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  1. I have been playing KSP since v .17. Here is a small selection of pictures from my history in KSP. Some are new, taken in the past week and some go back to my early days on youtube. Jolly Roger Aerospace is my youtube name, please use that name. Even if you don't use the pictures I hope you enjoy them for the fun and flexibility of the game. 108 satellites in one launch Adventures of Space Pig, yes I made a pig rocket and sent it to Minmus, this was the re-entry. Briefing room I made for a cinematic Kraken's Eye... I was de-orbiting a ring station v1.7.3 early career First Mun landing v1.7.3 early career first orbit Flying Car who wouldn't want a flying sports car? Hummer look a like rover loaded with science experiments A bigger Hummer look a like rover with more science experiments Northern Lights... Sometimes you just need to take a break... while waiting for the recovery team.... Octowhaaa? The Kraken escapes... Science Station Alpha on the way to Duna, yes this is a Mobile space station that I flew to Duna and back Jeb at Duna with Science Station Alpha Planet Express Krazy Kerbal... this was part of an experiment using the ejection seat feature instead of a de-orbital burn at Minmus Double re-entry in a career after a double mission
  2. Hi, I have an issue with BDArmory Continued and AP+. For some reason a lot of the parts from AP+ have astronomical hit point values when using BDAc. Here is an example of what I'm talking about. Is there any way to adjust this? Any suggestions? This is for my PFC 9 Contest.
  3. Hi, I have an issue with BDArmory Continued and AP+. For some reason a lot of the parts from AP+ have astronomical hit point values when using BDAc. Here is an example of what I'm talking about. Any suggestions?
  4. I am happy to say I figures out the gun issue. You have to place your most forward guns first, then place the next set a bit further back. I placed the rearmost guns first then the more forward guns and it messed with the AI.
  5. Ok, this time I'm going to be very blunt. This post is for the BDAc Dev and testing Team which you are not a part of. I Don't need you clogging up the thread when you obviously did not read the post and know naught of what you speak. You are not a BDA expert.
  6. Hello BDA Dev Team, Jolly Roger is back. I got the missiles working somewhat reliably, basically by only mounting the under wings or the main fuselage, now we move on to guns. I have a craft with 4 M230 chain guns mounted in pairs, with Pitch and Yaw zeroed so they are locked in place. I know the guns are mounted straight. When I fly the plane and fire the guns myself they work fine, they come close to the point of aim. When the AI is flying in competition or guard mode it's like it's cross-eyed. The right guns shoot left of target, the left guns shoot right of target. I've change the position and mounting point to no avail. Even dropped down to three chain guns and the middle gun shot left of target, I have about a 25-30 degree divergence from target. I have seen this with the M230's before but it was a long time ago and forget how I solved the issue. As per my usual here is video and KSP log file. Videos: Log File: Thank you, Jolly Roger Aerospace
  7. I thank you for your opinions but I'll wait until I hear back from the BDArmory Devs. I have already gotten a message from them saying they will look into it. They will update everyone when they figure out what is really going on.
  8. Yes. The logs I posted earlier today are from my latest test session against various planes and the Drone's settings were as pictured above. My daughter is visiting so I'll be busy the next few days. I will try to do more testing when I have a free minute or two.
  9. Here is the craft file... have a look for yourself.
  10. My normal settings... I've been through all the "Easy Fixes". I wouldn't bother the Devs unless I had tried everything I know. I've been using BDA consistently since KSP .18, but I'm not afraid to admit that this has gone beyond my knowledge.
  11. Yes, despite the settings, missiles keep locking onto other missiles. The lock change between AIM-120 and AIM-9 also causes missiles to be fired into the ground. I would agree about top mounted missiles, if this wasn't a time proven set up. I spent more time last night and today testing different set ups. The best I've found is to put the AIM-9's as far away from the center of the craft as possible and set them to lateral. max decouple, and drop time 1. That has minimized the chance of release explosion but targeting still locks on other missiles instead of enemy planes. Updated log from today: And the BDAc Performance log: Drone old set up: Drone now:
  12. The missile was an AIM-9 Sidewinder. From my experience, your suggestion does not work. If the drop time is shorter, the missiles just explode sooner.
  13. For the attention impaired and time deficient(lol ), I have cut the video down to just the missile deployment issue. The full video includes my commentary and will be published on my youtube channel at a later date. This is pursuant to my earlier postings here about missile deployment issues in BDAc 1.2.1 and 1.2.2. This is still present in I have tried adjusting the missiles and rails to no effect. This is a constant issue for me and my subscribers who battle regularly. I've even had the problem of craft files working differently in seperate installs of KSP. The builder sets the plane up and it works perfectly in their install, but after sending the file to the contest, the plane's performance is totally different.