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  1. 1 minute ago, GagaX said:

    Maybe I'll do it in the next update. In the meantime just add this line  to the .cfg of the part you want to scale:

        name = TweakScale
        type = free

    Thanks. I still have to download your latest update so I'll see what I have to work with before trying that.

  2. 17 hours ago, GagaX said:

    Wow, your flying pig is amazing! I knew those spherical tanks will be good for something.

    Imagine a fleet of your flying pigs invading Earth. I hope Roland Emmerich is reading this.

    Guess I'll have to make a couple of huge spherical tanks for 'Mother Pig'.

    Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Next project, remake my rocket pig with your mod and go to the Mun or Minmus. Then I arm them with BD Armory.

    Would it be possible to integrate tweakscale into your mod? Also a large cargo bay? Not sure if you added one yet. Imagine a Mother Pig dropping a bunch of little piglet bombs... Picture WWII carpet bombing but with piggies. LMAO

  3. 1 hour ago, selfish_meme said:

    Any idea why Take Command forces a reboot of the physics at launch and causes stock bearings to fail (usually wheels clipped around fairing and tanks with a decoupler). If you need an example I can send you a craft file for a tank, if you don't populate the seats it's fine, but if you do the turret falls through the parts below.

    Can you post a screencap of before and after? or link the craft file? I am not the creator of this mod but have been using it a long time and can probably help you.


    1 hour ago, theredkerbal said:

    Thanks Greydragon. That was the problem. 

    You are very welcome! Glad I could help.

  4. 10 hours ago, theredkerbal said:

    I can't seem to get the mod working. I don't know if it is a bug, or if I installed incorrectly, but the game will not allow me to pick the External Seat unless I have a pod to start with. I put everything into the GameData folder, and restarted the game a couple of times. I have the latest version of KSP. What do I do?

    You can't have a command chair as the first part, this mod doesn't change that. Start with an I-beam, cubic strut, fuel tank, ect. Then put your command seat on that. From there you should be able to assign a Kerbal to the seat from the Astronaut selection tab. For example, I built most of this rover before putting seats in it. On loading it looks like this. I use TextureReplacer with various head packs so the helmets are off in atmosphere.

  5. 56 minutes ago, Waxing_Kibbous said:

    Must..resist...adding moar parts.... :sticktongue: These look fantastic- is there enough here to attempt career mode using only parts from this mod?

    GagaX, Brilliant Sir, Bloody Brilliant!

    I'm actually 5 episodes in on a RSR Career and have other videos with RSR Parts.






    Kinda cool RSR VTOL video-

  6. Ok, capsule is unlocked but now all previous craft files are messed up. This is what happens when I try to load a build from before the update. 

    I can build and save new craft and they load ok, so I can rebuild what I was using. Thankfully I saved the launcher as a subassembly, and that works, so I just need to remake the lander and refueler. Thank you for your quick response and explicit directions. Also thank you for making such a wonderful mod.

  7. HELP!!! I downloaded the recent update and now my career is messed up. Parts I had before and were relying on are now locked but they show up in the tech tree. Most of my vessels are now locked and I'm stuck. If it was just for me I'd start over but I have a series on youtube doing a career and I'm 4 episodes in, 9 years game time. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    Example photos:

    My RSR Career on youtube is here:

  8. [quote name='He_162']Rusty sounds really dumb to me, but that is my opinion, I can make you a rusty "skin" for it, with the mod makers permission, a custom skin = no need for a rusty looking part, just an optional thing.[/QUOTE]

    I respect you opinion but choose to disagree. I just figured with the steampunk look of the Rusty Star Rockets mod, some matching pulsejets would be cool. Have you looked at the picture I posted?

    If it's ok with the OP and you don't mind, that would be sweet.

  9. So I'm a little late posting this but I made a video a week ago of the pulse jets in action against a biplane.



    Would it be possible to do some "Rusty" versions so I can use it with the Rusty Star Rockets Mod?


  10. This kind of started out as a joke the other day. MY friend Pollux posted a KSP Magic The Gathering card in our facebook group. I replied with one I made a long time ago. Next thing you know we have more than 40 Kards and This has spread to Multiple KSP Facebook Communities.

    This is now a Huge Community Project and I've been asked to post it here.

    We need your help, go to

    Make your own Kard and post it below or you can post suggestions for Kards below.

    Be creative and show some humor. :D

    Check out What we've done so far....

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  11. The Ten Kerbal Commandments

    From the First Church of the Kerbal Space Program

    Honor thy Liquid Fuel and thy Oxidizer

    Thou shalt not doubt thy booster

    Thou shalt not covet another's craft

    Thou shalt not take the Kraken's name in vain

    Keep aligned thy center of gravity and

    center of lift with thy center of thrust

    Thou shall post thy pics and videos for all to share,

    and be kind with thy likes and comments

    Remember to honor the Snack Day

    Thou shall revert if at all possible

    Thou shall rescue all Kerbals from being stranded

    Thou shalt take no booster over me,

    nor shalt thou worship false rockets.

    If it works fine the first time,

    thou hath truly a miracle.