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  1. No sleep is the best sleep... lol and it is nice to know a few people in Hawaii lol
  2. I think I gave up when the booster in the middle was throwing me off (i put a red dot). I guess I forgot to add 6 or something... added a few struts, but left the booster, I was able to get withing 880k of the moon. Not bad lol. It gets roughly 6 of those S3s out of kerbin's soi. No idea why there is a lander of some sort at the top. Also just noticed that I was launching the rocket at night... so many mysteries!
  3. Vanilla Sepraton 1's had that plume... sorry about not responding. Didn't see the question until now!
  4. I tried these orbits but i ended up needing to be higher. I guess you just make your orbit point to the N on the nav ball? I had this going https://postimg.org/image/gyfoyrojx/ and loveing nerds keep telling you about the loveing poles... no loveing excrements but how do you know where the loveing poles are
  5. loveing no idea... i am orbiting to the north and south on the equator but i still can not scan
  6. Omg, it's Mr. Meseeks!!

    1. drew4452862


      I'm Mr Meeseeks look at me!

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  7. I was trying to make a ship to launch all the science instruments I have into space (lab, 2 barometer, 2 thermometer, 2 goo, and materials bay). I don't have any mods yet except for mechjeb The 3 boosters seem to be unnecessary \ don't help... but it makes going into orbit (i skip kerbin's orbit) a lot easier. My orbit below might be a little weird, almost hit the moon on my way up. Below is the orbit Above is the ship in orbit, and below is the setup I used. the outside runs out of fuel, then the center rocket, then the middle circle http://s24.postimg.org/p53uy8g43/dv_3.png Still searching for that magic 15k+ deltaV rocket. I play very casually though, so haven't done much math \ tinkering. You can make this setup with more FPS if you do with out the boosters, and maybe add another ring of fuel and mainsails? Haven't checked yet The ship file is below... forgot to put struts on the top, won;t work with mechjeb when it moves around so much. Then again mechjeb managed to rip one of the rockets off my ship in the 20 seconds i left the room lol
  8. Not sure what mission he is on....
  9. damn, good to know... just thought I was doing it wrong lol. wow... 4 thrusters dont even move my ship, trying to topple it.
  10. http://s22.postimg.org/cscza64gf/tanke.png if someone wanted the stats on that lol