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  1. 1) Is not a criticism, just acknowledgement of the changes. I prefer more realism. 2) This happens often and I"ve tried many different set ups on the tweakables to no effect. 3) Again this is not a criticism just an acknowledgement of the change. 4) and 5) Cause the most issues with trying to record accurate battles. I would think the AI would work better using the parameters we set... what's the use of having the parameter settings if the AI ignores them? And, having cowardly chicken AI pilots in the ranks is not acceptable when filming battles in a competition. lmao, It's very aggravating. I'm posting my results to help make this become a better more realistic mod. I have been a fan and user of BDA for a long time and wish it to continue being a success.
  2. I run a battle competition on youtube called Plane Fight Club and have had this series running for a while. I have had lengthy experience with BDA. I am close to starting PFC 8. Here are the results of my preliminary testing of the latest BDAc version... My Thoughts So Far... 1) Missiles are more effective without a jammer. 2) Missiles still randomly explode on launch destroying the plane. 3) Guns seem weaker and less accurate. 4) Still have trouble with A.I. weapon selection. Seems to ignore my set distance limits on missiles and guns and gets stuck on AIM-9 and AIM-120's 5) Distinct lack of aggression with some planes. No missiles fired and evades when not targeted. 6) I like the adjustable sizing for the radars and the other U.I. improvements. Items 2), 3), 4), and 5) have greatly affected the competition. Here is a video I made of my testing so far...
  3. This is awesome. I run a fighter jet competition and this will help so much. No more of this... hard load ggrrr.mp4?dl=0
  4. Hello from Jolly Roger Aerospace. Here are a few of my favorite builds. I made a stock drone shuttle that can deliver 5 full ore tanks to a 125 km orbit The craft files for the station, Launcher and many other crafts are all on my KerbalX page. Launcher 512b Stations A fully Functional stock Dump Truck I hope you like them.
  5. Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to make the update.
  6. Hello my friend! I found your South Pole office and saw that the second floor was empty,,, So I moved in and made a few upgrades to the building. Hope you don't mind..... I'm Running my Polar Region Plane Fight Club out of that office now. Come by and see the dogfights. Yours Truly, greydragon70 CEO at Jolly Roger Aerospace Oh yeah... one final touch....
  7. Diverticulitis, painful but not life threatening. I should be home in a couple days but for now I'm using my old back up laptop. That way I can alleviate some of the boredom here.
  8. Sweet, thanks. I'll check it out when I get back home from the hospital.
  9. Is this flaring effect on re-entry intended or is it a possible glitch? I have re-entry particle effects mod.
  10. Yes I found the claw, sorry. That answers my question. Thank you again.
  11. Thank you so much. I really love your work and I'm spreading it through the facebook groups and to my youtube friends. I just downloaded your Pirates mod too. Any plans of retexturing the claw shielding in the future? That's why I asked if the RSR procedural Mod still worked. Nevermind... just found the rusty claw. You read my mind.
  12. Sweet. It's kinda the exterior view I was looking for. I'm working on a Post-Second Fall of Kerbin video and this fits in perfectly as a drop in prefab outpost. I can blend the 3 rung ladders in for ladders, not a problem. Take your time with the others I can use this for Kerbin, Mun and Minmus.
  13. I love you! Do I just re-download the mod to get this? ...and does the procedural RSR still work?
  14. That's awesome. I can see it now.... I'll build a creature army to defend Jolly Roger Aerospace from the evil Shark Eliminator. LOL Thanks for watching the stream. There will be more RSR on my channel to feature more of the parts. Can't wait for your next update. If only there was a way to make the space center buildings match the look of your parts......
  15. Here's something I threw together in just a few minutes...
  16. I'm thinking around 4pm eastern.
  17. Thank You So Much!!!!!!! Thank you for taking the time to update this mod. New RSR Career starts filming today! This might even be a good reason to live stream on youtube today....
  18. Well, I'm not sure how to make it simpler. You download the pack, start a new game, swap the persistent file, make a rover or use mine, and race. The font is basic Arial. What's wrong with that? The only colored font is the title and the download link. This really isn't much different from most other posts I've seen here. If you are talking about the video, well that's just part of my style. My subscribers have never complained. The car in my signature is the "Douchenburg" and is available along with many others at
  19. Thank you. I'm still editing this at the moment. I'll make some changes.
  20. Welcome to the Jolly Roger Aerospace Rally X! It's time to race! Build a rover and see how fast you can get through my track. I have made up a package with everything you need. Even a rover I designed. Download the zipfile from the link below. DOWNLOAD Included in this pack: - Persistent File - start a new game, name it "JRA Rally X" and replace it's persistent file with the one provided. - Take Command Mod - Lets you load Kerbals into command seats from the SPH/VAB. - Vessel Mover Mod - Lets you move craft wherever you want. - Module Manager - Makes the mods work - Hornet Rally X - The rover I used to test the track, capable of sub-2minute runs. Drop into "JRA Rally X" save file, SPH - Run through video - A Cockpit view drive through the track - Route Map - so you don't get lost Rally X Rules: 1) Rover must be stock. 2) No flying, jumps are ok. 3) Start with F3 screen up to show starting time. 4) Hit F3 when crossing the FINISH Line to show end time. 5) Must have a Kerbal on board. Take Command lets you assign Kerbals to command seats in the SPH/VAB 6) Put camera in chase mode or cockpit view. (Cockpit view with F2 is best) 7) Stay between the flags. 8) If you hit a flag or miss a set of flags, you are disqualified, Start Over. 9) No RCS Ports, You may use RCS tanks for weight balance. The only engines allowed are 2 - "24-77 Twitch LF Engines" for boosters. You are allowed 1 - "FL-100 LFO Tank" and 2 - "Oscar-B LFO Tanks". The "FL-100" to power the boosters and the "Oscar-B's" to power the Fuel cells. This makes it so you should have boost when you need it but you can't boost all the way through the track. Good Luck!!! Attention mod makers: I would love to remake this track with something like Jersey Barriers.
  21. Glad you enjoyed it! Something new is in the works. I'm working on a Rally Race around the Space Center. The track is in testing.
  22. If you watch my original challenge video, you'll see that all I had was control surfaces. No SAS. Valentina and Jebediah both insisted that the pilot have some control over the aircraft. Please have fun with this challenge and post your results here. If enough people start posting here I'll update the thread to reflect current leaders.
  23. Honestly I haven't used RSR since you added the green lights. Always loved those. lol. I keep wanting to go back and finish or restart my RSR career series on youtube. Also want to continue my movie based on this outline using RSR parts for a section...
  24. How about some rover parts and some rusty mining equipment?