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  1. This is a very nice project. I like the idea of sensible progression a lot. After testing for some hours I'd like to suggest the following: - make more or all of the construction parts like beams or struts, cubic struts and so on available at first node. - I like Hooligan Labs Airship mod a lot. Some parts of it like the gondola are in your tech tree, but the envelopes are not. These could be also available very early.
  2. @kcs123 did you try to reduce thrust output in the VAB? This is working quite good (adjusting TWR to 1.4-1.7)
  3. I appreciate your effort of building your own tech tree. Please follow your way like in the last updates, which i liked a lot. And please keep up the support for using stock parts. I found out that i don't like the procedural parts that much, but i like a lot your adjustments of gameplay.
  4. In my view KSP is not just a game but a unique piece of art. In german someone may call it "Gesamtkunstwerk" In it's best moments it makes me feel being an astronaut or an engineer, two professions i'm in no way qualified for. Really one of the best games i have played in more than 30 years.
  5. I would like to bring this to your attention: It looks nice and seems to fit well in the Kerbal Universe
  6. After updating the contract shows as before. I'll try to fulfill it asap.
  7. I have a similar problem as Karki - did not fulfill contract correctly in the first run, recovered Tito Kerman (time in orbit was too short) and he didn't show up on the next try. Trying to remove contract pack tourism destroys my save. Could restore it by adding the contract pack again, but no more tourism contracts are shown.
  8. Did i get it right - actual flying vessels will not change, so I do not have to save my kerbals immediately?
  9. If you are thinking of supporting airships you may have a look at which has a little more "realistic" touch, but are not easy to fly with.
  10. I agree with Lord Aurelius regarding BTSM. I played it a lot and it's very carefully balanced, which in many cases means that possibilities are removed or reduced. Another little thing - but very handy - is the possibility to open ALL solar panels via the right-click menu. Maybe you could include that? For explanation: this was not my idea, it's a thing which FlowerChild (the creator of BTSM Mod) did.
  11. I share your impression, that the KAX Turboprop Engines are too strong. They should have less power than the jet engines and it should not be possible to reach supersonic speeds with them imo.
  12. The solution with the non-retractable light solar panels seems the best considering overall balance.
  13. I'm very impressed about your quick reaction. May I ask the reason for removing KAS support for this parts? Thank you a lot anyway