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  1. I thought maybe something was screwed with renaming on template select, but it seems correct from github/ I test it without other mods in sandbox https://imgur.com/a/dJo5o it's strange because manage operations functions seems working and I can change function/ content in flight and inflate/defalte in hangar. But no deflate inflight Maybe I need to equip some instrument or something?
  2. It only work in pristine because it use AnimateGeneric but not with WBIMultipurpose*. I can make workaround but issue itself is strange.
  3. All modules. Strange, I reinstalled WB mods, removed all but squad and WB from gamedata. And still do not see this option/
  4. I can inflate modules but have no deflate button/ I vaguely remember to be able to do that and config indicate such option. Is this as intended or something does not work or maybe I need something to be able to do that?
  5. I noticed strange behavor with rescale. If I put something simple at surface or orbit of another body and save-load or return to ksc \exit game and then back my fps drops from initial ~130 to ~85 it happens with barebones squad\6.4\ kopernicus\sigma. It's wierd but not noticible. Problem is in my havy moded gpp game it drops from ~70 to ~18. As long I stay focused all the way from home planet it's fine and this is why it's very strange. Without sigma I didn't see similar changes.
  6. When I try to add ssao it sort of correct but it looks like it in debug mode. Maybe there some flag somewhere need to be swiched? Ambient_Occlusion { Ambient_Only = false Downsampling = true Force_Forward_Compatibility = true High_Precision = true Intensity = 2 Radius = 0.05 Sample_Count = 1 } Adapatation throw error KS3P.UnityPostProcessing.EyeAdaptationComponent.Prepare (UnityEngine.RenderTexture source, UnityEngine.Material uberMaterial) KS3P.UnityPostProcessing.PostProcessingBehaviour.OnRenderImage (UnityEngine.RenderTexture source, UnityEngine.Ren
  7. I imagine how lack of attention after much work can be disappointing. Some would think it not worth it, some can worry about consistency with other parts, some maybe do not want dependency. But it will be nice if people made at least optional configs. Even without additional maps just pbrstock is great imrovements in shading and lighting compared to stock. And this is not about just polished metall balls. launchclamps make my probe to stuck at launchpad, happens on stage separation. It's upadates correctly until staging and then it show launchpad grid until scenechange/ at least accordin
  8. Can you enlighten me on pbr sss Thickness map. it's just value of color or how it work? I sort of make it work but I prefer understanding and with my restaring times experimenting takes eternity/ by the way the short video of my test platform and result of my experimenting with it
  9. It's super cool. Only wish some way for mass feed models to it. Maybe some MM magic can do it. What is model path of eva kerbal / helmet ?
  10. Can you add some 100% mark to bars, to decribe what I mean - my guys was hit by storm and now have big yellow bar, but it's hard to say where this bar will ends - is they have 60% or 90%.
  11. it must not happen? Very strange. For me full cost is constant. Even default script xenon option give me negative cost
  12. Some options make negative dry cost for me. Is there known way to somehow fix or offset it? Oh, I see, I completely forget how it work in ksp. Can we have basePartCost option, it's dry cost. And resource cost add to it to get full cost based on tank switch. ( as you did with mass)? Or there something preventing it?
  13. Much less painful then trying to figure out what is wrong without ability to test it yourself. Both (and default) didn't draw it for me - GTX760 dx9, rescaled
  14. Procedural tank defenitions I think is from cryotanks. I'm currently disabled cryotank global patch(and IFS check) to see what I get. But yes, I need to bump IFS LFOtotal - hydrogen conversion or reduce cryotank density. (by the way I think r lqdfuel = xenon is incorrect, I bad at math maybe it supposed to be x10 or something, It also create funny tank mass(density), I don't understand how it work ) And you need to account to tweakscale, it seems can create a bit different result for different models My concern currently is more about mass(because
  15. I trying to bring some consistency to my tanks, to make them to be from the same universe. My ifs/b9/procedural LFO is about the same (1:8) size/dry mass now. I looked to lqd hydrogen, and it in complete disorder. (I forget to add tweakscaled IFS patched stock tank, with it 130kg/844kg, but it seems to be from kspi universe(as expected from IFS), just bit more bulky) All tanks contain about 709kg of hydrogen. What is right?
  16. You too harsh to it. For some reason I never had much success with TCA, AA on other hand most of the time doing what I want it to do pretty well. Just some minor inconsistencies.
  17. Love it. Make my keyboard piloting smooth and steady. Only minor concern I have so far is thrust balancer(recent new toy) is somtimes, for some reason, use not optimal solution, ie there exist balanced solution where some engine is full power and some are limited, instead it limits all engines, it's still balanced but resulting twr is less then possible. Is there some way to tweak it(I dont understand what it's other than steereng_k settings doing) or some workaround to make it do what I want?
  18. Sunlight reflected is maybe sort of what it try to imitate but not what it doing, becuse it do not reflect anything. alpha is specularity value, specularity is highlight intensity, shininess is hilight size\contrast or something. I recalled this unity shader what is lowStart = x lowEnd = x highStart = x HighEnd = x it's where high and low texture but what is value - it must be pecent of something? I was messing with(copy of minmus part from KSPRC) minmus(sigma rescaled) and by some reason I have "high" everywhere(I assigned different texture for all steps to
  19. What is scaled color map texture alpha is regulating? what is scaled version shiness is doing? what is psq saturation and contrast is doing?
  20. Request, can you make flare ghosts decrease in size(and intensity?) with distance from star. Like if distance more then 2-3AU or something non linear maybe, because flare is scales and ghosts end up much bigger(and bunched on top of star in map view)
  21. Another, more strange experiment Maybe I get it wrong and something else is going on or unvolved but seems like I can have all mods(~50s with increased padding) but I can't have contracts
  22. Sorry for funny presentation What to blame? How to solve. Or I hit some sort of seiling? I was thought 20gb+64bit now I finaly can have all I want. Nope. Why scansat - its just usual suspect without much reason why Configuratior - I just noticed freezes every five seconds recently, possible after recent configurator update. I deleted all unused flights and debris but it's same, so I start to google and experiment. But on it's own configurator seems not create much problems. why there - well, you understand this things To be clear, I have no idea what i'm doing
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