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  1. I have simple vanilla science junior, mystery goo, and scientist aboard. Done a lot of missions, but it never auto reset.
  2. Hi! This feature is not working for me. I need to manually reset experiments with scientist. Any ideas why?
  3. Awesome mods! Last change on engines is awesome too, but very sad it is monopropellant fuel now. That means it can be used on very upper stage only (because monoprop flows freely across the ship, and disabling tanks one by one is pain) may be there is a way to make those engines switch fuels?
  4. Hi! I have a problem, that bangometr doesn't work. It records impact (message like "Impact recorded" appears), but I can't click on it or take science out. If I recover it, it doesn't produce anything either. Is it known problem? If no, how can I provide more specific information? I run KSP 1.2.2 with a bunch of mods, latest version of Impact from CKAN. Thanks for any help!
  5. Thaks! And reactor says that UF4 is deprived with 3000 units on board. Adding thermal energy by cheating doesn't help my engine to have some thrust. Is it known bug? And if so, for this moment, reactors and engines are just ridiculously expensive pile of scrap?
  6. Hi! I met this weird bug.. any of reactors and almost all interstellar engines acting like they aren’t there at all. Ship just fall through them. And engines have two jets. Does anybody knows how to fix it? I had very similar problem with B9 sabre engine, and there everything solves by updating some dll files. (KSP 0.24.2 x64) Thanks!
  7. Strange thing happened. I'm using KAS, and my command module has boxes with staff. As soon as kerbanaut took out pipeline endpoint, I had a message, that says mission is done.
  8. Hi to all! Recently, i tried to complete missions about mun base, I got all parts, then landed on mun, but mission task is still on undock. also I tried undock small probe, but it doesn’t help. Whats wrong? Thanks.
  9. Hi to everyone! I am getting weird bug when in SPH or in VAB. I can’t save or rename my assembly and can’t view any of FAR or tac life support window from 000_toolbar
  10. Hi! Today I installed Remote Tech 2 last version (v1.3.3) and started deploying my satellite network. After some time (one satellite on kerbal stationary orbit, and two on low 500km orbit), I launched third one, returned to space center, and there was no space center. It was just some blue textures (like sky), but I could enter all the building, by moving mouse around. Entered in tracking station, tried to focus on satellite, and press fly. Same thing, just blue sky and reentry sound. Quited the game, in save file deleted about 5-6 duplicated satellites. Loaded game and save, and same thing again. Deleting all vehicles and removing Remote tech from gamedata helps. I have many mods installed: KAS, FAR, KW-Rocketry, B9-Aerospace, MehJeb, DeadlyReentry, Active Texture Management, Infernal Robotics, TacLifeSupport, Kerbal Joints Reinforcment. Does anybody knows whats wrong? I would appreciate any help! Thank you! And sorry for weird English.