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  1. VelocityPolaris

    [Kopernicus] Interstellar Consortium

    Stupid question: Are there any plans to make this work with beyond home at some point?
  2. Ok, so I'm running Environmental Visual Enhancements (latest EVE and configs from github) with it's clouds and city lights, nothing else, and I find myself wondering a thing. City lights, they're great, yeah. But are they supposed to disappear once you get closer? I vaguely recall reading something that suggested this. I've provided some images to demonstrate my problem. Figure No. 1: As you can see below, the city lights are working properly from orbital and even aerial altitude. No complains here. Figure No. 2: But once Jeb lands and plants a flag, the city lights don't disappear or fade to grass or anything, they just stick around in one ugly blob. So, IN CONCLUSION, the question I'm here to ask is whether this is a bug, or a feature. Do the city lights stick around in your games? Are they 'sposed to?
  3. VelocityPolaris

    Doodle's mega reports thread

    So I dunno if you're the same, but I lose out on morale when nobody comments, so this is a comment. I'm actually impressed at the creativity of the Mun base there, what with the ring of hab modules and all (why is it called an arch base is there a mun arch nearby). I will say that there's something in the mix of large and small text that makes the post very difficult to read, the spacing or something has me thinking that there's pictures that aren't loading. Also, I'm curious about the lander you have in the title images - they look very similar, is it some sort of universal lander model? If so, neat. Er, suggestions - might I propose a fast jet? I've never been competent enough at KSP to really go mega-uber-ultra-hypersonic, but I bet there are really nifty flames to be seen.
  4. VelocityPolaris

    KSP Loading... Moho Wrinkle Ridge

    LAVAAAA YESSS I have been waiting for centuries for something like this EDIT: Oh yeah it does look pretty whack placed on Moho, contrast-wise. I reckon it's just a placeholder or something until they can figure out where it should go, though.
  5. VelocityPolaris

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Volume I - Complete

    Whoa! This was some good story stuff, man! And he's working for the big squad, too, so we got ourselves a man of the forum to, uh, do sekrit things! I approve of both of these developments, and it is ultrasufficient inspiration to get interested in this game again!
  6. Sorry, m7, group consensus seems to be a nope on that one. We've got a pretty big team by this point, so while I hate to say no to folks, I'm sure you wanted a clear answer on that one.
  7. Eh, good enough, the insurance covers glitches in the fabric of reality.
  8. Well, Alpha has said that if he gets to 750 rep, he will, in fact, put us in charge of the thread. But what qzgy says rings true - we're the Kerbal Space Programme fandom, goshdarnit. We're polite, we're kind, and we come together as a team, while so many other fandoms are full of cancerous content - we're a beacon of hope in a world of great games ruined by their fanbases, and we have to act like said beacon. Pretty much everyone here wants to further one of the world's most noble goals - to have a good look at the other worlds - and I'd like to think that KSP and its community is a huge inspiration towards that, so we can't afford to stay mad at each other. Take hazard-ish, for example. When that tilt-wing SSTO video was debunked as fake, he admitted to it and apologised to everyone, and even the youtube comment section was full of people saying that they forgave him, or that they were glad he made this statement - that level of understanding is something unique to the KSP community, and we'd best continue the example. And Lo Var, that challenge idea you posted was a good one, something do-able and fun, it just was posted under the context of somebody taking over someone else's thread without permission - it might have even been a legitimate misunderstanding on what you had permission to do, but that doesn't really matter. The point is, if you really want to join the team and help out, then ask. We've got a sacred duty to the snack gods to be buddies.
  9. Training Challenge IIX: Instruments Only As you may know, the Kerbal Space Programme has a super-advanced chase plane/rocket which it uses to provide external camera views to all missions and vehicles. Unfortunately, this year's take-your-daughter-to-work day failed to account for the destructiveness of children, and, as a result, the chase rocket is now in the shop, meaning that we will have to fly a mission without being able to see the spacecraft in the third person. So the challenge, as you may have guessed, is to do an IVA-only (and map view) space mission. It's not exactly instruments-only, given the presence of windows, but your field of view is usually limited enough that it may as well be. What kind of space mission? Well, that's mostly up to you! The Rules Rule no.1: While you can do whatever space mission you want, the minimum requirement is to enter low Kerbin orbit. This is because a suborbital flight only requires "rocket goes up"-level thinking. Rule no.2: The spacecraft external view is forbidden, confining you to the map and IVA views, but there are exceptions to this rule. The first is that you can use the external camera if you need to right click on something, like, say, solar panels, but try to zoom in really close to the spacecraft so you don't get a good look around. Rule no.3: For cinematic purposes, you may use the external camera when pretending that it is a ground-mounted camera, for example a view of the launching rocket from the perspective of the ground near the launchpad. I did this a couple of times. Rule no.4: You are also allowed to go on EVA, and to use the Kerbal's EVA-external-view as much as you want. Rule no.5: So that we have somebody to bring back the photographs, at least one of the crew must survive and return home. Rule no.6: Pretty much all mods are allowed - in fact, the JSI/rasterprop monitor mod comes heavily recommended, as it adds a bunch of computer screens and cameras that can really improve IVA-view situational awareness. My example mission doesn't use this, though, to prove that "IVA only" missions can be done without that mod. As usual, I ask that you don't use hyperedit for this mission. Tips for Noobs While it appears at first glance that the spacecraft internal view doesn't give you much of any ways to figure out what's going on, there's actually some pretty handy instruments in there. We all know and love the navball and speed indicator, of course, and the glowy panel with buttons that light up if you activate SAS, RCS, the landing gear, and, uh, other stuff. Just in case you haven't seen it yet, there's the RADAR altimeter, which, unlike your external-view sea-level-altitude-counter, actually tells you how close the ground is. We've also got this clock-type apparatus to the right of the navball in the picture, which is the IVA-view "sea level" altimeter. It has a "second hand" for counting hundreds of meters, a "minute hand" which goes by thousands of meters, and the hour hand, where every number is 10,000 metres. Oh yes, and the "C" button allows you to switch between IVA and external view easily, with the "V" button switching between crew members. I also recommend looking up the KSP delta-v map, and using the flightengineer to know how much delta-v you have (plus thrust-to-weight ratio and altitude). Delta-V: If you don't know what it means, delta-v is kind of a way of measuring how much fuel/range your rocket has. It stands for "change in velocity", and basically means how much your rocket could change how fast its going if it used all of its fuel in space. Planning out how much you'll need beforehand is a good alternative to several trial-and-error missions. Example Mission: The Shooting Star It was back in way back in Kerbal history, before the omnipotent chase rocket had been invented, sometime in their equivalent of the early '60s. Not a lot of space missions had actually happened yet, and the Kerbals didn't have the technology or experience to do anything as crazy as a Mun landing yet, but they didn't let that deter them (That means fuel cells instead of solar panels, and RCS only). Fed up with waiting around, they just decided to put something together and take a shot at the Mun. Flying this mission, surprise-surprise, are Jeb and Bill, assisted by the making history DLC, the astronomer's visual pack (without the enhanced terrain kopernicus allows, since the kopernicus mod is currently broken), and a great deal of other mods, though, as mentioned, rasterpropmonitor is not included. Images below! Have fun, and, as always, let me know if you have any questions! EDIT: A grammatically incorrect "too" was replaced with "to".
  10. So... the Gilly challenge is now closed to new entries. The next challenge is a bit late (my fault, sorry), but it will be up very shortly, I promise.
  11. Doggoness won't be able to post the medals 'til Sunday, so you've got a bit of time.
  12. Oh, well, uh, that's not a lot. Especially if Bill finds the snack cabinet, he does have that unfortunate habit of eating whenever he finds something to get nervous about, like, say, razor-thin ration margins. But you're the boss, you decide where the budget cuts hit hardest.
  13. Yes! Sure, go right ahead! I'd give ya bonus points if we had 'em! Minmus, I'm sorry, I was super-confused, I didn't understand that you just wanted to do the Skylab launch from Gaia. Poor little tiny space rock, you probably feel all pushed around and bullied by the big planets. I say go right on ahead. It's just Kerbin with some rings and weird bits about the mun, right?