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  1. 1 hour ago, GagaX said:

    Due to popular demand (almost 2 people) i started working on a update. I'll review ALL the parts (100+), and add few new ones, so it'll take some time. 

    Sweet!!! Make that 3 people. I haven't seen any activity here in a while, I've missed this mod and can't wait until it's updated. 

  2. 3 hours ago, herbal space program said:

    Oops. I overlooked that one, sorry. My thrust was below 75%, so you should remove me from the leaderboard. ;.;

    Sorry I messed up your challenge. I really didn't mean to subvert your intent.

    I'm not mad at anyone for straying from the topic. lol What you all have been able to do under my restrictions is amazing.

    We have two more weeks to work on this, So far I've only been able to go 33 Km. I want to beat that and come close to 40 Km.

    Herbal Space Program, you didn't subvert my intent or mess up the challenge. You and the other top leaders kept me interested and working on this. Even I was drifting from the topic. I will leave you there as a recognition of your achievement. If you can, fix your thrust and try again.

  3. 8 hours ago, Moarmau5 said:

    Also one more thing I need clarification on. Do all the separatrons need to be fired in one stage, or are you allowed to fire multiple groups in different stages? Haven't been able to test anything lately, so I'm not sure if this would be of any benefit.

    Since I made the rules, Please, let me be the one to clarify them...

    9- Thrust on the seperatrons must be above 75%. I tried to make the rules clear. I put no limit on staging because you can't reduce the seperatron thrust below 75% and you are only allowed 16. This sets some limit to the height you can go. 

    I need to address the planes.... We are not looking like paper airplanes guys. This is a "Paper Airplane" challenge. The spirit of this challenge has been lost. I applaud all of you but we are getting away from what I intended. The seperatrons were only intended to act like you throwing the plane in the air and the plane itself is supposed to look like a paper airplane you played with as a child.

    Do any of you remember having paper airplane contests with your friends or classmates as a kid? That's what I wanted here.

    I will maintain this post for 2 more weeks, then the contest is over. Thank you!

    Also from the Wiki...  Kerbals display no variance in height or weight. They stand roughly 0.75 meters tall (2'5½"). A Kerbal in an EVA suit has a mass of 93.75 kilograms (206.68 lb.), which is 0.09375 in-game Mass units.May 31, 2016

  4. 3 hours ago, foamyesque said:

    Alrighty then:

    46.1km. I could probably get another few hundred meters by cheesing it up with a VAB-height launch clamp, but that'd be lame. :P

    Height of the launch clamps can be no more than 105 m tall. If your plane is touching the roof of the SPH it's too high.

  5. I meant this whole challenge not necessarily as a pilot challenge, but as a thinking/building challenge. While some of you stretched the limits of looking like a paper airplane, you've very much impressed me with what you've been able to do within the limits I set out. Also, you've been very civil towards each other. I thank you and I applaud all of you!! 

    This challenge is by no means over.

    I'm going back and building the AP Mark6 in a few minutes. Hopefully, I can catch up with you. Yeah, I'm talking to you Herbal Space Program, you're making me work too hard on this buddy. Now I gotta fire something up and build the best paper airplane ever. lol  

  6. 2 hours ago, herbal space program said:

    Yes I've got it now, thanks, per the exchange just above. That's actually how I got my Kerbal on board as well, I just wasn't aware that you could use a cubic strut as the root part, so it wasn't clear to me how to build it without any kind of a command pod on board. I'm better off without one anyway.

    Yeah, I use a small I-beam myself, then connect the chair and wings to it. I'm up to 32km and I think I can get a bit more. The Take Command mod helps with this and someone just posted an updated version for 1.1.3 at the end of the original post.


  7. 1 hour ago, herbal space program said:

    After spending another evening on it, I think 40km is totally crackable in this challenge, but I've got another question: is there some way to build this thing without at least an OKTO-2 command pod in it? Command pods are also not on the list, but I can't see how to make this ship without one, since the ECS can't be selected as the root part, and I only seem to be able to get the launch clamps to attach properly to something that has one. So the craft I have currently contains a completely useless OKTO2 command pod just so that I can put it together in the SPH. I suppose I could also put the pod on a decoupler and eject it before launch. How is everybody else handling this?


    "You may use anything you need to get the Kerbal onto the plane but no capsules or cockpits on the plane itself." -From the rules.

    Pictured below is my first attempt at this. I used a decoupler and cubic struts to build off of a launch clamp up to the plane and put a capsule on top. Once the Kerbal is in the seat, eject the capsule.


  8. 17 hours ago, herbal space program said:

    This looks interesting and a lot less tedious than the plane endurance ones. One question though -- are control surfaces disallowed? They're not on the part list, but it looks like the plane in the example has elevators.

    Yes, control surfaces are allowed. I will edit the post to reflect that.

    Only the control surfaces pictured here are allowed


  9. 30 minutes ago, Moarmau5 said:

    I managed 38.2 km. I ran into an issue where my kerbal was not being shown in the command seat, and the IVA showing some pod I've never seen before. I'm using TakeControl to get her there, so I'm assuming there's a mod conflict somewhere. But the game says there is a kerbal in the seat, so I think I'm still following rule #8.


    Nice work!! I have the same problem with Take Command. Just pop the Kerbal out of the seat and then board again. I had a platform set up in case the Kerbal rolled or slid down the plane. 

  10. First I have to give credit to Nexter's Lab. I got the idea for this challenge while watching one of his videos.

    This is a challenge to make a paper airplane and see how far you can glide.

    Post your attempts here or on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JollyRogerAe...

    Distance will be measured from the Launch clamps. 
    No Mods. Planes must be stock. 

    Parts allowed for the plane: flat wing sections, Elevons/control surfaces(no winglets or shuttle parts), cubic struts or I-beams, struts(spacetape), 1- RTG or 2- small solar panels, 1- small battery(100 electric), 1- small SAS unit, 2- radial decouplers, up to 16 seperatrons(no other boosters or engines), minimum 1 command seat.

    1- No more than 70 parts for the plane itself.
    2- Seperatrons can only be attached to the 2 decouplers.
    3- I'm looking at the distance from the launch clamps.
    4- No infin-glide(if still possible)
    5- Launch from runway using launch clamps.
    6- Land in the water intact.
    7- F3 to show craft status and have the launch clamp marker visible.
    8- Must have at least 1 Kerbal on board.

    9- Thrust on the seperatrons must be above 75%.
    You may use anything you need to get the Kerbal onto the plane but no capsules or cockpits on the plane itself.

    Current Leader Board: 

    Foamyesque - 46.1 Km                           Honorable mention: Herbal Space Program 44.5 Km(Thrust below 75%)

    Moarmau5 - 38.2 Km

    sebi9960 - 38.2 Km

    The Optimist - 38.2 Km

    Xenro66 - 24.6 Km
    Jolly Roger Aerospace - 20.8 Km
    Billy Winn - 12.9 Km





  11. So after making Sativa Station I decided to make an all inclusive traveling station. I present Science Station - Keef. Yes it's 1.1 so I'm sharing the whole adventure of getting this thing into orbit. My recording software does not like 1.1 so I had some game crashes along the way. The only mod is Kerbal Engineer. It's features include... Plenty of room for Kerbals, a 2.5m docking port and 6 1.25m docking ports, science lab and instruments, solar panels, batteries, radiators, multiple antennae, and engines. Yes, this station is mobile too. I'm including the How to Station video to show how I make my ring stations.

    Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/JollyRogerAerospace/Science-Station---Keef


  12. 1 minute ago, Unknown Venom said:

    Oh I see, what engines does it use and is it very unstable at the start?

    The Station itself has 6 of those high vectoring shuttle engines, the launcher uses those tank/booster engines. Its pretty stable if you can handle the low frame rates due to the amount of parts. 298 parts to be exact. With lab and dropships it's over 650 parts.

    4 minutes ago, Majorjim said:

    How many parts total?

    298 on the station with lab and 3 dropships over 650 I think...

  13. 4 minutes ago, Unknown Venom said:

    nice design, is it a good early career mode station? also how do you get it into orbit?

    Thanks. If you look at the pictures in the second album, you can see it has it's own engines and a launcher. It is a Mobile station, I sent it to Duna. As far as career goes, it depends on if you've unlocked the parts. I wouldn't say early career. Not recommended for novices, or inexperienced Kerbaleers.

  14. Report from greydragon70 CEO at Jolly Roger Aerospace: This is the biggest most beautiful thing I've ever made in KSP. 3 days of building, launching, and docking. 7 launches total, 2 for refueling. Average fps 2-3fps. Sent the whole thing to Duna successfully.

    I present Sativa Station, Indica Lab Unit, Drop Out 1, and Refueler 5.

    100% Stock Build!!

    Links to craft files: 








  15. Report from greydragon70 CEO at Jolly Roger Aerospace: This is the biggest most beautiful thing I've ever made in KSP. 3 days of building, launching, and docking. 7 launches total, 2 for refueling. Average fps 2-3fps. Sent the whole thing to Duna successfully.

    100% Stock Build.

    I present Sativa Station, Indica Lab Unit, Drop Out 1, and Refueler 5. Links to craft files: https://kerbalx.com/JollyRogerAerospace/Sativa-Station https://kerbalx.com/JollyRogerAerospace/Indica-Lab-Unit https://kerbalx.com/JollyRogerAerospace/Drop-Out-1 https://kerbalx.com/JollyRogerAerospace/Refueler-5 




    Check out my channel on youtube, Jolly Roger Aerospace. https://www.youtube.com/user/graydragon70/videos

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