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  1. hVilgmO.jpg

    Jolly roger Aerospace presents....

    The Koldsmobile Kummer R2 SP

    It has the following:

    working springy suspension

    Hybrid electric/fuel cell technology

    Back up RTG's

    self righting system (if you roll over)

    cool lighting system

    seating for 6

    over 20 science experiments

    action groups set up for Thrustmaster Hotas Flight sticks

    Action groups:

    2- Neon Lighting

    5- Spam Science

    6- toggle Self Righting System

    7- toggle Ladders

    8- Start Fuel Cell

    9- High Beam Headlights

    10- Low Beam Headlights

    Download link:

    Featured on Pimp My Rover:

    This Rover works best with the Take Command mod...

  2. I'm a KSP veteran, but I recently took the dive and got a Saitek x52 Pro HOTAS. I have the actual joystick working extremely well. It's the throttle that's causing me problems. With the throttle all the way back (0%), KSP is setting the throttle at 50%, meaning I only have control of the throttle from 50-100%, which is slightly less than desirable.

    I'm on Linux, but that doesn't have anything to do with the values sent to KSP. I've used a program called jstest to view the raw data coming from the throttle, and I think I've identified the issue. When the throttle is at 0%, the data reading is 32767. As the throttle increases to 50%, the numbers decrease to 0, and then negative. At 100%, the data value is -32767. It seems like there should be some way to tell KSP that the throttle doesn't operate with data values 0--whatever, and instead is whatever--0--(-whatever).

    Has anyone else run into this issue?

    Try putting your throttle stick at half way when setting the bindings. Worked for me.

  3. @ greydragon70: I've added a github DL link to the OPs for both mods

    Thanks! Kerbal Stuff is working now, just had to update my antivirus and browser so they would accept the new certificate he is using.

    By the way I love the Mk2 Expansion. It's on my top five list of mods I can't go without. Can't wait to play with the Tie Fighter cockpit.

  4. Well, I guess I need to update my entries and since no one has done it yet I made a R.A.P.I.E.R. CRAFT.

    I will add pics, parts, and specs in the morning-ish.

    For now I'll say I got Both Wheesley and Whiplash at or under 25 parts.

    Race times:

    2:40.04 Wheesley

    2:14.80 R.A.P.I.E.R.

    1:47.74 Whiplash





  5. I was testing the point lights on top of the pylons to see if they provided any real illumination. Alas no. Lighting in Unity is a pain in the beepside. I need to rethink the beacons you wanted. They may end up as a separate track-side object.

    Here is an idea... could you merge either Surface Lights or Aviation lights mods into yours to at least add light to the tops and bases of the cones?

    They are very light mods.

    Also will it be possible, someday, to make our own courses?

    It was pretty difficult once you got going at speed. Also, as you can see from the fail montage, I tried using tail fins, but it was even harder to stay stable.

    Keep in mind that the more weight you have, the more inertia your craft will have. So your engines and control surfaces have to work harder to overcome that. Thus the drift factor. The more you drift the harder it is to turn. Maybe try putting both control surfaces vertical(90 degrees), one on each outside nacelle.

  6. Arg!, I can't beat my best time, lol! I've tried multiple times and some of the times I was actually doing well until murphy decided to strike.

    I'll upload a montage of fails, lol.....

    In your video you didn't do too bad except for that one sharp turn. Try these two things.

    1) Use two control surfaces. one vertical, the other horizontal. That will give you better pitch and yaw control and will cut some of the drift.

    2)When coming out of gate 4 swing wide right so you have a little more room to turn.

  7. Any tips for between gates 5 and 6? I keep swinging wide.

    Best I can say is start you turn early by keeping your nose pointed at the inside of the left cone.

    As you go through the gate, point at the next gate and aim for the inside of the turn.

    If you know how much your craft drifts you can kinda gauge where to start turning.

    Hope this helps.

    Watch my Whiplash video, you'll see how I shaved most of the corners by doing that.

  8. Wheesley entry from Jolly Roger Aerospace

    This is the same basic craft as my Whiplash entry with a Wheesley, solar panels and more power generation.

    Part count: 34(parts listed on image)


    Craft file:

    Race Time: 3:10.22

    Top Speed: 247m/s

    Average Speed: 200m/s


  9. Entry by Jolly Roger Aerospace


    Craft file:

    Parts Used:

    Mk1 cockpit

    3 SAS units

    1 battery

    4 RTG's

    1 liquid fuel tank (with only 160 units of fuel)

    2 hover pads

    3 intakes

    4 struts

    1 whiplash engine

    2 control surfaces (.18 lift each)

    Race Time:1:47.74

    Top speed: 580m/s

    Average speed: Mach 1


  10. I've tried the twin but can't keep the damn thing grounded so I'm back to quad designs. I'm trying a diamond setup with twin hulls on top of each other which is proving... novel. Still in testing. No way is it going to be in the same league as the twin repulsors though.

    Aaaaaaaallllllphaaaa!???!! Why you make tracks harder??? :P LOL Just updated.

    Wow so much drag... too many things sticking out.

    Yes my "Lawn Dart" is pretty quick but kinda hard to control.(not happy about someone copying my design buuuuuut.....) You have to hit the hills just right or BOOM. If you would like I could give you some secrets of my craft... hit me up on facebook. I'm down around 22 parts and ran a 1:49 to day at Black Krags.

  11. Damn you're quick.

    Took some inspiration from one of your earlier videos, seems there is not much room for design at this level. To beat that time the craft has to go up to 400m/s without problem and much faster on the straight. Could not find a general design that would fit the bill better than yours.

    ...this design of yours is crazy fast :D

    Just to clarify: I'm leaving town on Thursday morning early and will not return until the 9th of August or so. No access to a computer that can run KSP during the trip unfortunately. So if the challenge goes up next weekend, I can't be in it. If it goes up in the first half of the week I think I can work something out.

    In any case, did 2 more laps confirmed cheat free and made it through in 2:02 and 1:58. Both laps were legal within the drafted rules, with at least one ground contact between each gate and passing the gates lower than the line between the tips of the pylons.

    I figured out why the infinite fuel cheat made the craft go faster, the engine was not getting enough air without it. I have fixed that and got my time down to 1:41 again. BTW how did you time yourself to a tenth of a second?

    Thanks, but you know you can't use my design in a race right? This is not meant to be a cool design, it was meant to be the most basic stripped down craft I could make. What is your aero settings? I don't get the mach effects like you do, might be one of my mods. Sorry to hear you'll be out of town.

    The Air Race mod has been updated with a timer and launch sites by the start points. So you no longer need to either hyper edit or fly all the way there from KSC.

  12. I just found out that I will not likely be able to compete in next weeks race :(

    However, I already built a craft that is legal within the drafted rules and tried how fast it will go. Made it through the Black Krags course in 3:23 using stock Aero.

    Sorry to hear that as you were the one I've been trying to beat. That is a pretty craft, I like it. My current best run at Black Crag is 2:07.12. Still hoping you'll be able to enter part 2. :)

  13. Took three attempts, the first time, I realized that my craft was heating up quite a bit (due to those auxillary generators), so I went back to retrofit. The second time, I landed wrong on a slope and crashed (broke my craft in half), third attempt, 21min or so. I was trying to do unpowered glides as much as I could and keep the vertical speed in the negative as much as I could. Kept having to fight a lot of body lift when I was hitting higher horizontial speeds.

    Although, it sort of looked like it was coming from those auxillary power units. Could someone look into that? Edit: Actually, no, it's coming from the MK2 spaceplane parts.

    Um yes, spaceplane parts all have lift, which is why I went back to the 1.25 cockpit and fuel tank. That and the 1.25 parts are lighter. For these races I'm starting to see that less is more.