothing related the progress the nation get. The more mod we can get,The more fun we can enjoy,right?
  5. your suggestion is what i am going to do! i will add more parts for more model of CZ3 in the next version:)
  6. it's very nice,i will add that in the post,great job!
  7. Making mod like Shenzhou spacecraft will need a lot of detail works,So i cant guarantee that it will be coming soon,but i will working on it and make it available someday:)
  8. Chinese LongMarch 3B This pack contains a replica of the famous Chinese launching vehicle Long March 3B(or Changzheng 3B,CZ-3B),with all possible realistic actions and most details of a real rocket!Now supports KSP 0.23 version. Download link: http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/221180-chinese-long-march-3b-mod-v1-0 HoneyFox made RF+RSS+EI config for this mod,and here is the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v59df79zow0gsge/CZ-3%20RF.cfg All parts contained are listed below: CZ-3B 1st Stage Fuel Tank(with top decoupler) CZ-3B 2nd Stage Fuel Tank(with top decoupler) CZ-3B 3rd Stage Fuel Tank
  9. thx,i well keep trying. btw,have you ever played anything else using modulejettison with isFairing = False? i want to test more to finger out what's going on with their model.
  10. i want to make fairing do the same thing as unclearEngine.The problem i have is with the same cfg file while the direction fairing jettisoned is different from nuclearEngine.
  11. MODULE { name = ModuleJettison jettisonName = fairingR bottomNodeName = bottom isFairing = False jettisonedObjectMass = 0.1 jettisonForce = 50 jettisonDirection = -1 0 0 } here is the my cfg file. Is there anything need to do with unity?
  12. i did copy every setting in the cfg file of nuclearEngine. But still not behavior as nuclearEngine fairing so,i am wondering if there is something i should do in unity? if i make isFairing = True,the fairing wont shot at all.
  13. i want made a mod has two fairing like the stock nuclearEngine with two fairing jettison to opposite direction. but the things i didn't understand is how "jettison direction" in the modulejettison is working. in my case,the axis xyz of "jettison direction" seems rotated compare with the nuclearEngine and when i put multiple part to the vessel their jettison direction will behavior as global axis,it's also different with the nuclearEngine. so,i think there must be something i missed when i create this mod. can anyone familiar with modulejettison could help me?
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