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  1. Oft requested feature. The issue is, Proc Parts shape making code is based on surfaces of revolution. Effectively meaning that you can make whatever shape you like, as long as it is perfectly symmetrical horizontally, and doesn't include any holes or anything. Unfortunately, this mod is only being maintained by RadarManFromTheMoon and NathanKell as neither have the time to update and improve it for reasons other than it ceasing to function. So until someone comes along and volunteers their time and effort to rewrite the shape defining portion of the code, there most likely won't be any chance of offset cones and the like. I'll probably have the time myself in exactly 5 months, but I'll still have to learn C# and how KSP modding works, which at my skill level is probably a lengthy process.
  2. Proc Part's isn't really designed for such things. You're better off using one of the may weight mods. Or the other option is you could fill the rest of your tank with Fuel, RCS Propellant or Electricity.
  3. They're not under different parts, you just right click to change the shape. And this mod is about as light as possible anyway.
  4. Ah, I see, we must have forgotten to update the real fuels tank. I'll get on that this afternoon. I'm thinking 5m max diameter once you hit 3.75m stock tanks? That should still allow for mod tanks, without being too op. And it wasn't the code i was concerned about, it was the data. Proc Part tech limits are based on the stock tree, so if that's been re-arranged, then the limits should be changed to reflect that. Also relevant with 0.90 is the part number limitations in early game, which I imagine PP is currently rather cheaty for.
  5. Not possible. As i understand it it would require a massive code rewrite. I think other shapes are the next step for PP, but hollow shapes and toroids are a while away.
  6. Northstar: was under the impression that we updated it for the new parts to be more balanced. Unless there was a light tech tree rearrangement in 0.90?
  7. oK!!!! theres only meant to be the realfuels parts if you have realfuels instaled!!!! P.S. Please use be verbose and use proper punctuation. It really helps. Edit: Verbose did not mean what i thought it did. I meant that it is better to be do descriptive than not descriptive enough.
  8. Been a lot of issues with cone parts recently. I think they might be causing some issues. I'll look into it. Thanks for the detailed bug report.
  9. Then thrust for SRBs is handled differently. There's no way you shouldn't be able to go to 500s or lower, unless your rocket is like 50m tall and 1m wide.
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