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  1. Ok nathan, i figured out the problem, its something wrong with my heatshields, i went into the atmosphere without a heatshield, andi deaccelerated normally, and my kerbals survived. No idea how to fix it, but will reinstall DRE.
  2. now that i see the drag on the heatshield, its giving off minimal drag, maybe thats the problem? its not simulating the drag it should be?
  3. ok, i got some pics that might be able to help you help me-
  4. ok, im back, and the mk1-2 heatshield isnt 4 meters, its 2.5, and i mightve not explained my problem well enough, what happens, is that i reenter with a peri of about 70k, and once i slow down enough, i hit about 47k still going about 7km/s and then like i hit a wall i slow down to about 2.5 km/s at about some 30g, and everything tears apart, including heatshield, dockingport, mj, and parachutes. All my kerbals die, and the capsule survives, and only the capsule. So all in all, my problem is that the atmosphere doesnt simulate drag as it should be, i have very minimal drag. then a ridiculous amount once i hit a certain altitude. its almost like my atmosphere isnt there for the first 100k of reentry.
  5. odd, becuase ive used that heatshield many times before and no problems, but ill give it a go.... brb
  6. the only part that reenters is the capsule, along with docking port, and heatshield, the 3.75 meter one.
  7. Ok nathan, i have a problem, just restarted my game, and now whenever i come in on reentry from leo, i dont slow down untill about 47 kilometers, and its like hitting a brick wall, i slow down from mach 24 to mach 9 in about a half a second, and all my kerbals die, and my craft pretty much disintegrates. I tried reinstalling FAR, but it didnt work. Any ideas?
  8. Also, if there a way i could make an srb throttle down, i dont like my kerbals accelerating at 6G near burnout XD
  9. just wondering, is their any rss/ro mods for an ares 1-x, or just a regular ares lying about? or has anyone have any replica craft files of it?
  10. Nathan, noob question but....... how do i edit an xml XD lol nvm i prob should read entire post before i ask a noob question.
  11. ill get a better picture, as well as my new updated CSM and Launcher, an SLS-esque launcher. ---- the CSM and jeb. ---- the SLS on ascent
  12. Feel like a noob again, and i love it!!! used an apollo style CSM, and an apollo-ish launcher, with only third stage built to IRL specs.
  13. yes i am, and i have no clue what you talking about lol, yes they do, and ive added a ****ton of struts no to long ago, and its help slightly, but not good enough. oh, and also, do you have any craft files that i could use? particularly replicas of real crafts, i cant make crafts that work fast enough lol and i need to fly!!! XD
  14. Hey guys, why does all my rockets do this:? Once i try to move my rocket, sas will over compensate, and when i dont use sas, the entire rocket will keep wobbling and keep flying off course by many degrees.
  15. hello! been playing ro for about 2 of so days, and everytime i try to install b9, rss doesnt load, as in the planet reverts to original textures, and i cant launch from the real ksc. Help?