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  1. YESSSSSS There's just something so precious about cheesy sci-fi action.
  2. Cool! Uh, Hawaii, hawaii, what do I know about that place... uh, you guys still have that angry volcano goddess?
  3. Hello again, got another question. And that is: How do you go about giving your characters... quirks and features? Themes, hobbies, pet peeves, whatever gives 'em a bit more to go with than just an archetype. (also could someone list some examples so I can steal them for science)?
  4. Oh PAHAHAHAHA Uh, Gameslinx, I think I owe you an apology. I loaded up scatterer .0336, and thought "well the skies are better and so's the sea, but there's still that silly line across the sky", and just when I was going to comment that it still didn't work, I thought to zoom out a little bit. Yup, the line was Kerbin's rings all along. Think I failed a bit of a spot check there. But props for putting rings around Kerbin *AHEM* Gaia, rings make all things 1000% better!
  5. ooh, fixing it is just like that, then? Wonderful, thankyaverymuch!
  6. 1.6.1 version, the latest. I tried using the links for the earlier versions of the mods in the install instructions text file, but then the planet pack just didn't load at all.
  7. Howdy, @Gameslinx, I've got a problem, and this time it ain't caused by incompatible mods (just incompatible updates)! Running the latest versions of only the required mods for GPO (plus modulemanager and making history), I found the air a bit... monochrome, the oceans black, and a white line running across the entire sky. I've also taken the liberty of linking the output log directly below - I doubt it'll do any good, and I don't know what output logs are for, but I just learned how to find it and I'm quite proud of that. https://www.mediafire.com/file/81ii7duxbt8dn23/output_lo
  8. Say, aren't you the guy who's currently maintaining like 50 billion mods by sheer willpower? (thanks very much by the way)
  9. holyheavensthatwasfast fair enough, I'm only trying to run it 'cuz an interstellar planets pack uses it, maybe there's a means of just deleting the planets giving each planet their textures. Game don't crash or anything running incompatible mods, but there's a giant line in the sky that I at first assumed was you implementing a space elevator.
  10. Yeaaaah fair enough I was just kinda hoping that someone would coincidentally have ran into the exact same bug before.
  11. Anyone know if stock visual enhancements or terrain work on this?
  12. I know it's getting closed, but I just wanted to sneak in here briefly to say how much I liked that chapter. The exposition chunk at the start reminded me of the best theme analyses and summaries of classic works, if that makes any sense. Also loved the little bits that hinted at a subtly different Kerbal culture (whatever sunfruit juice is, I want it). Favourite part was probably Zigbald's bark - told me he had more depth than your average hardboiled veteran individual. Well, the story may not continue, and for very good reasons, but it has at least taught us all the very valuable lesson of "
  13. Finally getting back into the game here, and I was wondering... what means do you guys employ for suspension of disbelief? That is, pushing reality aside for dramatic or comic effect - 'cuz I wanna do as much hard sci fi as I can, but it's made a bit difficult by A: I don't know too much science, and B: That kinda looks like it'd hurt the writing.
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