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  1. I one time accidentally created a Kraken drive while trying to build an Me 163 replica-ish thing. I don't know if I still have the footage of that or not. I'll see if I can find it.
  2. To be specific last time I checked either arrival or orbital insertion is July 4.
  3. Oh yeah that's right. I forgt about that detail. Are there audio recordings though?
  4. Ok, I really want to watch these EVAs now. I hope I can find them on YouTube.
  5. Actually I like this. Think about an airship. It's something that always stayed in the air. Sure it had to come down to take on passengers. A spaceship would follow this definition somewhat.
  6. There is already a mod that allows you to do this (I believe it is called BULB). But the title says it all. Allow us to change the color of lights in flight. It isn't a big deal, but it would still be convenient and shouldn't be that hard to do.
  7. Yeah, I have the screwdriver equipped. Edit: Ok I figured it out. For some reason it showed that I had the tool equipped but it actually wasn't, however I tried again and it worked. IDK what happened the first. I will try to reproduce it.
  8. I am trying to attach a battery. At first I tried to attach it to a fuel tank so I though that it made sense that you wouldn't want to like drill holes in a fuel tank. So I tried to attach it to just structural parts and that didn't work eihter. So I tried to attach it to anything and every time it siad the Target is not Allowed.
  9. OK. So I have a question. I try to attach an object and no matter what I try to attach it to it says target not allowed. Is there a problem with the install or am I missing something?
  10. I've seen floating rocks, but never that are several meters off the ground.
  11. Was pentaborane actually ever tested, or was all of that just theoretical and stopped because they realized it was too dangerous?
  12. I think the problems with 1.x and its performance drops are all the new calculations the game has to do with heat and aerodynamics compared to the previous versions.
  13. I've done manned landings everywhere but Moho, Eve, and Eeloo.
  14. I accidentally created one while trying to build and Me 163. I'm still trying to figure out how to make it actually operable as it just kind of spins out right now.
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