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  1. Nice to see this continued, I haven't played KSP in a while but recently had a feeling I needed to crash some green men into things. I'm cleaning up the painting on the original suit pack I dropped using Proot and Scart91s stuff. All the colours in the rainbow and then some now! I'll try to upload it soon and drop the post in this thread. Quick question, I think I saw a note in the dev area about automated suit switching rather than GUI switching if desired... any reason for this or just a current bug that it doesn't work. I did like the ability to toss the EVA on while on Kerbin and
  2. hey @Bentley what's the mod used for the facial hair on the Kerbals in the pic for the J's legendary suit pack?

    1. Bentley


      I think it's just some kerbal heads I collected from various packs and setup in my personal file.  I unfortunately couldn't tell you which ones, but they came out of the links from the main thread in texture replacer.  Hope that helps :D

    2. The-Doctor
  3. My experience is that textures with a transparency applied appear dull or matte, and those without one get very reflective. You can have mixes, a texture with a transparency mask applied over 90% of it and then have the reflective part flattened onto the image afterwards giving it a shiny look. Squad's textures have a lot of this, and I did it to some windows on a cockpit i was using to yield a nice look.
  4. No worries, looks like several of us are onto the same kind of thinking and I just suck at forum searching. Also feels like a simple coding addition and hopefully we can see an improvement here sooner rather than later.
  5. I'm sure someone already thought of this, but I couldn't find it in a forum search. Would it be possible to add a Transfer button on the character portrait at the bottom corner of the screen during flight? More specifically, when you mouse over Mr. Kerman or now possibly Mrs... or Ms!!! Kerman, three options spawn: IVA, EVA, TRANSFER. By clicking TRANSFER, the crew transfer feature initiates and you click a suitable blue shaded part, a more elegant solution I would think than the current door search right click etc. method. It would also allow IVA parts to exist without needing a door.
  6. J's Legendary Suit Pack (2.0) A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, Jfull busted out some solid looking colour based Specialist suits. Many loads of people downloaded them and enjoyed them, myself included. I found myself wanting an extra colour in the pack so I added red, and then some guy said he would like green so I made it too. This pack would probably benefit from some alpha channel work but I've left everything the same as JFull had it with the benefit of the sets being moved to DDS and some new normals being generated to match the suits which was not previously the case.
  7. Happy my limited experience and frustrations with the same issue could be of help. Looking forward to your new pack when you're ready to release.
  8. @Proot I kept having that problem with various parts and particularly the helmet when I made normals, I figured it had to do with the alpha channel not using the correct background transparency (according to how paint.net works with the files). I ended up just trying the KSP4DDS tool and it seemed to work although everything went pink. The in game result looks fine though. Maybe try adjusting the channel level ? or try the KSP4DDS tool and see if the result is the same.
  9. I need to get this back in game, love this mod. Also had a suggestion, not sure if its possible but It would be nice if you could setup a set of beeps and vessel settings and save it to a cfg file of sorts... Kind of an expansion to the per vessel setting where I can load previous beep sets so if I make a probe I can load my probes settings, or if I make a space station I can load up the set of beeps I saved for stations.... rovers, vessels etc. That way you don't need to re-enter the previous beep set you created.
  10. Bentley's (JPro91) Mash-Up Colour Suits Kerbals need space suits of various colours... I don't know why, but I like it, and presumably they do too. Otherwise how can you tell Bill from Bilton when they're floating around your poorly constructed rocket. I'm not much of an artist but I went to town with some magic wand skillz and modified the excellent work of Jfull and Scart91. This suit pack is a hybrid between the two, with IVA gear based on Jfull's stuff, EVA gear based on the original MK2 from Scart91, and the helmets being some sort of mix of the two. I remade all the normal maps
  11. I messed around with J's suit pack (old fav) and Scart91's awesome Mark 2 suit. I was originally only making Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Grey, but made a green one too after you asked. I'm not sure if I can upload these based on copyrights and what not. They're all ready and I made new normal maps for them all... if you want I could send them, or if the real artists don't mind I could load my alterations of their work. http://imgur.com/a/yoMOE
  12. Squad changed the directory names for a number of parts which messed up the references in the Part Configs. I fixed a couple of them that I use frequently... but the change of 2x3ShroudSolarPanels to 3x2ShroudSolarPanels is kind of ridiculous, others moved into different subdirectories and whatnot. I haven't tackled the nodes issue yet.
  13. Hmm.. that always seems to cause the problem for me, perhaps there is another culprit.
  14. I have seen this before, I believe you re-loaded a game or engaged the physics engine with 'HACK GRAVITY' enabled. You need to turn that off before you quickload or relaunch or bizzare things seem to happen to your orbits. Enabling Hack Gravity won't disturb anything once the physics engine has loaded from what I can tell, but any reload before disabling it seems to be the cause of the altered location of the RT sats.
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