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  1. Hello I am stuck trying to get in the game and it looks like its this mod. Im on the latest KSP patch (GOG owner), here is a screenshot of where its hanging:
  2. Not working for me. And the download from Spacedock did not contain any readme files. What am I missing? I just extracted everything into my gamedata folder and all the planets and moons are the same, just that kerbin has cyan blue scatterer atmosphere.
  3. Seeing as how the original authors aren't working on this great mod anymore, could someone with the knowledge please just fix the mod so it works in 1.2.2? Don't ask for permission, just do it and if the mod author doesn't like it they can fix it themselves.
  4. I download and all I get in the zip file is a .lnk file. Fix it.
  5. Can anyone be a dear and supply me with .craft files of the Endurance Ring already built? I prefered older versions of the mod where the thing was a solid object and you only put in the engines.
  6. Kerbal Stuff is gone, please reupload.
  7. So I downloaded this. the LR version. Why dont I have clouds? Im in OpenGL mode.
  8. yo man i just wanna say, [snip] if you would like share your files that you used to get the game looking that pretty, I swear i'll name my first born son after you.
  9. Hello, im having an issue with the monitors having gray screens, and when I zoom in on them there seems to be some sort of EVA suit texture on them. Any idea how to fix it? Here is a picture of what my problem looks like and a screenshot of my gamedata folder.
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