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  1. I wonder about Dragon 2 ... SpaceX don't want landing struts to go through the heat shield ... why heat shield cannot be one big landing strut? It's how I imagine this: Heat shield is directly attached to force plate (or structure), Since it not sturdy enough by itself, I think. Force plate is attached to ship's body by 6 spring-loaded shock absorbers, each of them is locked in UP position by electromechanical lock. When ship is about to land (into box of soft plastic balls for example), locks are disengaged and force plate and shield are moved by springs into DOWN position. In case of emergency landing somewhere else shield may be scratched a little, but it would be least concern at zero altitude. In case of one of the locks failing to disengage ... landing would be a bit harder. Failure to engage lock ... cannot happen .. it would be noticed in VAB. Premature disengage ... 2 sets of locks activated by 2 different circuits?
  2. Today's news: Bucket of cold water for everyone.
  3. You need high pressure in pneumatic shock absorber to make it work. Or else it will collapse all the way under weight of single Lynx. Air is easily compressed...
  4. They still trying to find out, who forgot to enable MechJeb before launch...
  5. First, water was agitated on one side, and now it sits on other side, looks a little tilted.Also legs damaged?
  6. Someone forgot to press "t". It's spinning from the start (big rockets only do roll maneuver once and then hold roll), and looks like, even spiraling.
  7. They had moderator account compromised not long ago, what led to trashing the SpaceX thread and many others, but they don't want to change anything. Today, a lot of folks use mobile devices to access forums, and also don't mind using free wi-fi hotspots, they even setup their devices to automatically seek and connect to strongest wi-fi signal. But think, how many hostpost owners secretly log all traffic and then automatically parse any unencrypted traffic, extract accounts, card numbers and emails and sell them in bulk?
  8. Non-click-through Precise Node on steroids! Why I found this mod so late?!!!! I need to check for new mods more thoroughly, or I would miss another jewel like this.
  9. Plume is configured by RealPlume.
  10. Press "S" button at the top of the main window. It will change style to "grey-ish", and buttons are visible in this style. Don't ask my why, not modder or Unity user/coder.
  11. Large scale reuse: Argon+MP Tanker is docking with OSS3. OSS3 is being prepared for next mission.
  12. Best way to build big things is to assemble them in orbit. + Launches are easy. + No VAB size restrictions - if you need to see how it would look complete, you can use TweakScale to build a scale model. + If you unhappy with any part of your vessel or it was damaged or outdated, you can undock and replace it.
  13. BTDT and anomaly problem again. This time on Moho. I was landing on Moho near the anomaly. BTDT on, instruments window visible. But, when I got to anomaly close enough for instrument window to show 3D map, it went blank instead. Turning off BTDT restores instrument window, turning BTDT on makes it blank. Also, Exception detector reports exceptions: Unity.Engine.Material..ctor. Note 2 dots. Logs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4mmzvbuk0vsiiin/08APR2017.tar.gz?dl=0 KSP 1.2.2, SCANSAT, Linux Mageia 5 x64